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    1 Review
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      30.06.2001 17:02
      Very helpful



      It is well known that Sony make excellent music products, however, even I - as a huge Sony fan - was surprised by the quality of this considering that I paid only around £80 for it. This is not a new CD player by any means and I have had mine for around two good years. Throughout which it has served me well... On appearence, it looks fairly standard. It does have a nice flashy silver finish, but I have found that this soon wears off, and this also happened to my aunt who has the exact same model, leaving a patchy-dull grey colour to most of the CD player's exterior. However it is well designed, with easy to use buttons, which aren't impossible to press down yet still give that necessary 'click' when they are pressed. I like this because it is fairly small for a CD player of it's time of release, and is still very competitive today. It also manages to fit nicely into my trouser pocket which is very useful! The battery life is once again, very good. I use this CD player very much and only put in new batteries every 1-2 weeks. However, if you decide to use the 'ESP - anti-shock protection' (which I never do) you will find the batteries last up to around a measly 6 hours or thereabouts. Despite the silver that comes off (see above) this is a very durable CD player. Mine has had to put up with many droppages etc, but still works fine after alot of use. Durability is one of the main points for Sony appliances and this doesn't let the side down at all. This comes packed with the usual features, including, 'repeat single track', 'select tracks to play', 'repeat all' and 'intro', all of which are pretty much self-explanitory. It also comes with an early version of the now common place 'anti-shock protection systems'. However, I have found this to be very ineffectual, as instead of jumping, the CD will simply stop after just a few joggings (if thats a
      word!). Also, the batteries last next to no time, if you do use this feature. Therefore, the anti-shock protection feature is almost un-usable. Overall, this is a fantastic CD player that is highly durable and has lasted me an incredibly long time for a not overly high price.


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