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Me and My Katamari (PSP)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action, Rating: E - (Everyone), Manufacturer: Namco

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    2 Reviews
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      27.09.2009 13:15
      Very helpful



      Good original game which will keep you entertained. Just don't expect too much!

      Me and My Katamari is perhaps one the strangest games I have ever played. The basic concept is as simple as it gets. You are a small person/ thing called Prince who lives on an island and gets sent off by various animals and you're (The King of All Cosmos) to roll a ball around and collect stuff which the king then uses to turn into a nice new island home for each of your animal friends.

      Sounds a tad dull but once you start playing you suddenly realise you have been rolling that damn ball around for hours collecting a variety of things. If nothing else this game is worth having for the poor translation which gave me plenty of laughs trying to work out just what various animals and the king were trying to say to me. It would seem that whoever changed the Japanese into English did so without changing the order of the way the words were spoken. Most of the time you are reading something which looks like it came straight from the mouth of Star Wars favourite Yoda ("Collect random crap you must"...).

      However, as said before you easily lose track of time while playing this. This all despite the fact that pretty much every level is the same so the game is just as hard at the start as it is come the end. Fine if you are happy for the game just to be something you can pick up and put down rather than an ongoing challenge.

      One point which I feel should have been worked on a little harder is that each level each animal asks you to collect certain objects to make their island their ideal home (e.g. hard objects, cold objects etc). Sort of like a strange version of a home hunting TV show where each week a variety of people look at houses just to complain that they are made of straw when what they really want is good solid brickwork. What I soon found was that along with the annoying controls, which seem to go in any given way other than the way you want, completing the level is only down to making sure you have built a Katamari that is the right size rather than containing the correct ingredients. A wasted dimension if you ask me.

      Graphically it looks fine for what it is. You don't buy this game to be wowed by the graphics. Everything is very simple looking, moving in a very simple manner. Sound wise if you like cheesy Japanese sounding pop stuff then you will probably like this, but then again you can always just turn the sounds off if after a while you get fed up by it.

      Me and My Katamari overall is a decent PSP title. The right length of game play to keep you occupied while not taking itself too seriously. It doesn't pretend to be groundbreaking and so players will need to take it as it is or leave it on the shelf.

      Game information

      Developer(s) Namco, NOW production
      Publisher(s) Namco
      Release date(s) Japan December 22, 2005
      North America March 21, 2006

      Genre(s) Third person puzzle-action
      Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

      Media 1 × Universal Media Disc
      System requirements Firmware 2.6

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      12.10.2008 02:14
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Watch your thumb, it can get really painful.

      Me and My Katamari is NOT a game I would normally buy. There are certain types of game I buy, and certain types I don't, and I don't normally buy dodgy looking Japanese weird little games that appears as though they'd be mildly playable for five minutes.
      How lucky then, that when I saw this game going cheap on Ebay, that I recalled the astounding review I'd read a year or so back, and decided to pick it up.
      This game is a weird concept, very repetitive, has mediocre graphics, and is one of the most addictive games I have ever played. Your thumb will give up on this game long before your attention span does.

      Basically, you play as this little guy who lives on an island, and you will meet various animal friends who will tell you all about how they need and island, for some random reason, and they will ask you to make one.
      Naturally, being the cool little dude, and great friend that you are, you agree to help.

      When you start each level, there is you, and your ball. In the top left hand corner of the screen there are two numbers, one is the size your ball is, the other is the size your ball needs to be to make a satisfactory island for your friend.
      What you must do is roll your ball around the level and collect things that will stick to it and make the ball bigger.
      To start off with you can only pick up small things, maybe sweets, or paperclips, there's some right random things laying around. The bigger you get your ball, the bigger the items you can pick up. You may start picking up sweets, crayons, sushi, and eventually be picking up animals, people, or buildings.

      The levels are littered with things to collect, so there's no worries there, but the main challenge is to collect the right size items, keep a good control of your ball, and avoid rolling into stuff that's too big for you to collect as it will just act as a barrier.

      Once the time limit for that level has ended, if the ball reaches the minimum size in diameter (the size might be 6cm, or 100m, but the size of the objects you collect will reflect that fairly) you will see the island being made, and your animal friend will tell you if he likes it. If it doesn't reach the required size you can either quit and go back to your island, or try again.
      A good feature of the game is that you can easily try again half way through the level if it doesn't seem like you're doing too well, instead of having to restart the game, or wait til the end of the level.

      You can re-visit any of the islands at any time in your little boat if you'd like to try again to make your friends island even better and increase your score if you wish.

      The controls seem awkward to use at first, having to use the buttons and the directional pad at the same time, but you get used to it quickly enough.

      Me and My Katamari is ingenius I think. Very origional, great for adults and children alike, and while the graphics are far from superb the game is colourful and pleasant to look at.
      It's all about the gameplay with this one, and it really does succeed.


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