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Scarface: The World Is Yours (PSP)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Strategy / Rating: M - (Mature) / Published by: Vivendi Universal

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    2 Reviews
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      27.01.2010 01:19
      Very helpful



      Overall a fairly average game

      I played 'Scarface: the world is yours' recently on PSP having bought it fairly cheaply and thought it was okay but not the greatest game I've ever played. I've watched the movie before and fans of that may like this game perhaps.

      The story begins where the movie left off. However, this time, instead of dying at the end, this time Al Pacino's character Tony Montana survives, but has lost his empire and mansion the process. Now he must seek to regain what he has lost.

      Once you have killed everyone in the mansion at the start with your unlimited ammunition and escape from there the game really begins. The game is essentially a third person shoot em up in which you can commit crimes and hijack cars. It is like Grand Theft Auto in many ways but not as good.

      It's actually quite hard to hijack cars in this game because when cars graze you they will hurt Tony and also the civilian drivers are far more aggressive than in any other game of this type. You go around in the game doing favours for gangsters and getting paid for those favours. You also have to contact various people and do drugs deals while in addition performing missions which normally involve shooting people. However, the game does get repetitive pretty quickly I'm afraid. The missions are all quite similar and there is not much variety.

      Scarface shows glimpses of a good game at times. It's nice and interesting to see how Tony goes from being well-off at first to incredibly rich later on. At the start you are buying 100g of drugs and looking around for dealers to buy this from you on the street and at the end you're buying the drugs in bulk and distributing them to your warehouses via a boat.

      Unfortunately though for me it is too violent and just an average shooting game. The graphics are okay but not spectacular and you also don't get as much freedom as you do in Grand Theft Auto games for example. If you annoy the cops enough then the game flashes up saying you're finished and it becomes impossible to escape. You are also not allowed to kill innocent civilians who are in your way.

      I wouldn't really recommend you get this game as it's not really that fantastic.


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      28.06.2008 18:27



      A good game, good soundtrack, well rendered engine, good re-play value.

      This game is the next level in Tony Montana's Legacy. Breaking the rules & taking the power back, the game takes off from just before Tony is robbed of his life in his decadent mansion. From here, you have lost it all and must win it all back showing how much "Balls" Mr. Montana really has.

      In a refreshing change of pace from Rockstars attempts at the Poly-format type game, Scarface: The World Is Yours immerses you fully into the Miami scene of the '80s, with a nostalgic yet esoteric soundtrack, at times you really feel like you are the most dangerous person in Long Beach.

      Despite Al Pacino eluding the sound booth during the recording of the game's speech, it is a wonderful retelling of the classic Revenge story. Sometimes the films don't do the character justice, and if you don't want to break your balls or your word, you'll buy this & give Tony Montana the ending he deserved.


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    • Product Details

      Dans un monde complexe, rempli d'excès et de démesure, vous incarnez TONY MONTANA, l'un des plus impitoyables gangsters jamais dépeints au cinéma?David McKenna, scénariste reconnu, a écrit pour l'occasion un scénario original, où Tony Montana survit et fait face à ceux qui ont voulu le détruire?Assoiffé de vengeance, il va alors tout faire pour reconquérir son empire.