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MediEvil Resurrection (PSP)

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Genre: Action, Rating: T - (Teen), Manufacturer: Sony

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    1 Review
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      01.11.2009 16:27
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      A brilliant game.

      This game really is a great game to have and enjoy, its personalities are really terrific, and the sounds really go well with the game play. The levels are always different and always interesting, it really is straight forward once you get to know the basic controls. Sometimes the camera view will just get out of control, and the camera view just go's anywhere which is not great at all.

      MediEvil first came to playstation in 1998, and since at that time it has not been at all famous, its been remembered fondly for its great wacky casts of characters, evil like sense of humour and level design. MediEvil Ressurection is a remake of the original game, but with much more scary and interesting levels, characters and voices!

      If you did not know how the story of the game first came about, well then listen up, Sir Daniel Fortesque a scared and coward of a knight of Gallowmere, was killed in battle, by an arrow being shot at him to his eye with an evil necromancer named Zarok. 100 years later, Zarok is back. He casts a powerful spell to block out all the sunlight and raise people from the dead in order to cultivate an army of ghouls and zombies and ghosts. The evil magic brings Sir Daniel back to life aswell, as uses his second chance to redeem himself, and make himself a hero with his reputation by defeating Zarok for real this time. With the encouragement of Al-Zalam, a genie that Zarok confined to Daniel's skull, the skeletal knight heads off to save the day.

      The whole game play monsters and stuff are usually fake and cartoony, or skeletons just like Sir Daniel. Although the ghouls and zombies are cartoony, the surrounding are so much like real, which makes it so unique. So it really does seem like it was a town or village before, but just in 100 years later! The main enemy's wont even be sort of real or even cartoony, they will be sort of fruit and veg from pumpkins and scary scarecrows, and mutants with some weird veg like things on their head, as well as dumb mutated patients and undead soldiers.

      The main way to survive through the quest is mainly using and relying on the weapons you have. You only have to attacks, which is quite simple, one heavy attack and one light attack. With some weapons you can only do a melee and one ranged attack. You can charge enemy's by using your shield as well as defending enemy attacks.

      As you progress through the game, at some points you will receive chalices which you will need to collect, which can be used to heal and revive dead warriors in the Heroes Hall. Each warrior will give you a different weapon to use from a hammer to a spear to a sword to a long bow. There are so many different weapons that you can use by the way, not only the ones that I have mentioned. In different areas you will need to switch weapons, for instance when you need to break down the wall in the beginning of the game you will need to get your hammer out, and so on.

      Onto the terrible camera handling now. When you generally need to attack a enemy, you usually will need to fumble around and adjust the camera just right which is extremely annoying. You then need to exactly get the distance right from yourself to the enemy so that you can strike the enemy in one hit, without getting hit yourself.

      Some monsters that are in your way simply do not need to be attacked, its like their there for the sake of it. Whereas in other areas you will need to attack the monsters to complete the level or open the door or gate for instance. Its even more easier to attack these monsters by pressing the R button which simply locks on to the enemy or monster if you like it, and is so much easier to fight. A little red circle will appear on top of them and the camera is always faced towards the monster (the first time in the game where the camera comes useful) when you are locked on to them! You then simply need to press the attack buttons.

      The game not only is all about combat but has surprisingly some excellent mini-games. The mini-games I have to admit are so much more entertaining then the usual quest on to defeat the monsters, and that is usually rare. There is a whack-the-mole game which is quite fun, some shooting games, a chicken herding game which is surprisingly addictive and a survival game. You can access these mini-games through the context of the single player story mode, and you can even play them multi-player with an ad hoc connection.

      There are about 19 levels in total for the game, all which are very nice and sleek, and all have a specific theme, they very much make the Gallowmere place much like a fantasy and made up world. The whole game mainly is made up of horror bits, you can see this right from the beginning as you are playing as Sir Daniel as a skeleton after all, aren't you? All the characters and monsters are fairly interesting and make you want to wish they were there for a longer period of time. Sometimes the objects and enemys and characters are so small to fit on the regular PSP screen, which is also annoying.

      Also a very good part and use of the game is the sound. The voices are very well said and so spooky! It really does sound like there just risen from the dead. The sound effects and the ghastly sounds and stuff really go well with Sir Daniel and the whole game surroundings. Surprisingly its as if each voice matches each character, and that's how well the game is!

      In total it a well worth looking into game, and part from the small disappointing features that I have mentioned above, I am totally sure you will be satisfied with the game. 4 stars, brilliant game! If there was a new one to come out I would say it should be on the PS3, and this time make everything so much more scarier, it would probably be game of the year!


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