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Panasonic SL-MP 35

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    1 Review
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      13.02.2003 00:58
      Very helpful



      The SL-MP35 can play normal cd's, (CDA) as well as the MP3 format. To those of you reading this who don't know much about the pro's and con's of the mp3 format, I am going to give a brief overview. To everyone else here, go onto part B. A. Mp3 started out as a computer music format which is more compressed than the music found on the normal audio cd's. An mp3 song is about 10 times smaller in size than the CDA format. This means that on one cd you can fit about 10 times as many mp3 songs as CDA songs. This does however have a few Side effects such as the sound quality of an mp3 is not quite as good as with CDA. Also the MP3 is compressed in a way that needs special decoding for playback and recording, so you need a special player to hear them. The SL-MP35 does this. MP3's can be made using a computer by "ripping" the songs from your CDA albums, and can then be burnt onto a CD (you need a cdrw drive for this). B. First off, the picture is wrong, the player is black and has a curved lcd screen.. The SL-MP35 was my choice of cd/mp3 player after a thorough 2 hour session of searching around town. If you are looking for a replacement for an old discman, then this type of player should be high on your wish list. Apart from its larger size, this is the best method for portable audio. You cannot beat the CDA audio quality, so you have that option, and the MP3 high quality: low filesize means that you have the option to have quality and quantity from one player. This player cost me £80 from Richer Sounds. Compared to the prices of the other players in other shops, this is my preferred choice. The list of featured can be found from online shops, but the selling points for this drive are: 1. The dot matrix display, useful for scrolling the song titles, album titles etc. 2. Long battery life: 40 hours of mp3 playback, about 50 hours for cd playback. 3.
      Superb earphones. The fidelity of these beats my most appreciated Sony ones. If I have to pick out the bad points for this drive, I would have to say that for the money, there isn't any. It would be nice to have an inline remote, but you get what you pay for. The only mp3 discman I saw with a remote was a £200 Sony. Also, the ability to play .wma files would be good, as the sound quality is slightly better than mp3, but I tried some .wma files and the player couldn?t play them. I hope this review helps, good luck in choosing the right player for you.


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