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Warhammer 40k Squad Command (PSP)

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Genre: Strategy - Sci-Fi for Sony PSP / 12 years and over / Published by THQ

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    1 Review
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      13.03.2010 23:33
      Very helpful



      Decent graphics and sound, suitably deep and unforgiving strategy. A great, cerebral timewaster

      Squad Command is a perfectly effective turn-based strategy game in which the player commands a small squad of Scouts, Space Marines, Terminators, and even Tanks and Dreadnoughts in battle against the Forces of Chaos. Each unit in the squad has a budget of Action Points which can be spent each turn on moving around the battlefield and shooting at enemies.
      The game features around 15 missions with varying objectives that usually centre around killing the enemy and keeping your squad alive. A steady trickle of new unit options unlock as you progress through the game - you start with lightly-armed scouts and steadily unlock new units from Space Marines to heavily-armoured Terminators, speedy Landspeeders and looming Dreadnoughts.
      Squad Command is NOT a forgiving game, and therefore NOT for the faint-hearted. Many enemy abilities can kill your squad members with single shots, and if you mess up your positioning of the squad and leave them vulnerable to fire they WILL die and you WILL have to restart from the beginning again. Typical of a handheld game Squad Command does not feature saves during missions; if you fail a mission, usually by having your squad get wiped out, you will be forced to start from the beginning again. Late in the game this can become frustrating, but ultimately it contributes to the game's hardcore difficulty, which I for one found very satisfying.
      Visually Squad Command is competitive for a handheld game, with a clean interface and some suitably explosive visual effects. It also features a few nice pre-rendered cutscenes. The sound design also feels like a good effort for a handheld game, with full unit speech, sound effects, music, environmental sound and narration for cutscenes.
      Squad Command also features online and local multiplayer, which combined with the extensive single-player campaign feels like a decent amount of content for a handheld game. I'd have no trouble recommending this to action strategy fans who like their strategy brutally unforgiving.


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