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Legend Of Heroes (PSP)

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1 Review

Manufacturer: Sony / Genre: Role-Playing

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    1 Review
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      26.12.2009 16:08
      Very helpful



      Not great but acceptable

      I recently got this game and as Role Playing games it's not too bad. It takes along time to beat it I would imagine and I haven't done so which is a good thing as it will keep the interest going for a fair while. The game itself has lots of text and a very long story.

      Perhaps there is a bit too much text in this game.....sometimes you have to wade through loads of text rather than just getting down and playing the game. A happy medium would have been better and more action.

      As graphics go this game fantastic for the PSP. The characters are little sprites, and animated pretty well and no worse than other titles in this genre. The backgrounds are textured and in 3D, however, some of them are not that colourful. Towns are huge and take a fair amount of exploring to find anything. The characters with whom you interact are also lively and eccentric, to say the least. You will find yourself either laughing or smirking with embarrassment for the awkward situations in which you will find your characters.

      The fighting in this game is simple and turn based like alot of these role playing games. You execute your moves in turn and then your enemy gets a go. Spells can be a bit frustrating and slow to perform and it would be nice if they could just be executed immediately rather than a delay. This would definately speed up the battles and gameplay in general.

      Also if you get injured in battle and a status is inflicted that will disappear once you win and the enemy is defeated which is quite forgiving.

      There is an interesting pet system in the game. You will start out with a cat, which while it does find things for you on the world map (potions, etc), soon takes extra time to praise or scold, or feed. And in the beginning of the game, money is a precious commodity. Spending 10 Rozes (money) for pet food sucks. Also, when you win battles, money is not awarded, but special points. You must then take extra time at a vendor to have them converted to Rozes. This step is silly and probably could have been left out. To date, I see no point to it.

      The storyline is not fantastic by acceptable. You are separated from your sister at the start and you set out to find her. You have to go back and forth between towns to find out her fate and clues as to where she is.

      Overall, this game is not brilliant but acceptable as Role playing games go. It is simple enough to pick up and master so worth a try if you can get it at a cheap price but very time consuming and slow at times


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