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Gun: Showdown (PSP)

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1 Review

Genre: Action / Published by: Activision

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    1 Review
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      06.05.2008 22:51
      Very helpful



      Worth checking even if your not a fan of westerns i hate westerns but i enjoy this.

      The PSP a great console which has Gun Showdown a classic game on other consoles. Gun Showdown is a western really don't be put off by that.

      The story you play as Colton White a cowboy his life is good with his father until they go on a boat it gets hi-jacked and his father is killed. Colton is out for revenge to find the person who was responsible for his fathers death. The story is interesting it really gets you hooked to the game to the point you just want to get further and see what happens next.

      Gun Showdown has some slight problems with loading your going through the area you hit a loading screen but it's PSP but can you do. The main bad point in the game this is pretty much like a ghost town it does not matter where you are hardly no one is there only people attacking you, people wanting you for mini missions and people selling items, which that is only a few people so its pretty boring going around with no one else there.

      The control system can be a little hard to get used to as sometimes this can be really awkward. With Gun Showdown there are games which have Poker, Hunting i guess the hunting is pretty good but the poker is pretty boring to me.

      The music in the game really does make the people more realistic as it really does fit into the theme of the game which i find this does offer a really good soundtrack.

      The gore is great this contains a lot of blood and violent scenes in the game you can shoot off someones head, in a cut scene a lady gets an axe in her head. So this game is pretty violent and some parts get even more extreme and you get to see it which is uncut.

      The Voices fit into the game The guy from The Punisher Tom Jane provides the voice for Colton and Brad Dourif the voice of Chucky from the Child's play movies also provides a voice on one of the characters in the game.

      The game it's self is worth checking out it's pretty much GTA but in the Wild West if you see it rent it or buy it if you never got chance to play the Playstation 2 or XBOX version.


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