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Apple iPod touch (4G) 64 GB

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    5 Reviews
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      10.07.2014 23:04
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Good present for younger people"
      • "Affordable price"
      • "Fast internet (Safari"
      • "App store"
      • "Pocket size"


      Worth the money! (Must get this iPod)

      The Ipod4 Is excellent for people who can''t afford a phone but like to browse the internet when there out and about. Its the perfect size for the pocket and can grip firmly in the palm of your hand which makes this great for lots of things. Also because this is a Apple product it has three fabulous things, Safari App store and iTunes. Safari: Safari is essential to all Apple products since it is a great browser and really really fast! (All Apple products have Safari, App store and iTunes) App Store: The App store is at the heart of the iPod since there is a App for everyone and if there isn''t I''m shocked! There is many categories on it that you will probably get lost! Itunes: It says it in the name "Tunes" Yep! You can buy music and rent/buy movies on it! The actual design of the iPod touch is great it looks perfect stunning any better words i can describe it with! The camera is fine as well not bad at all! you can connect it to a computer and put all your photos you have taken onto the computer or vice versa. The battery life of the iPod can last around 2 and a half hours which is more than enough of searching internet. However it does go down quicker when watching movies. TIP: Playing a game? Low battery? Turn volume off it saves 25% of the battery just off the sound! I recommend this iPod to gamers and children for a present and everyone else that can''t afford a phone. It works just as well!


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        31.01.2012 17:01
        1 Comment



        If you want the portability of an mp3 player combined with the functionality of a pda then look no f

        Most of the apps available for iphone are available for itouch. You can use the skype app to add voip to the touch but it's not perfect. You can use popular dedicated mobile apps like ebay and amazon to do your shopping easily on those sites. If you have a msn account you can pay for an app to have that on your itouch so you can keep in touch with your msn buddies. The instagram app allows you to add photo effects to your photos making them look like they were taken by an 80's camera, it's a trendy thing to do. Facebook connectivity is available for those folks who are addicted to social networking. You can download work out apps which help you lose weight, tracking your calorie intake and how many steps you take with the built in accelerometer. Get up to date news from the internet or even watch youtube clips from your device. Another cool thing is that you can get content from sky tv or even watch terrestrial tv. There are a bunch of game apps available and a very easy to download stuff from the apps icon.

        One of the downsides is that it doesn't use 3g, so you have to always be near a wireless network to browse the internet, use apps that require internet connectivity or get on itunes.

        Battery life is decent, obviously it is better than an iphone, if you turn off all the update services and non essential background programs it could last more than a day on one charge. Screen brightness has alot to do with battery life, i turn my down to the lowest and it conserves alot of power.

        You can take decent pictures with the touch, the quality is not as good as the iphone's but the video is not bad. There is a front and back camera so you can use it for video conference as well.

        The only slight let down is the external speakers, it doesn't sound all that well, you can remedy this by plugging in earphones or using an external speaker plugged into the earphone jack.

        itunes is unfortunately a substandard program which you need in order to sync up with your touch. When i say it is substandard i mean that it is sometimes laggy and fiddly to use. This would be the main weakness to all Apple products. If you don't have a PC or a Mac from which to run itunes then your ability to use your touch is effectively limited. Itunes is like a giant filter from which you try and push through your pictures, videos and music to transfer them across to your ipod products. It is unneccesarily fidly and can be downright frustrating. As long as you don't try to do anything more advanced than transfering songs then you should be fine, anything more and you need to tinker with it a bit more.

        Video formats
        Another downside is that the touch will only play certain video formats, you can get secondary programs out there that renecode videos for you but again it's kind of a hassle. Unlike other video players which can play a number of files, apple only lets you play files that are encoded through itunes this is unnessarily fiddly again.

        Final thoughts
        I got the 64gb version, i have all my music on there and a few videos and i have used about half of the capacity. Overall this is a great gadget.


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          20.09.2011 12:29


          • Reliability


          Great for music pictures and as a small mutimedia device.

          I got this as a birthday present after the manufacturer of my old mp3 stopped updating the firmware so I could use it with windows 7.
          I thought it would be too large as I use to use my mp3 in the gym but with an arm band it is fine.
          I'm glad I got the largest memory version as it is nearlly full already and the memory can't be upgraded. Having not had any apple products before the interface was really easy to use. Although it was got mostly for music it can be used for so much more and the apps you can get are differnt from those available on the android phone my partner has.
          I love the fact I can now choose between most of my own music anywhere with the added purchase of an fm transmitter that I can use with my stereo and in the car.
          Like an iphone you can add apps and get so many other features and I use it with the wifi at home. With the big screen it is great for holding pictures to show other people, browsing the internet, checking email etc just been made slightly redundent by iphone.


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          13.06.2011 23:31
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Can get these cheaper

          We have been looking for a unit to use with our digital mapping for when we are out hiking. After doing surveys on line my partner and I had enough amazon vouchers to treat ourselves and we researched a lot to find the best unit. We have tried all kinds of PDAs and gps devices and some have been better than others. Garmin still wins on the purely stand alone gps unit. We are keen back packers and planning some long distance path walks along trails in the back of beyond in Scotland. We are camping and so are looking for things that are light and multi functional. We had recently upgraded our phones to iPhones and were very impressed by the apple device and the functioning of the iPhone.

          We use memory maps and anquet maps and found the two apps to work well on the iPhone. I wanted something dedicated to the mapping so that memory was not an issue.

          The iPod touch is basically the iPhone without the phone parts of it. It has everything else and it all works so well I'm so glad I discovered it!

          There is no gps function on it which is a real shame and I hope apple look to add this to the 5g or 6g as this would make the unit perfect to stand alone.

          on this instance I need to use location services via wifi, luckily I have mobile wifi from 3 and so do have wifi where ever I go. It does mean that I need to carry a dongle around with me but hopefully if apple do put gps in the future ones this will change!!

          The touch comes in 8gb, 32gb and 64gb. As we had filled up our 16gb iPhones very quickly and mapping was of high volume we knew that 8th would be too small! As I had done more surveys and so earnt more vouchers I got the 64gb one and my partner got the 32gb one. I have to say mine is better!!!! It is purely the fact there is so much memory space that even with all my mapping it still runs smoothly as it has so much more memory.

          I could go into the spec of the unit but that would be every other review of the touch, instead I will just let you know about my experience with it.

          Once you get bitten by the apple bug you will really not turn back! The touch does offer me everything I need really. It means that just in a small unit when camping in the middle of no where entertainment like movies music and Internet can be acessed, as long as my wifi has signal!

          Battery life does really depend on the usage of the touch, if it is linked to the Internet continuingly then the battery does go down faster but there are ways to save battery life like closing apps down when not using it etc. Also a power monkey can be purchased which can be powered by solar power then used to power up the touch.

          This really is one of the best units I have bought ever and I 'm glad I got the higher memory one too. I really does depend on what you are planning to do with the touch as to what size to get. If it is just music, you can get a hell of a lot of tuned on a 64gb, not sure I own that many songs!

          These are a bit pricey, you can expect to pay about £280-£350 for these had I not earnt the vouchers then I would not have afforded this but it was nice to be able to treat myself but not actually spend my real money!!

          If you are contemplating this item then get it. If I'd brilliant and I can't give it enough praise!!

          Word of warning though, if you have Anquet mapping and want to use the Anquet app on the iPhone or touch, you need Anquet mac to be comparable. Any maps bought on a PC for Anquet will not be compatable with the iPhone or touch. They are looking for a resolution to this of which I am eagerly waiting as I have the entire UK in 1:25OS in PC version of which I want to start using!!


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          19.12.2010 19:15
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Owning it is pride

          APPLE iPod TOUCH 64GB FOURTH GENERATION is unbelievably slim but then which apple iPod isn't? Before going into the main review I think it will be worthwhile to let you know the ten big issues for which one should go for it.

          1. Front Facing camera.
          2. HD camcorder
          3. Video calling
          4. FaceTime
          5. Integrated microphone
          6. Retina Display
          7. Gyroscope sensor
          8. Improve capabilities of Apple's iOS platform.
          9. Superior playback time.
          10. Full AVRCP support to its existing Bluetooth 2.1 feature.


          1. GPS
          2. Option for 3G data service.
          For those new to the Apple iPod phobia (not me, although being downright critical of Apple iPods I caught up with the apple fever when I first boarded the Apple bus with the Apple iPod shuffle and I haven't really rued owning it) I must underline the fact that intending owners must get acquainted with the iTune software. Not that any great skill is required to use it but to get the most out of this softaware does require a bit of 'getting acquainted'.


          Apple iTune is a software available free for both Windows and Mac users. It requires installation on to the computer just like other softwares and it takes around 6 mins to go through the whole process of installation. Unless you are running other application it not essential to re-start your machine but I would recommend a re-start of your computer after installing any software because it resolves the registry issues straight way. The software launches immediately as the iPod is connected to the computer taking just that wee bit of time for synchronization. Please keep an eye on top of the iTune software screen because it is very explicit about when to disconnect and the status of the process going on. To get your files (audio and video) iTune software is a must. It must be noted that when ever you are installing the software a unique library is created for a particular iPod, meaning you can not use the same library for two different iPods. The moment the machine is formatted or the iTune software is removed from the system, the previous library becomes non functional although there are softwares to reconstruct the old library but then they are highly unreliable.

          I believe there is no harm in dubbing Apple iPod Touch as the iPhone without the facilities of a phone. Agreed you can not make or take a phone call with the iPod Touch and sans the GPS feature but that's about all while comparison comes up with iPhones. Although there is no dramatic changes in the latest version but if you go by apps it is the iPad that is small enough to be tucked in your pocket.

          Lets us try and dig in to the latest version of iPod Touch's recent additions.


          If you look into the technical specs it's clear that it has got a smaller sensor than the iPhone 4. The resolution is lower and it of course lacks the flash and its understandable why doesn't really compare favourably with iPhone 4's images. The Touch's rear facing camera shoots at a healthy 720x2592 pixel but hardly anything to mach the iPhone 4's capacity to capture still images at a breath taking 1936x2592 pixels. Simply said the iPhone 4 carries a smart 5 megapixel to iPod Touch's less than I megapixel. But am I going to use it for pro shooting? Not really. If you forget the comparison with iPhone 4 the images are reasonable satisfactory agreed not the stuff for shooting in anything but ideal conditions. May not be the ideal camera but it's an app which comes pretty handy.

          The iPod Touch's Video Camera:

          I have not really taken any video shot with the iPhone 4 video camera all from the point of view of technicalities they both have the same capability (the rear facing camera of iPod Touch) both having a resolution of 720p. The result I got with the Touch was nothing less than satisfactory but both critics and experts say the iPhone 4 captures are far better than the Touch, possible but all the same seeing is believing and the Touch justifies my faith under good and favourable conditions.
          The iPod Touch fourth generation supports Apple's iMovie which gives the capability of creating my own movies just as they should be, titles, soundtracks and themes. The best part is that when videos are uploaded to, say, youtube the HD quality is amazing probably the incorporation of iOS 4.1 in the Touch.


          My, my its wonderful, the moment the FaceTime app is launched on the iPod Touch you are just asked to put in the e-mail address and it sends a link to the concerned person for verification, the moment it's done the Touch launches the browser and takes you to Apple's Website, just enter your Apple ID and password and click the verify address button and the Touch ensures you receive a FaceTime call at that particular address. All you have to do now is to open your contact and there is there on the contact screen is a FaceTime button prod it to start a FaceTime call, of course you need a Wi-fi connection. It works fine and has been hassle free. Don't be worried that the mic is on the back of the set, it's sensitive enough to catch and send your conversations to the receiver and the internal speaker is as good. I must accept the fact at certain times the audio did sound a bit distorted but just for small length of time, by the time you start worrying it's all perfectly alright.


          Retina Display's video quality is just breath-taking. The technology is fabulous and it keeps Touch ahead of it competitors miles ahead. Be it gaming, a TV show or a full length feature film the performance of Retina Display is absolutely impressive.


          The battery life is as amazing as it slim looks, a staggering 35-45 hours continuous audio playback and a good 6 and a half hours video playback, isn't it mind blowing? Considering Apple's bunny the audio is just good enough all though not offering options of customizing the Equalizer. But as long as you have a good pair of headphones or earbuds, the audio experience is just great but the default earbuds are just horrible.
          Available in 8GB, 32GB and 64GB, the best buy would be the 64GB at £235.25 where as a 32 GB iPhone 4 is priced at £192.50, which looks better? Well enjoy the review and initiate your thinking process.

          (Also at other sites with same username)


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