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Moto GP (PSP)

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Genre: Racing / Driving / Published by: Sony

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    1 Review
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      27.01.2010 19:10
      Very helpful



      One for the MotoGP fans. Casual gamers may find it too frustrating to live with!

      I bought Moto GP as a non-racing bike fan and was instantly gripped by the realistic gameplay and graphics make this a solid racing game for the PSP.

      The main features are the authentic bikers and riders which helps to appeal to the MotoGP fan veteran and helps to add to the authenticity of the racing experience.

      There is an in-depth season mode which is quite challenging with a hard learning curve for first-time gamers to motorcycle games.

      Season consists of eight races and my only problem was that there is no continuation for seasons and you are left with a moral victory and lack of journey with your team. You can however change teams if you are performing well which helps to provide variety into the mix.

      The GOOD Points are:

      Graphics - superb rendered graphics bring racing to life. The graphics and pretty and detailed with the bikes with good realism

      Season - indepth season allows you to fully experience the MotoGP atmosphere. There is nothing better than actually feeling you are involved in a real-life battle for the MotoGP crown.

      Authentic riders and tracks - mean that you get a real MOTOGP experience getting to race with your heroes adds to the realism of the game.

      Fun factor - although tricky at first, this has fun delivered in bucketloads for the gamer willing to stick with it after a few days.

      In-game options - you can alter the setting of your bike to adjust the characteristics to suit the conditions of the race such as rain - change tire to slicks etc. This adds a detailed and indepth racing experience to the PSP and is one of the best features. This turns ARCADE INTO SIMULATION - very good indeed.

      The BAD Points:

      Difficulty - learning curve is high and I often find myself sliding off the track or falling of the bike which is frustrating and in season can cost you dear points. This can be overcome eventually although is a challenge to gamers new to the series.

      Tracks - are too few for me considering it should be a comprehensive motogp game although there is enough to keep you happy.

      AI - the computer seem robotic in their steering and race line and do not force the situation a great deal. You are left racing inside the computer when they just allow you to pass - a little annoying at the best of times.

      OVERALL: A good solid game although there are some points to improve on notably the AI and tracks. Best Moto experience on the PSP although was left feeling there could be a lot more to add. Should be a good buy for fans of bike racing games in particular. Learning curve and difficulty may simply frustrate the casual gamer.


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