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The Sims 2 (PSP)

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7 Reviews

Genre: Simulation, Rating: T - (Teen), Manufacturer: EA - Electronic Arts

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    7 Reviews
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      07.09.2010 16:06
      Very helpful
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      see review

      I have played various sims games before and they have always been very hit and miss with me, I loved sims 2 on the nintendo ds but really didn't like sims pets.
      However when I noticed this in the shops I decided to give it a go, I usually buy my games second hand as they are considerably cheaper but they only had it from new so it cost me 19 pounds and 99 pence.

      Like most sim games, when you first start gameplay you are given a character which you can change their features, make-up, hair, clothing and even personality.

      Once you've decided what you sort of person you want your sim to be you can start to play the game.

      The game begins with your created sim driving a car along a desert road, something hits the trye and the car swerves to the side of the road and stops, fortunatly this happens infront of a garage with a mechanic sitting outside on his own car.
      The two sims talk to each other about the broken down car, but the mechanic is upset that they are not friends and he refuses to do anything about the car until you befriend him.

      When the mechanic talks, little speech bubbles form at the top of his head, which contain pictures, underneath the picture bubbles are the symbols of the buttons on the psp that you need to press.
      To win the friendship you have to match each of his pictures by pressing these buttons on the psp.
      You only have a few seconds to do this though, so if you don't do it on time you don't gain the friendship.

      When you make friends with the mechanic he tells you that he'll fix your car but it will take time and so you must go to the shop next to the garage.

      There you meet the shop keeper and she gives you tips on how to make friends with different sims, she also tells you about flirting and intimidating sims to learn their deepest, darkest secrets.

      Once you are used to talking to sims you get told that your car is ready and that you must go back to the garage, when you go outside the garage has completely vanished and your car is gone.

      The game after this gets extremly wiered and wacky as you have to move to paradise place and fulfill a number of different tasks that your fellow sims give you.

      During the game you encounter ghosts, zombies, vampires, beasts, aliens and even a giant cow.
      As I said it's a completely wiered game but those of you who have played the sims games before will know that it tends to be full of the wiered and the wonderful.

      Now to the object of the game, well apart from having to find your car so you can go home you must also defeat the evil Doctor Dominion, who is behind the majority of the craziness going on in the game.

      I've always found that you do have to be quite patient to play the sims as it's never just a case of carrying out the tasks given you, but you also have to constantly look after your sims needs.
      The sims need to eat, sleep, shower, go to the toilet, talk to other sims and even for some reason throw up in this game.
      If you do not keep your sim happy then you can't carry out the tasks asked of you and you won't get any further on in the game.

      I thought this game was brilliant to play and it did make me laugh alot, there were some parts of it where I had to do a double take because I couldn't quite believe what was happening.
      At one point I was playing it with my fiancee and one of the tasks was to make woohoo, we spent ages trying to figure out what that was and then when we eventually found out we were in fits of giggles.
      (Well I suppose sims need love too.)

      The only issue I had with the game were that it took a long time to load between each task, sometimes I really wanted to know what happened next in the storyline and it would just freeze for a long time so that it could load the next part of the game.

      Apart from that I found it to be a throughly enjoyable game and very amusing especially when I tried to get my sim to go to the toilet and there was another sim using it at the time, so my sim ended up stomping her feet in frustration and then she went on to wet herself, my sim did cry and i'll admit that it didn't stop me from laughing (come on it's a game.)


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        10.02.2010 19:46
        Very helpful



        Average game!

        The Sims 2 game on the PSP is a game which I purchased quite a while back when it was quite new in the shops. I was just generally browsing for games for my PSP when I came across it. And indeed when I played the game it was great.

        I have the PC version previously, and so this also made me want to get the game again and check it out and see if there was any difference. And indeed there was, there was more of a feeling to the story line with quite better graphics. The game has minigames which can be played as well as the normal adventure mode, but the minigames just seem to be more funnier than normal.

        You need much time throughout the game learning basic controls, you will need to travel miles just to get to places to find out how to do stuff which is terribly annoying. Also when ever you learn something or when you find something on the ground it takes awfully long just for it to say ''congratulations, you have now ...'' . Even when you talk to someone it loads of a brief amount of seconds and then on a different slide does the talking, which in one way though, is better as you get to see your surroundings clearer.

        When you start you get to create your own character or (Sim) if you prefer, and that usually is what you will be throughout the game. You get to pick your characters personalities as well which I thought was indeed cool. For instance you could pick how clever the Sim is or how old or even how your character cooks!

        Apart from the slow loading time and other interfering things and objects the game is pretty neat and is recommended for all people that has a PSP. You can currently buy the game at £9.99 brand new from amazon.co.uk, which is the cheapest I think you will ever find for it new.


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        03.02.2010 21:54
        Very helpful



        A disemboweling of a great game

        The Sims games have had huge success on the PC, but elsewhere they just seem to flounder, such as with The Sims on the PS2, and now, The Sims 2 on the PSP. Every bit of innovation and uniqueness has been drained out of the game in this crass port that's not worth your time or money.

        Visually, it looks decent, but it's hardly especially detailed and doesn't retain the same kitschy charm of the original game. Textures are fairly bland and it just doesn't pop with the same flare that it does on the PC, where it still holds up quite well today even in lieu of the third game. Aurally, the game has never been strong, but here it is at its most bland and tiresome; the same repetitive jingles and annoying Simlish is still irritating. This would be excusable, though, if the gameplay made the grade, which sadly it doesn't.

        This PSP version takes away the brilliant God-sim idea and actually places you in the shoes of a Sim, a far less enthralling and fun role that winds up being very boring very quickly. Rather than preside over every aspect of the household, you instead control the limited array of options from just your Sim of choice, causing this to seem like a very limited game, presumably because of the limited architecture of the PSP. It's as though they've taken everything that made the Sims games great, gutted it, and left it for dead, giving us the offal that remained and expecting us to chow it down.#

        If you own even a fairly medieval PC by today's standards, you should be able to play this on that, so don't bother with this horrendous version that I stuck on E-Bay not long after buying.


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        26.02.2009 18:44
        Very helpful



        Addictive and enjoyable but could be better

        Having always been a fan of the original Sims game I recently decided to purchase The Sims 2 for the PSP (playstation portable). I managed to get hold of it on Amazon.co.uk for £12.99. I hadn't read anything about the game and had assumed it was just a more updated version of the original Sims game but designed for the PSP. How wrong I was!

        Being impatient I decided not to look at the small instruction manual and jumped straight into playing the game. The first thing I noticed was that the loading was taking quite a while. The initial screen gave me a character which I could change to male or female and customise their face, hair, body etc. I chose an outfit for my character and named her. I am pretty computer game literate and managed to work out how to do this but I did not think it was overly intuitive and a child would probably find it quite difficult.

        Game Play

        Once I had my character I found myself in the game as that character - this is where I got confused as it bore no resemblance of the original Sims game! At this point I decided it would probably best to read the little instruction booklet that had come with the game! It explained that the whole idea of the game is that you are the character you have created, you go round the town as them and have to complete various missions and mini games.
        You start off at the service station just out of town and the initial options are very limited - this forces you to perform certain tasks that teach you how to play the game and show you what you need to do. Once you have worked out how to leave the service station you are taken to the housing estate where you have your house and there are several neighbores. From this point there are various aspects to the game. Firstly you have the freedom to wander around and do what you want, you can go to the local shops, go into your neighbores houses etc. As you talk to people they give you missions which can involve anything from befriending another sim to find out their secret or finding something hidden etc. The missions are quite good, a couple are a little tedious but what is nice is that most of them overlap so if you get bored of one mission you can leave it and work on another one. At any point you can access the mission screen which is displayed as a kind of tick list meaning that if you stop playing one day you can pick it up a few days later and see how far you had got. Some missions are quick ones and some are longer or lead to a chain of further missions. This does tend to mean that you cant just pick up the game and spend five minutes playing as you will want to complete a mission and get lost in the game for a bit!

        In addition to the missions there are mini games. As you progress, different buildings and areas will be accessable to you in the game and there are some games where it is relevant to the building. For example; in the graveyard outside your house there is a mini game where you have to smack the zombies with a shovel as they come up out of their graves. Other mini games include social games where you can chat or flirt with another Sim by pressing the buttons corresponding with their topic of conversation.
        One little niggle with the games is that many of the mini games can only be played at certain times of the day. This is fair enough but unlike previous Sims games there is no fast forward function which is quite irritating if you are impatient like me.

        Meeting Your Sims Needs.

        Amongst all of this, a feature from the original Sims game remains - you still have to meet your Sims needs. They need to eat, learn, go to the toilet, wash, be entertained, sleep etc. If these needs are not met your Sim with either go insane or die of hunger! The screen will show you a diamond shape which shows the level of your Sims sanity. The sanity will go up as you meet their needs and wants. Down the left hand side shows their wants, these can range from anything such as "meet a new person", "earn a cooking skill point", "harvest the garden" etc. Achieving one of these wants will result in your sanity going up and a new want appearing. It can get a little frustrating if you are trying to complete a complicated mission and you need to keep meeting these wants and needs but I guess that is what keeps it challenging! If your sim goes insane or dies it will cost you either money or sanity points but once these has been rectified you return to where you were in the game - a very good feature as the first time I went insane I panicked that I hadn't saved in a while and all my efforts would be lost!

        Earning and Buying

        As with previous Sims games, you need to earn money (Simoleans). These can be earn in a variety of ways - through winning mini-games, completeing jobs, selling secrets and conning people! As well as all of the above aspects of game play you need to ensure that you have enough money to pay your bills, purchase food and drink and buy items for your house.

        One of the things that I was slightly disappointed with about this game is that customising your home is not as easy as it was in previous games. All buying and decorating is done via the phone in your house. Once on the phone you can select items to buy or ways to decorate the house. Navigation seems to be a little limited and the long loading times make this a boring and frustrating process. As a result I only end up buying things for the house as I need them and haven't got into decorating as it is just too slow and too annoying! This is a shame, as it was one of the features of the original Sims games that I really enjoyed.
        There are various shop points where you can buy items such as food and more specific items that you will need during game play (such as seeds to plant in the garden). You can also craft items at the workbench which require certain ingredients/items but mean that you can make things that will help you out in the game (such as vampire cure potion).

        Selling secrets is a good way to make some money and you will never be short of them. As you befriend people or intimidate people they reveal their secrets to you and there are certain members of the community that will buy these secrets off of you. Secrets of the universe are also found lying around the place and in certain objects such as books so its worth collecting them to sell them on.

        Technical Aspects.

        Being designed specifically for the PSP I was surprised by how slow the game is. Almost everything that you want to do takes time to load and it feels and sounds like the PSP is really straining to keep up. This is something that appears to be a common problem with this particular game. It is frustrating and limits the enjoyment you get out of game play.

        This slow loading has also resulted on the game crashing on me once which was really irritating as it meant that I lost all of my progress since the last save. Saving the game has to be done manually and it is a shame that there is no automatic save feature as part of the game as it is a hassle to save due to the slow loading time and I have now found on several occasions that I forget to save and then the battery on the PSP dies and I lose everything back to the last save point!
        The slow loading is a real problem with this game and I feel would make it unsuitable for children as they would very quickly get bored and frustrated.


        Although individually the aspects of the game are nothing too complicated and a child could quite happily move the sim to the toilet and click use, I feel that the nature of the game which requires you to manage so many things at once makes it possibly unsuitable for younger children. My brother is nine and is a wiz at computer games but he really struggled to meet all off the needs, wants and complete missions at the same time as earning money! In this sense it is actually quite a difficult game. Although it is not essential to complete the missions so some limited enjoyment could be gained simply by going round the town as the Sim. From my own point of view I have found the difficulty of the game just right, it is not too easy so it is not boring and yet the missions are not so difficult that you feel like giving up.

        Enjoyment Factor.

        When I first started playing the game I felt very disappointed that it was not what I expected. I had read nothing about it and had simply assumed that it would be like other sim games. I moaned about this for quite a few days until my dad pointed out that every time he had seen me that week I have been playing the game! I realised this was true - the game was not what I had expected yet I had been playing it constantly! So I must have been enjoying it. Once I got over that initial feeling of disappointment, I got quite into the game, soon realising that it was highly addictive. Most of the missions take more than a few minutes to complete and all tend to lead on to another mission. Therefore, you can convince yourself that you will just complete one more mission then have a break from it but this soon goes out the window as it will be one more, then one more and so on until it is 4am and you have fallen asleep with the PSP on your face! (I have done this 3 times now!). The game is enjoyable and surprisingly addictive but the slow loading time does get really irritating.


        You can move your character using either the directional arrows or the joystick which is useful and means that you can use whichever suits you. All of the other buttons are used to bring up certain menus or to perform tasks. This is generally well designed and intuitive - for example triangle is always back or cancel which is typical for the PSP. There are some menus which is took me quite a while to find as the buttons you need to press to get to them are not as obvious as they could be. For example pressing select takes you to one menu but from there is is not terribly obvious that you need to press R and L to move to other menus. Perhaps if I had read the instruction book before playing the game it would have been easier but I do think it would be useful if the game told you how to access these menus at the start of the game as I am sure most people will be like me and not want to bother reading the instruction booklet.
        On the whole navigation around the game isn't bad and is fairly intuitive but it could be better. As I mentioned above, the navigation in buy and design mode is rubbish and makes this part of the game boring and time-consuming

        Graphics and Sound Quality

        Compared to many PSP games the graphics on this are pretty good, the small details regarding the way people move, their facial features and scenery are pretty good. I didn't find myself straining my eyes at anypoint to look at the screen and the movement of the sims is quite amusing as little details have been considered. However, I do think that this attention to detail is the cause of the game being so slow to load and I would much rather have slightly less detailed graphics in favour of a faster loading game!

        When I first played the game I played it with the sound off out of habit but recently I have put the sound on as it adds to the amusement and some sound effects indicate certain things in the game. For example - you know when the night monster is due to make an appearance because the scary music starts! I wouldn't say the sound effects are brilliant but they are perfectly adequate..

        Summary of the good points

        - Fun, enjoyable and addictive
        - Interesting missions which overlap so you can choose what you want to do and when
        - Lots to do to keep your Sim happy, sane and alive.
        - Funny mini games which give good entertainment value
        - Will give you a lot of gameplay as there is so much to do
        - Can still customise the house and buy things.
        - Still includes many of the features from the original sims game
        - good graphics and sound quality.
        - You don't lose your progress so far if you die or go insane

        Summary of the bad points

        - Loading is really slow and this gets very irritating.
        - If you are looking for something similar to the original Sims game then this is not for you.
        - Buying things and customising the house is not easy to do and this can lead to frustration.
        - Not quite as intuitive as it could be, particularly in terms of navigation
        - Too complicated for younger children to get full enjoyment from.
        - No fast forward option to make time go by.


        This game was not at all what I expected and had I know that it was not like the original Sims game I most probably would not have brought it. However, I do not regret my purchase and I am actually really enjoying playing the game. It has some of the features I am used to from previous Sim games but which a whole lot more to do. You have a lot more control over the Sim and what they do which is more interesting although I do miss the ability to customise the house easily. I would rate this game very highly if it wasn't for the slow loadning times. This really does ruin it in many respects as when you are playing a game you want to be relaxed and having fun, not frustrated and irritated! So for this I can only give the game 3 stars which is a shame. However I have enjoyed it and will continue to play it until I complete it.


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          06.02.2009 13:44
          Very helpful



          Frustrating is an understatement!

          I have always been a fan of The Sims and after my recent purchase of my PSP I decided to buy this game to go with it. I had read a few reviews prior to purchasing it and it seemed to have mixed opinions so I decided to give it a go and make my own mind up!

          For anyone that is familiar with the Sims this game has all the basic principles of the familiar games on the pc and traditional games consoles. You create and name your character. You can change clothe, hair type and colour, skin colour and many other attributes to personalise your Sim who you will control throughout the game.

          You have your basic needs that you need to maintain including hunger, sleep and washing. The annoying part of this game is that these needs are not displayed on the screen and you have to press the 'select' button to go to a separate menu. The only time you know when your needs are running low is when you get a warning flash up, but which time it is usually too late and you end up soling yourself or vomiting!

          Relationships have to be made with other Sims but this is done in a different way in this game. With other Sims games you have a more traditional conversation with others and can choose your topic. In this game you can choose to chat, flirt or intimidate. Once the conversation has started an icon will appear above the other Sims head and you must press the corresponding button that matches this to build up the bar to gain a friendship point. You must get most of the matches correct to fill this bar and improve your relationship. If you intimidate another Sim you can learn their secrets but you will have to apologise after you have made them cry if you want to be friends with them!

          Traditional with other Sims games you have a sanity meter on the left hand side of the screen with your current wants and fears above it. You must complete the shown wants to increase the level of this meter. This meter needs to be kept in the green however if it plummets into the red your Sim will end up having a nervous breakdown! This happened to me and my Sim started crawling along the floor on her backside making strange gargling noises and I ended up being carted home!

          Goals have to be completed and these are shown on a separate screen. These are basically tasks you must complete to further yourself in the game. The annoying thing is though once you complete one goal another one appears so you don't seem to be getting anywhere! As the game progresses you open up different places to visit and I found it quite hard to remember who lived where and putting a face to a name! I got a bit tired of pressing the select button and going through my friends list so I could see what the Sim looked like I was supposed to be visiting! Even when you start a conversation with another Sim it does not show their name so you have to have a good memory!

          There are no jobs and careers as such in this game. Money is earned by completing mini games, selling trash you have picked up or selling secrets. You take a risk in selling a friends secret though as if they find out they will not be very happy with you and you will lose their friendship! The temptation of earning 250 Simoleons (Sims cash) is too tempting though so I sold everything! What a bad friend I am in cyber world! With your hard earned money you can purchase items for your house, buy food and other items as you progress through the game.

          Some of the mini games are quite amusing. I particularly enjoyed the 'Kine Sunrise Ritual'. This is performed in a barn where you become a cult member of this cow loving clan! You must hit corresponding buttons to carry out the ritual in time and I found the music and the actions very funny, mind you I am the first to admit that I have a strange sense of humour! Other mini games include 'Smack a Ghoul' where you must hit the ghosts over the head with a shovel in a 'wack attack' style game.

          The main game is set in the town of Strangetown and there are spooky noises and ghosts everywhere! Be careful to avoid the ghosts though as they will scare you if you get too close and your sanity level will plummet! The game is quite dark due to its haunted style theme so it is quite nice to enter some of the houses to get some colour to the game! The sound on this game is pretty good though and I found myself getting a bit scared at some points when a ghost comes out of nowhere! What a wimp! This game is for ages 12 plus!

          So, what do I think about the game as a whole then? Well, the game in principle is great. The graphics are brilliant for such a small hand held console. The major downside with this game though is the load speed, it is ridiculously slow! Every single action you make seems to freeze the game for a few seconds and sometimes you have to wait twenty second before your action even starts! This made the game play frustratingly slow and so much so that I rarely play the game now! I also found the game to be quite repetitive after a while and after about ten hours of gameplay the novelty soon wore off!

          Overall I would say give this game a go but only if you have the patience of a saint to put up with the load speeds! I bought this game In Argos as part of a two for £25 offer so for £12.50 I can't really complain too much!


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            18.10.2008 13:58
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            fun game

            sims 2 on psp,is another one of maxis great add on's, i myself love all the sims creations there fab very very addictive the first ever sims i brought i remember sitting on it playing for hours and hours.ive only really played the sim's 2 on psp a few times couldnt really get the hang of it mybe because it was on the psp? but the charators didnt seem to do as much as the one's on pc very much like a planed role play game its aimed for 12+ and ideal for both sex u can play wirlessly 1-4players havent done that but think that would make game play a lttle better.
            u can explore 5 unique nabourhoods and 20 new locations,
            you can also send your sim off to one of six mini-games
            there are also customized 3d worlds to unlock. a very good game would recomend buying i brought mine for 2 for £20 in game staion


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              29.03.2008 01:15
              Very helpful



              Interesting idea, limited long-term interest

              I remember back in 2000 getting the first Sims game for the PC when it came out. I had been a fan of Maxis's games such as Sim City and wanted to try this new genre. I enjoyed it for a while, but judging by the sales over recent years and the tens of add-ons Maxis have produced, thousands of other computer gamers have also enjoyed the game.

              So I thought that eight years later I'd try Sims 2 for the PSP. It follows the basic Sims principle of controlling a character around an environment in which you can inter-act with other people, objects and try to ensure that you build relationships, earn money and then decorate your house if you wish.

              The plot for the game is a little far-fetched and strange, there are ghosts and mysterious happenings all over the game, from garages and cars disappearing to ghosts being present in your house, which you have to remove.

              The game play is very structured for a game such as this. There is no free-play option in the game, or at least not until you complete the whole game and this option is unlocked. You have to meet a series of tasks, which come thick and fast, and the game-playing is quite linear and laid out. Although you can explore your environment as you wish, areas are unlocked in sequence and after completing tasks, and it reminded me of early text adventure games for platforms such as the Amiga.

              I must admit that I plodded along with the game structure rather than really enjoying it. The game isn't that long and it is rarely challenging. It is just a hunt of going around, having conversations, finding new objects, whilst remembering to eat, sleep, visit the toilet and keep clean. It does get repetitive quite quickly.

              There is some humour in the game in the dialogue which you have with the other characters, but this is quite limited. The conversations you can have with other characters is again, like the main game, fairly orchestrated and you end up having what is really a pre-determined conversation.

              You are given a house in which you live, although unlike the version of The Sims which I played many years ago, you can't lay the house out structurally or make changes of that sort. You can though buy items of furniture for your house and then place them around the house as you want. These range from paintings to furniture, from showers to vases. It does all feel to met at least as a little unfulfilling.

              The biggest problem this game has is the horrendous loading speed. Every single action requires the PSP to whir into loading something, so every line of every conversation can take a few seconds. It doesn't sound much, but it's frustrating trying to press the x button to confirm a line of conversation and the PSP is still whirring away trying to catch up. It's actually a major flaw in my view, it makes actions such as eating, showering, etc, which are repetitive enough anyway, even longer and more frustrating.

              Overall, the game is interesting enough to play along with, but it's doubtful that many people would continue after 15 or 20 hours of gameplay, as the game is relatively easy to beat, and even if you play that long without completing it, you're quite likely to get frustrated with some of the game's short-comings.

              I do though like the basis of the game, and if they could maybe resolve some of the game's speed problems, make the game a little deeper with more free-play options, then it could well be a really deep and meaningful game. At the moment, as it is, it's an interesting diversion, and in my view, nothing more.


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