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Bust a Move (PSP)

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Genre: Fighting, Manufacturer: Taito

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    1 Review
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      07.08.2008 03:12
      Very helpful



      Great Game, Even Better If You Can Get It As A Bargain.

      The Bust-A-Move series is a classic, and chances are you've probably played it and another 10 variations of the same concept. In its simplest form, Bust-A-Move is a puzzle game wherein the player tries to eliminate bubbles in groups based on their colour, fire from a launcher manned by various cute creatures. As you move the arrows or the analogue stick, these creatures adjust your angle of fire before you release the bubble to the top of the screen and (hopefully) it lands where you wanted it which will cause the resulting group to drop off the screen. It is a basic concept, but with each level getting increasingly complex and fewer time between moving your platform closer to the remaining bubbles on the screen there's a lot of fun to be had with this title.

      It's colourful with the sound to match. Upbeat tunes play out as you progress through each level, and although happy, the closer your platform reaches the bubbles (and your loss) the music begins to play faster and faster to emphasis the need for you to hurry up or place your shots more effectively. It's this which really decides the difficulty of this game. Of course it gets harder as you progress, but even in the earlier (and easier) levels if you mess up a shot and your bubble rebounds off the wall and lands in the wrong place you can find yourself in trouble very quickly and scrambling to fix your error. The learning curve isn't steep, but practice does make perfect in this case.

      Also included in the PSP title is a number of different game modes. The one I found the most fun is definitely the running launcher, which moves you back and forth across the screen meaning that your angle will always have to be different before taking a shot. It's challenging and if you find yourself flying through the levels, I'd recommend giving this a try before crowning yourself the king.


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