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Kingdom of Paradise (PSP)

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Manufacturer: Sony / Genre: Role-Playing / Control Elements: Gamepad / Release Date: Q4, 2005

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    1 Review
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      11.02.2010 01:37



      Overall, if you can get it cheaply then it's worth it

      When I went to purchase this game for my PSP I was drawn in by it's description of a crafy, clever martial arts adventure game. I thought it would probably be pretty entertaining. Having played this game it's okay but not one of the best I've owned and played for this console.

      The story in this game is set in ancient times. Parts of the world are ruled by one of five different clans. Firstly there is the Eastern Seiryu clan, then the Northern Genbu, Western Byakko, Souther Suzaku and lastly the Central Kirin clan. Each of these has their own unique way of fighting and magic spells.

      Some three hundred years before the game is set there was a Great War in which the five clans in question sealing away a Great Beast. Now, a man named Shinbu comes on the scene. He is a disciple of the Seiryu clan and has been expelled for reading the Ancient monument. Now he continues to hone his skills despite his exile and hires himself out as a bodyguard for travellers to use. This is the character you play the game as.

      After finishing one of his jobs he sees a girl being chase by a group of bandits and helps her out. He discovers after this fight that his clan was wiped out by one of the other clans. She and him are the only survivors from that clan. After further investigation it is found that the leader of that clan plans to release the Great Beast and unleash after being incarcerated for over 300 years. It is now down to you and your friends and family to stop him.

      In regards to the gameplay it is pretty good but not spectacular and I've seen better. The fighting system is okay. The controls are fairly easy to master and get used to. The sword fighting is fun and keeps the interest going for longer. You can even customise your sword combo moves which is fun too. However, the sword becomes fairly useless as you upgrade your magic skills and you tend not to use it as much.

      The graphics however are probably one of the better parts of the game. The different environments are fresh and original and are very colourful throughout the game. The character detail is very good too as are the animations.

      This game isn't too bad but I would recommend you pick it up for a cheap price if you can. It is not always the quickest moving adventure game but is not bad


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