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Monster Hunter: Freedom (PSP)

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7 Reviews

Genre: Action, Rating: T - (Teen), Manufacturer: Capcom

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    7 Reviews
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      28.08.2011 22:51
      Very helpful



      Great game which can be played with others.

      Monster Hunter Freedom was the game which took shape after Monster Hunter for the Ps2. I'm not sure as to why they decided to go with the PSP instead of making another game for the Ps2 but oh well. The game was release on December 1st 2005 (in Japan) by Capcom. Monster Hunter is a really popular game in Japan and still is. This game can be picked up for a mere £10 so it really does deserve a chance!

      The game itself is very much similar to the previous Monster Hunter. It stuck to the basic weapons types which were in the PS2 version.

      Great Sword - This is a slow weapon which hits hard and can block.

      Sword and Shield - As the name states, its a sword and shield but the shield is small so when you block with it you will get thrusted backwards so its not ideal for blocking multiple attacks. These are average damage dealing weapons.

      Hammer - This is a hard hitting weapon and is slow so it's similar to Great Swords but it can knock enemies down for a short period of time but this comes with the disadvantage of not being able to block. You can charge Hammers up to do a special attack but this uses up a lot of stanima which i will talk about later.

      Bowgun - Theres two types of Bowguns, Heavy Bowguns and Light Bowguns. The Heavy Bowguns are stronger and can usually fire ammo which the Light Bowguns can't. However, with a Heavy Bowgun out you can only walk which makes it very hard to evade enemies as you can't block with Bowguns. You can run with Light Bowguns but they tend to deal a lot less damage than Heavy Bowguns. You can actually do a Mellee attack with Light Bowguns but it does more or less no damage so it's pointless. Bowguns are high damage dealing weapons.

      Lance - More or less it's just a lance with a shield. The shield is the best form of blocking in the game. Lances are very defensive weapons with the ability to hit high up on enemies in places which other weapons can't. Lances are average damage dealing weapons.

      Dual Swords - Ah these are my favourite weapons, they are so fun to use. Its two swords which cannot block and while they are out you can run with them. They hit fast but for little damage but despite this, they are one of the stronger weapons. You can "power up" with them. Whilst powered up your stanima will drop constantly and when it hits 0 the power up will end. Whilst powered up you can perform various different combos.

      The Health and Stanima bars are displayed at the top of the screen. The Health bar is green and the Stanima bar is yellow. The Health bar drops when you take damage but about 30% of the damage you take can be regenerated unless you are hit before it does this. The Stanima bar will go down every time you sprint, climb, use power ups on weapons and block with weapons. When sprinting, once your Stanima bar nearly reaches 0 it will go red and you will start panting and running slower than you would without sprinting so its best to stop before this happens. If it goes red and you stop, your character will keel over to catch his breath before being able to run again.

      Weapons and Armours can be created from different materials gained within the game. You can carve materials from Monsters you have slayed or you can use materials that you have Mined, Bugnetted, Fished, Found on the ground, searched groups of mushrooms etc. The armour/weapon craftsman will create these armours/weapons for you if you have the materials and enough money. Once you have 1 of the materials needed to make a weapon it will show up in the crafting section so you will know what other materials you need. You can check if you want the piece of equipment by having a look at what it looks like. Once you have a weapon, you can pay the craftsman to upgrade it which will require more materials. Starter weapons/armours are available to be bought at the start with just money which you are given.

      The combination system stayed roughly the same but with the new materials which featured in this game, they would have to make more items which could be made by combining different materials. There is a fail rate when combining two materials together to create another which varies depending on what item you want to make. If you fail a combination, the item will turn to "Garbage" and be placed in your inventory. Garbage is worthless of course so you may aswel discard it!

      You can do three types of quests, you get Hunting quests, Capture quests and Gathering quests. Gathering quests can be quite annoying I must say but they do allow you to get materials for you're armours/weapons. Hunting quests are just quests which expect you to go out and slay a monster. These are considered the funnest and least stressful quests of the 3. Capture quests are similar to Hunting quests but you need to injure the Monster and then capture it. This can be really annoying as often you will accidently kill the monster or try to trap it when it isn't weak enough leaving you with nothing to trap it again with which means you will fail the quest. You only have to complete a certain amount of these quests on each set of quests. Once enough are done you will be given an "Urgent Quest". This quest must be completed to progress to the next set of quests. The game will last you a very long time. I believe it took me at least a hundred hours to get through all the quests but even then you might want to unlock all the weapons too!

      You can play online on this game. You can play LAN with people and you can also play with anyone in the world if you buy a "Kai". Some quests online are different to the offline quests. Some quests which are simply too hard to be completed offline are put into multiplayer or quests which the designers just felt wouldn't be fun offline. Online the quest system is the same but you gain "Hunter ranks". Your Hunter rank which is commonly referred to as your HR will increase when you complete quests. A certain HR level aswel as the Urgent Quest is needed online to progress to the next set of quests. You can get meals in the "Gathering Hall" (Online area) to boost your stats or in some cases degrade them depending on what you pick. You can also get drunk in there which can be a laugh.

      There are various emotes which you can do to express your feelings or just to do them for fun but there is the ability to type to others online so this isn't really needed.


      Monster Hunter Freedom is a great game for the Psp which can be played with others.

      This review is also on Ciao under the username Connor131


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      17.03.2011 18:56
      Very helpful



      Get a version with two analogue sticks

      I've been waiting to get this game for a long time now and it didn't fail to disappoint. The depth to it is amazing for a game let alone a handheld.

      Plot: Well there isn't one as such. You choose your hero and then head in to the village which is a hub of sorts. You then have the option to pick up a variety of quests involving doing all sorts of things which usually involve some sort of reward at the end.

      The crafting system is has a lot of depth to it allowing you to create pretty much any armour you like from a monster you just took down and speaking of monsters, each one needs a different attack plan to it. If you don't get it right, you could wind up being killed which as you can probably guess is quite inconvenient. It's up to you to work out the best way of tackling each of the monsters you come across.

      Graphics: The graphics are very pretty and one of the few games that seem to really push the PSP to its limits.

      Controls: Here's where I felt the game was let down and of no fault to the developers, more due to the PSPs poor layout. The main problem like with most PSP games is the camera. Not having the option of a second analogue stick to control it results in some annoying camera placing. The camera is tied to the left bumper which when pressed centralises your character to the screen. This is fine when simply exploring but when fighting, makes your hand in to a sort of claw resulting in very painful playing.

      It's probably just me as it's a very successful series but having to fight, run, dive AND keep your character centralised on the screen was simply too much. I kept missing my intended target due to having to focus on the camera so much.

      Lifespan: Unfortunately I had to give up due to the control layouts but I've read plenty of people reckoning the game as 500+ hours. With the linking of PSPs for the multiplayer side too, you could be looking at a never-ending game.

      Overall: It's a great game let down by a poor control scheme but if you can cope with it then I would definitely say to go for it. I personally would rather get a version of the game on one of the consoles with dual analogue sticks (PS2 and Wii).


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      04.02.2010 13:19
      Very helpful



      Not involved enough

      Monster Hunter: Freedom offers a lot to like - great visuals, and a promise of lots of, as it says on the tin, freedom - but given the expectations, this feels actually quite limited and restrained, which is a huge disappointment.

      While well presented, this is a laborious title that's quite a slog to play through. It's incredibly repetitive, and while the character customisation works well, it isn't aided by the means through which this customisation emerges, given that it's no better than the trite gameplay of a grind-based RPG. Also, the limited gameplay is dispiriting given the promises of freedom, and exploring a vast world isn't at all possible here as you might have expected.

      Visually, the game is excellent and among the PSP's best. The creature animation is especially spectacular, and the rendered environments also look stunning. Also by the game's nature of interaction, it has a lot of cut-scenes, and these are incredibly well textured and don't diminish or dip in quality throughout. This is definitely the game's strongest suit, while the aural aspect pales because it isn't really about sounds and the audio work is very minimalist to say the least.

      This might entertain for a few hours, but it has a stultifying lack of depth which shows through after a day or two. It is immensely repetitive and while it is a great looking game, it is also a shallow one that tries to coast by on some minimalist gameplay that's not worth the asking price (although now you can probably get it quite cheap I imagine). This is one of the PSP's biggest let downs; a crushing disappointment for anyone who likes depth out of their games.


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      28.01.2010 17:52



      not a great start to monster hunter on psp but it is getting there

      Monster hunter freedome is practicly the same as monster hunter for the ps2. the only difference is a slight change in the order of the missions. this game used to realy entertain me until i got to the second star missions, at this point i was bored stiff seem as though the whole game is anoyingly repetative. kill monsters, mod weapons n armour, kill more stuff, do a lil bit more moddin...........
      there are some good points however. there is a wide range of weapons and armour to please all your sharp and sadistic needs..... anyway there are a number of big monsters called wyverns. the first you will need to hunt is the "kutku". quite a difficult task for people like me who prefer modern day gun type action. The name says freedom when realy yoyr not free if there is anoyin loading screens between every section of the map!

      There is not much you could realy right about this game although there is this. the multiplayer feature is rather impressive as you can choose any part of the map to focus in ad stay there for as long as you like hunting any monster of your choice. also there is a treasure hunt feature to the multiplayer section. this is were you find special items and get paid a lot of money for it.
      overall i would not necesarily recomend this game to people who dont like to be doing the same thing for to long :-) expecialy if you dont like paying up to £30 for a game that might last for around one month :-)

      p.s i am the original writer of this review that i posted on ciao firsthand


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      10.09.2009 21:42
      Very helpful



      A great game and addictive

      Monster hunter freedom 2

      when i got this game it was better than i expected and addicting the amount of armour and weapons along with different weapons to play with combine that with different monsters materials and traps this is a great game.

      You start off on a cut scene getting attacked by a very strong monster you fall from a cliff and are rescued by the local village and hence you become a hunter from there on you need to get equipment and experience in dealing with monsters.

      At first or in my personal experience the game starts off very hard if you dont know what your fully doing in such you may expect to die quite a bit, but later on you will look back and think "How the heck did that thing kill me" in such the more you hunt the better you get.

      One pain can be material gathering sometimes you unlock Armour that you can make at the Armour shop early so you think were can i get that material its very addicting trying to find every material to try all the armours

      Graphics for this game are also very good providing its on the psp and you shouldn't have any worries in that department.

      A great part of the game is weaknesses by attacking a monsters weak-point you can get good materials such as cutting off a boss's tail with a large cutting weapon.

      If you but this game for online game-play make sure to have a friend who wants to play since the games quite old now and no-one goes online anymore so be careful.

      In all a great game and addictive and is really worth a play by all gamers.


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      12.01.2009 19:23
      Very helpful



      9/10 - A Must Buy for co-op, Monster Hunting and RPG Fans!

      Ever wanted to yield weapons that exceed your own height? Or ever wanted to wear armour that weighs as much as 10 elephants combined (exaggeration but you get my point) then marching in to slay dragons and monsters? Then this game is the game for you!

      Control a character as he quests through the outskirts of his village in hopes of completing missions and quests that normally involves hunting from small monsters to the Big Dragons that take an incredible amount of skill to kill.
      The game revolves around 'you', who accepts quests to slay monsters. Help around the village. Acquire New and improved gear to make hunting easier and to gather materials ready for preparation for enhanced features of the game.

      The graphics is by no means poor in the game. In fact, it is actually really well made and put together. The scenes of the Bigger monsters and bosses are enough to make you wonder if your equips is good enough to slay this big demon in front of you. Normally the case is you can, and you will be rewarded heavily for your effort!

      Music wise, the game features an assortment of tracks to accompany your gameplay.

      This game is best played with linked up psp or connected to online. Quests with the other hunters together to gain power and strength by slaying the Big Bosses that guard the chambers and caves that hold incredible rare treasures! There isn't anything else that beats the feeling of completing a quest with friends and then sharing out the prize at the end.

      A must buy game. With the New Monster hunter out as well now, theres even more reason to purchase this one as a starter with the reduced prices you can find on the internet.
      Pick up a copy and get playing with friends. Its one of the best co-op games around that utilises amazing features!


      Thank you for reading. Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestions.

      Also Feel Free to browse my other Reviews too.

      Thank You


      (As written on Ciao.co.uk under empowering)


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      02.04.2007 23:19
      Very helpful



      You basically just run around on different quests killing monsters..what more could you ask for?

      This review can also be found on my ciao.co.uk account under the same name.


      Monster Hunter Freedom is a playstation portable game, which can be bought at an english store such as Woolworths, GAME, HMV etc. for a price of £35 or £30 online. Which is an exaggeration to its true value, as it was released in May 2006, I think that by now, the price should have been reduced somewhat. Even though it had a steep price tag for a fairly old game, I decided to buy it after being recommended it by a friend, and would certainly recommend it to others.

      NB: You can probably find this game a lot cheaper on ebay or amazon. Now that I look on amazon, I see you can get it for as little as £20, but their amazon price is £30.


      As per usual the game came sealed in transparent plastic. On the back of the box, there is the region code, which for mine is universal 2, which means it is playable on an English psp. Make sure to check that your psp accepts the region codes on the back of the box. It also gives a 12+ rating for this action/adventure game. This I feel is an overrating, as you just see 'blood,' which you can easily tell is fake, and you are fighting fictional monsters. You can read the blurb on the back, which describes the gameplay vaguely, with the layout being good, as there is ease of use and pictures to show parts of the game.


      You will need to have a psp, first of all! But you will also need to have in your psp, a memory stick, which contains at least 5550kb free space. If you do not have a memory stick, then you will need a Memory Stick Duo, 1 of which should have been provided with the psp. If you want to free some space on this one, then on your psp, go into the memory card and delete some data, either music, games or image data. If you would prefer to instead buy a new memory stick, I would advise purchasing a 512mb stick for £30 from woolworths as it will be a while until you have to buy a new one! Also, you will need to know one of the following languages to play the copy sold in England; English, French (Francais), German (Deutsch), Spanish (Espanol) or Italian (Italiano) otherwise order a copy from a shop in a different country.


      At the start of the game, you will get to create your own character, which you will control for the duration of the game. You can customise this character by; changing the gender, hairstyles, name, hair colour etc. Though I felt that these choices were quite limited to only about 5 different options for each. It is in an easy format to use, as you just move the directional buttons to change one of the categories, which they adjust without delay. The option I found to be the most useless, was the changing voice, as you would need the console volume to be quite loud to hear, and the characters rarely ever speak.


      The aim of 'Monster Hunter Freedom,' is to become a good hunter, proving yourself and developing skills by completing different challenging quests. Each of which, you have a 50minute time limit or 20 minutes to complete, which is acceptable for the first few quests, but as you take part in some of the more challenging quests, this becomes extremely difficult to complete. To be able to survive a long time in battle, you will need to earn money from completing quests, to then buy armour and new weapons. Also, this money can be used to buy potions to heal yourself or retain stamina. There is no actual specific monster that is a boss of all the monsters, but eventually you get onto the monster leaders after a long time completing searching quests for rare items where you can pick up skills of combining, cooking, searching etc. and killing missions! In these you have to search out and find a certain amount of monsters, and kill them, from their dead bodies you can extract rare items to use in weapons and armour. It gets hard when you have to defeat the leaders of certain monsters as you have to attack them whilst a few of their monsters also attack you.

      {EASE TO SAVE?}

      The game is quite easy to save, as you just need to go back to your home and lie down on the bed to save, which means that you cannot save the game, during quests. This can sometimes get frustrating, as you would want to save the game once you've completed some parts of the quest which are hard to do, without having to re-do the whole thing every time. Sometimes you may also forget to save before turning off your console, which is annoying as you lose all your data.

      NB: Keep memory card in the psp at all times during the game.


      The multiplayer is quite good, by using the Ad-Hoc mode, which connects up to 4 psps together, where they can take part in the quests together, making the game easier, and more enjoyable. Therefore, it gives you a different option to just tackling all the monsters yourself, you can do it as a team. Also, it makes more quests available, as you go into the, 'Guild's Hall,' to find treasure or kill monsters as a team. I had problems with playing this, as when I tried to play multiplayer with a friend who owned a Japanese version, it wouldn't work! So I'm assuming to play multiplayer, the games also have to be the same region code.

      NB: When you try to play multiplayer, make sure that your wireless searcher is on, by moving the button on the side up.


      The controls are quite easy to use, though the instructions are lacking. I was left confused at many points at the start, as I didn't know that you had to put items collected for quests into the red treasure box, and did not know how to put it in either, leaving me frustrated and spending a lot longer time than I really should have. Another thing that annoyed me was that there is no pausing in the game. So if you want to read the hints in the menu, you can still be attacked and killed by monsters on the field. The attacking controls are also quite basic, as you just have a slice attack with 'Triangle,' and a swing attack with 'Circle.' The kick button seems to be pointless unless you don't have a weapon, and so range of moves is limited.

      The menu buttons are easy to use, to find hints on your way, to see your items, to see what you are actually supposed to be doing on the quest, options etc.

      NB: To put something you have collected on a quest in the treasure chest, press CIRCLE, this would have helped me a lot!


      In the village some of the key places to visit are:
      -Home: Here you can save the game by pressing square next to your bed, you can leave items in your box by going to it, pressing square and clicking 'Put in Item,' or to take out some items, 'Take out item,' and you can read through a magazine with tips on the game that sometimes helps with quests, on the table.

      -Equipment and crafting shop: Here you can purchase or sell weapons and armour, either by paying a high price in money, or by creating weapons using less money, but also rare items collected on quests. Though you do not have to just buy a new weapon, you can also just upgrade weapons, such as adding silencer to bow or upgrading it another level.

      -Farm: Here you can fish, dig, mine and plant seeds. This gives off rewards of fish, different ores and plants. I always go the farm after every mission as you can get free items, such as many expensive ores (most valuable I've had is the light-crystal), many bugs which are normally worthless, fish and you can plant seeds to collect the items it creates. If you buy and sell a lot of your items in the village, than you receive bonus points from the person outside the farm, when it reaches a certain level you can help renovate the farm. I've only added a new field so far! :)

      -Gathering Hall: Here you can play with friends in Ad-Hoc mode. You will receive quests to complete with your friends, which may be treasure hunting, gathering items or slaying monsters!

      -Item Shop: Here you can buy or sell items such as potions, worms etc. These are useful tools to take with for the endurance of missions, to revive life or stamina, or help with tasks or to just earn a little more money.

      -People: There are many people to talk to, from which you can get quests to complete and prove yourself, others you can learn of monsters and trade certain products.

      -The tree: You will need to walk the short distance to the tree, and when you get there, press SQUARE to transport yourself to the Forest and Hills, to undertake some quests.

      NB: If you want some cheaper items, then go to the rather strange shopkeeper, who is on the right, as she sells the same items as the one on the left, except for half price!! Unfortunately no matter where you sell your items, the price received is always the same, but I would not advise selling, as the shopkeepers only give you a tenth of the value they sell them on for! The man who sells items that walks through the bridge is only useful for books, to help you with combining items to produce new ones and information on dangerous monsters, to give you an advantage early on.


      Firstly, you can select from a range of languages, depending on which one you prefer, I would guess you understand English if you are reading this! The game can be played in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. You can change the volume of the in-game music and sound effects. You can change the camera type to show the character and objects around you from different views. Other options include quick continue, targeting and sound. As always you can adjust the brightness of the screen to help your eyes, as if you have it on really bright in a dark room, your eyes will be quite sore.


      The graphics of this game are quite decent, with rarely any fault. Some of the graphics remind me of Zelda Ocarina of Time, as the majority of it is set in grassland. A few dinosaurs really look fierce, and are well created. The graphics take a while to load from place to place, as if you want to go on a quest, after you go to the tree, it takes about 1minute to come up, but because of this, there is never any jogging during the game.


      If you have more than 3 people that share the same psp, then I would advise having two memory cards, as a maximum of 3 files can be shared on one memory stick for this game.

      When playing multiplayer games, make sure that the WLAN switch is turned on, otherwise there will be no wireless connection.

      Make sure that all participating psps are in a 9meter radius, otherwise there will be no connection, or a really weak one.

      Before turning off the game, remember to have a rest and therefore save the game, as it can easily be left and turned off, resulting in loss of data.


      --Health Gauge: The red bar that appears at the top left of your screen, indicating how much life there is in your character, which will decrease when attacked.

      --Stamina Gauge: The yellow bar that appears under the red one, indicating level of stamina, which decreases when you sprint, doge, roll etc.

      --Eye: If you are near a large monster, an eye icon appears next to your name when the monster can see you.

      --Map: Shows the different regions in the locations and where you are, giving you a guide to where to go.

      --Chief's Wisdom: A useful set of hints from the village chief, telling you which places to lok at, how to handle things, how to defeat them etc. Though they are only included in the easier missions!

      --Running away from monsters: Sometimes this is a good thing to do, as some monsters, such as carnivores would just eat you without there being much chance to escape from them, as you are the prey of larger monsters.

      --Time Limit: This is always 50minutes or 20minutes, in which you have to complete quests and return.

      --Luring monsters: This can be done by placing raw meat around them or by playing a flute. This helps in mutliplayer in case your friend is attacked, to help cover him.


      The weapons and armour are quite varied and useful in combat. These can either be created using raw materials and a little money, or just a lot of money. As at the start I had very little money, I started out by purchasing the, 'Green pants!' which have very low defense, but at only 150z (z is the currency) I thought it would was an average start. But at the moment, after receiving a fair bit of money from quests and selling items, I have one of the best combinations of armour for level 2, which I would advise to people on reasonably low budgets.
      This is:

      Hunter's Helm: Has a defense of 4, unuseful against thunder. Cost: 450z + 2 iron ores (Can be mined for free) , 1 bullfango pelt and 2 kelbi hides.

      Chain Mail :2 defense, but is resistant to fire and water.
      Cost: 600z

      Hunter's Vembraces: Has a defense of 4 but is not effective against thunder.

      Leather Belt: Has defense of 1, fire resistance 2, a fairly poor item to have though, belts are not a necessity.

      Battle Greaves: Defense of 8! Also fire resistant, but is dangerous to use against thunder or in water.

      The weapon I currently use is the 'Bone Kris,' which is a pretty poor weapon, which only takes enough damage when used in the inconvenient attack of triangle and circle. It only has an attack of 98, so at a price of 918z, it is not worthwile, and for better weapons, I would advise creating weapons instead.

      {MY OPINION}

      I enjoyed this game as it has good graphics and a good plot. Though it has its weak areas, where the game becomes confusing and repetitive, with everything taking too long. Though tackling monsters with friends is highly enjoyable!! I really started getting into the game during level 2, where you get to tackle some of the harder monsters, where they come as a group and you have to kill them all! As there are no hints from the Chief as you go on, it gets harder and harder as you don't know anything or little about the monsters, so have to spend a while figuring it out, which could easily force someone to give up on the game. Also, the names of the monsters are so strange, that you are unsure of which monsters you are supposed to attack, I once attacked a massive beast instead of the small herbivore I was supposed to!


      I would recommend this game to people who own psps, who like a bit of strategy and a lot of action gaming, around the ages of 11-20 years old. Though with new games such as Killzone liberation and splinter cell double agent coming out soon, they may prove a better option.

      Gameplay: 7/10
      Graphics: 8.5/10
      Multiplayer: 7/10
      Controls: 7/10


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