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Acer MP-330 20 GB

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2 Reviews
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    2 Reviews
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      12.10.2007 23:13
      Very helpful



      A great player for the money


      I had known about the Acer brand for quite a while through their range of computers and laptops but up to recently wasnt aware they did anything else until I found an Acer MP3 player as I was looking on ebay for a new MP3 player after losing my previous player a few months ago.

      ...The Style...

      I think although it's not in the league with stylish looking MP3 players from the likes of Phillips, Creative, Samsung, Sony and Apple this player is still stylish and it has all the main features of the top players you would expect today in 2007.

      ...The Sound...

      I have been very impressed with the sound and after reading many reviews on the player whilst I was waiting for Royal Mail to get their act together the sound was one thing that everybody commented favourably on. I would recommend people keeping the EQ settings off as you don't need to change the sound for different genres as it sounds good whatever you play.

      There is great detail and bass for what is really a lesser known player and with a good upgrade in Headphones. (I use Sennheiser PX100's) you will notice what this Acer player is capable of, a natural sound with very good detail and a sound that is very engaging.

      ...Voice Recorder...

      This player also has a voice recorder feature and from what I have heard from using it earlier today the sound sounds suprisingly clear as you would expect from one of the better known brands ie Apple, Samsung, Creative or Sony. The microphone is just beside the screen towards the top.

      ...The Battery...

      This MP3 player comes With a built in Li-Ion battery or Lithium Ion given it's full name. The battery will give between 10 and 16 hours playback but the design of this battery means that the battery will slow considerably during it's life and will age even when it isnt charging so it will need to be replaced more often than regular batteries.

      Whilst there are many players that will give you a better playing time there arent too many for the kind of price range that this Acer is in. So it is one of the leaders in the storage per pound scale.

      ...Hard Drive...

      This is what attracted me to the Acer in the first place as most of the other players around the price were for 4gb players and I wanted something more like 20GB. This hard drive means you can store around 5,000 tracks from either Windows Media Audio or MP3 files.

      This size hard drive will satisfy most people but I will be looking to get one with an even bigger hard drive when I get my next player as I have a huge music collection on cd and pc combined.

      ...The Display...

      As Acer specialty is with Computers you would expect them to be good in this area and they are as you get a nice blue light on the LCD screen which gives you a good view of what is going on in terms of the battery, track and other things like volume and file type. This is one of the best displays I have seen from a cheaper model.


      There are plenty of these players available on ebay and amazon and the most common players around are the 10GB and 20GB. I bought my 20GB player for an amazing £49.99 from ebay. This is remarkable as it really does seem that it is more expensive than the £49.99 I paid for it new.

      ...Uploading files...

      This is very easy to do, all you need to do is insert the usb cable supplied into the slot and connect it to one of your computers usb ports. Once the pc has registered the item you will be able to upload files from your computer by dragging and dropping individual files or copying and pasting folders to your Acer folder.

      The downloading speed of this player is generally very good and those 650 odd tracks were downloaded to the player in a matter of a few minutes which isnt at all bad considering how many tracks there were downloaded. The download speed will please most I'm sure.

      Once you have finished you are able to take the usb cable out of your player and then the files you have uploaded will be on your player when you have a look and you can then start listening to them on your Acer and you can choose to delete them or keep them on your computer depending on your individual choice.


      I Have only had this player for less than 24 hours but I am very pleased with it and have already uploaded more than 600 music files to it and I will put many more files on soon. This is a really very good player for the money that you can get new looking players from on ebay. If you are just looking for a player which will allow you to put thosands of files on and sound good for not much money then this player is worth serious consideration.


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      07.08.2007 15:06



      A gamble

      If you're looking for a robust MP3 Player that's not particularly stylish, doesn't have annoying touch-sensitive controls or flash games but is likely to last you and holds a lot of music, look no further. The 20gb Acer MP3-30 in it's leather beltcase is easy to use, simple, and does what you expect.

      - No messing around - plug it into any computer (Windows, Mac or Linux, it's your call) and drag-and-drop music across.
      - Use the line-in function or the microphone to record your own tracks or voice log.
      - What you see is what you get - the folders are shown on the Player as on the computer.

      However, I have had trouble with both my ACER MP3-30s. I bought them from a site called Valutech, and in both the headphone jack came away from the board so pressure had to be applied to the headphone to actually get an non-distorted sound.

      It's therefore fair to say, I think, that if you want a media player you can drop off a mountain, it's here, but it might deteriorate over time (1/2 a year for me).


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