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Touch My Katamari (PSV)

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Developer: Namco / Type: Action & Shooter / Release Date: 22 Feb 2012

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    1 Review
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      23.11.2012 00:07
      Very helpful



      Wacky and fun, but with barely any content it's not worth picking up til its dirt cheap.

      Have you ever just wanted to roll a massive ball that can flatten and suck up everything in your path until you become big enough to suck up the entire universe? Me neither but this very intriguing game from Namco-Bandai brings just that in this wacky Japanese game. The basic premise of the game is that you are the little green Prince and want to appease the King of all Cosmo's by appealing to the requests of citizens and rolling up certain types of objects each level. These can range from expensive things, candy and low calorie foods.

      The game itself is you rolling around a Katamari which is a ball that can suck up any object that is smaller then it to make itself bigger - which in turn allow you to suck up bigger objects. You push the Katamari around to pick up objects you find around the level, like to start off with you're in a bedroom sucking up all kinds of different objects. Each thing you suck up will grow your ball in size, allowing you to suck up bigger objects and access new areas.

      The goals of the main levels are to get to a specific size within a set time limit. However for those that really want to get into it more importantly you are to avoid certain objects and only pick up what the citizen has requested. At the end of each level you offer it to the King who then eats it and shoots it out of his stomach with a score. The higher the score the better, which is dictated by how high the ratio of the request type of object you sucked up. In doing this you'll get more candy, which allows you to buy fashionable items to pimp out the King, along with unlocking new forms to play levels.

      There are also challenge levels, where you have to do specifically what it says. Such as one is to pick up as many items you can with a calorie limit. So you have to choose carefully which items you want to suck up, based on their calorie intake and their size. It is rather fun to add a bit of strategy to the normal game but no-where near as satisfying as just sucking up everything in your path so you can get so big you can suck up entire cities by just rolling over it! The Playstation Vita doesn't just go traditional controls which you use the analog sticks awkwardly to move your Katamari around. It also has Touch screen functions, where you touch the screen to move your Katamari around, or the rear touch pad to flatten your Katamari or make it vertical so you can access different areas easier. This is very poorly integrated however as your fingers then block the screen so you can't see where you are going very well or what you are picking up. So it is very much best to stick with your traditional twin analog stick controls.

      The graphics look very nice, it looks like you're in a comic book world, with many vibrant colours filling your screen as you slowly suck it all up into one massive Katamari. The soundtrack is filled with Japanese pop songs which may not be to some tastes but if very suiting to the game. There is one major problem to the game however, which is a killer at it's current price. The game is very lacking in content. There is only a handful of levels, handful of challenges and nothing really else to do once you have completed it within a few hours. It's good to come back and play your favourite level now and then but it gets boring very fast after that. You're better getting off one of the older Katamari games with much more content and the exact same gameplay.

      Overall it is a fun wacky Japanese game that you'll never experience in any other series, but it is ruined by hardly any content to play through. There are some free DLC challenges you can get off of the Playstation Network, but it really doesn't add much at all. Only get if you are a massive fan of the series, but even there I'd think twice about it.


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