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Sony CD Walkman D-EJ751

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Sony CD Walkman D-EJ751/L - CD player - blue

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    3 Reviews
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      27.08.2010 10:40
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      An outdated player, you're better off with an MP3 player.

      Portable CD players in their time were a huge leap forward from the tape cassette players that people used to use if they wanted to listen to music whilst on the go. Ironically, they always seemed to me to be less durable and more prone to going wrong than old fashioned cassettes, so I'm glad the MP3 player was invented!

      Still, in the back of one of my drawers recently, I found a working Sony Walkman D-EJ751 portable CD player so thought it needed a shot at a review too...

      I bought this for around £25 years ago, and found it to be very easy to use. The controls on the lid of the CD player are easy to figure out and I never had any problems with getting it to work. However, as a concept on the whole, portable CD players are not good. I found that if I moved around too much whilst using this, or didn't use it in a flat position, eventually, the CD would skip or worse become scratched inside the CD player. One bump and the song would skip to the next track, or start at the beginning, which I found to be very annoying.

      Sound quality is also not great when compared to good quality digital tracks, so there's nothing to rave about there either.

      It came with an adaptor to plug into the mains, and this is a good idea to use as it eats batteries from what I've found though it claims it gives 40 hours of play time for a set of 2 AA batteries.

      You load the CDs into the player through popping up the lid on top, and they are easy to put in and get out. I have a red version of this player, but they are also available in silver, blue and yellow (yuck).

      Overall, for a machine that's pretty much going to be surpassed by even the cheapest MP3 player in terms of it's ability to keep up with the times, it's hard to recommend it. Saying that though, if you haven't got a CD player (I don't know anyone who hasn't) and really need one, then this hooked up to speakers would be simple enough to use and do the job. Still, I'd just buy an MP3 player if I were you.


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        21.08.2010 18:11
        Very helpful



        RIP CD players

        I'm not going to claim to have 11 mobile phones, 9 MP3 players and 7 toasters to get big rates from the expensive dooyoo categories (you know who you are) but just review what's currently in my bedroom for the miles I need to make dooyoo work for me, the kitchen white goods and utensils sure to follow in September. Not that any external consumers would want to buy stuff from the 1950s (up to 400 'You have been Thanked' for me!) Oh what fun reviewing that will be! I even did 900 words on my external hard-drive! It was by far the best review on an external hard drive in dooyoo's history but no crown. LoL. Crowns are going to be the bulk of the serious writer's rewards in the winter and it already looks grim on how to get one in the boring categories we are being head-butted into by dooyoo.

        So CD players - I hate them! The discs were always over-priced and jump around with the slightest tap of the equipment. Portable CD players were even more useless, the slightest breath or farts near them and they would stick or stop completely with an irritating whir.
        I used to jog and run a lot and would love to go out at night with music on and when the nation had these disc players forced upon them by phasing out the more durable and practical tape cassette players I pretty much gave up running there and then because you just couldn't buy a portable CD player practical or stable enough. They were huge great things on your belt, a big no no for stylish runners, like one of those retractable electrical cable extension things where you press the button and the flex is sucked in. I reckon most of the UFO sightings in the 90s were runners throwing these things in the air in disgust. It was the same with DVD replacing VHS when there was nothing much wrong with VHS. DVD just means you have to pay extra for tedious special features. CDs were just extra because there was no hiss

        SO why did I need to buy one? Well a recent lady friend was amazed I didn't have a CD player on my old hi-fi and even more shocked to see two old tape decks. But what's life without an old fashioned mix tape I pathetically pleaded. They were so romantic. You couldn't make CD mix tapes until well after 15 years these things were invented. So I had to buy one to plug into the old stack to play her bloody CDs when she came around. She needed soothing CD music so to exfoliate her men in the bath with various cleansing things and then play her favourite songs to get in a mood for naughtiness, a very sterile experience and one that soon got dull very quickly, but seemingly the norm with modern girls in need of metro sexual men these days. What's wrong with Heart FM and a quickie on the kitchen table girls!!! Only I could bring sex into an audio review.

        Anyhow...I had to buy one and as Sony Walkmans have never let me down I chose this one off Amazon. Some of these things are mini stereos and have allsorts on them, including MP3 Players, radios and alarm clocks. But I just wanted it to make the disc go around and let my amp do all the work.

        -------Product Features------

        It says it has a 'G-Protection Jog Proof entry model', well I'm not going to go jogging with a Frisbee on my belt so will never know. My instinct is that setting is for MP3 only. Sony claims its oval shape is a unique design. Since when have ovals been unique? It needs lots of batteries and claims up to 40 hour's battery life and as you don't get any with it then I presume they mean those expensive Duracell ones. You do get a 9v adapter to run it off the mains and some free headphones. On some models there is a rechargeable option. But you don't get the little fuzzy foam bits to put on the end of the tiny ear phones. You can't buy those anywhere but Maplins, who charge an extortionate £3.99 for 8! I doubt if they cost 20p to make in total.

        It does allow you to use re-writable discs as well as DVD (it will play movie audio etc) but with its less than sturdy looking top load it does feel brittle. If you dropped it then game over. The volume wasn't as loud as I hoped when it's away from the amp and one presumes European Union sound levels have been applied here for our own safety.
        But it does the job and for £20 I can't complain and MP3 means my future now lies with stealing soft rock digital tracks off the internet and so no need to ever buy one of these things again...unless I want to get some meaningless sex.

        -Technical Stuff-

        CD System: CD player - top-load - 20 - 20000 Hz
        Headphones: Headphones - binaural - stereo
        Battery: 2 x battery - AA type
        Battery Life Details: CD playback - Alkaline - up to 40 hour(s)


        Weight: 185 g
        Available Body Colours: Blue, silver, red, yellow
        Depth: 15 cm
        Height: 2.6 cm
        Weight: 185 g
        Width: 13.6 cm

        -Other Functions-

        LCD on unit
        Bookmark function
        CD-R/RW capability
        Fontopia headphones

        -Technical details and add-ons-

        Sound Output Mode: Stereo
        Sound Effects: Digital Mega Bass
        Built-in Display: LCD
        Audio System Features: Battery level indication, volume limiter, digital volume control
        Heat Resistant: Yes
        Sound Effects: Digital Mega Bass
        Sound Output Mode: Stereo

        CD-R/CD-RW Compatible: Yes
        CD-RW Compatible: Yes
        CD Track Programming: Yes
        Playback Modes: Resume play, random play / shuffle, all tracks repeat, one track repeat
        Shockproof Memory: Yes
        Connectivity Technology: Wired


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          03.08.2010 18:45
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A resilient product that is not without its flaws

          I owned a lot of personal CD players when I was younger. This was partly due to the fact that I was very clumsy and would very often snag the earbuds wire on door handles and other protruding objects, only to send the device hurtling to the floor. This model dates back to 2002.

          Many of the personal CD players that were on the market at that time were near identical in the features they boasted. A couple of things that marked out the D-EJ751 for me was that it had an entirely circular design, its capacity to play CD-R/CD-RW in addition to regular audio CDs, and was an attractive shade of blue (most personal CD players were silver). It resembled other models in other ways however, given that it ran on two AA batteries and came complete with a budget set of in-ear buds.

          The player opens via a switch on the front of the machine, and the CD is simply pushed onto the central spinner. The lid must be closed, and then you can simply hit Play to run it. The operating controls are located on the left of the CD player's lid, with a clear LCD screen to display a variety of information such as the track number and play mode selected. Play, Stop, Fastforward and Rewind instructions are located on a circular key, and you merely apply pressure to the appropriate portion of the key to activate the control. To the left of the LCD screen are a series of keys, where you can select playing mode. These modes include digital mega bass, shuffle play, auto resume and repeat play.

          The sound delivery is not fantastic. Regardless of the volume music sounds tinny, and even when you select the most suitable bass option for your environment, it is hardly mind blowing. The ear buds provided with the package became painful when used for more than about thirty minutes, and were doubtless partly responsible for the inferior sound delivery.

          The D-EJ751 is very resilient, however. As well as being well able to stand some carelessness, it is equipped with speedy shock recovery capacity. The instruction manual claims that the model has a '10-times faster shock-recovery compared to conventional systems' and while I believe this is somewhat optimistic, it exceeds the average in this respect. This may be useful when exercising were it not for the fact that there is no lock function, so buttons are easily depressed when the player is in transit.

          Perhaps the greatest feature of this model is its sleek appearance and lightweight nature. Battery life is better than expected too, with up to 48 hours available, depending on the battery quality. This was a nice little player that served me well for at least a year of heavy use. It was not perfect, but it did exceed the quality of many other models on the market.


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        • Product Details

          Get ready to go... with Sony's D-EJ751/L CD Walkman Player.


          CD-R/RW playback;
          LCD on upper lid;
          AA type rechargeable battery compatible;
          5 Directional Jog Button on upper lid;
          G-Protection Jog Proof;
          Complete circular design;
          Cross Control key on the unit for ease of use;
          Digital Mega bass;
          AVLS (Automatic Volume Limiting System).