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Archos 105 2 GB

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    2 Reviews
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      01.07.2009 22:50
      Very helpful



      May be suitable for listening to music files but inadequate to be used as a photo/video viewer

      The Archos 105 has quite a good playback time once it is charged fully. It has the capability to view both photos and videos, in addition to playing music files.
      The low resolution and small sized screen isn't capable of producing high quality videos and photos.

      It does boost a fine sound quality which makes it deal even when using the supplied headphones which is quite a long. Upon using a pair of additional headphones there was a minute increase in sound clarity.

      The menu system is well structured, making it easy to use and understand. It is a relatively light and portable device, which makes ideal to be used whilst commuting or travelling. Furthermore, adequate battery stamina provided about 23 hours of continuous playback of audio files on average.
      But it does lack on additional functions other than the bog-standard features. It does not have radio capabilities nor does it have a voice recorder. The files can be transferred via a supplied custom USB Cable/Socket, making it a potential hassle if you lose the cable.

      It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems such as Window XP, Window Vista, Mac OSX and Linux. Unfortunately, Windows 98 is not supported.


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      05.02.2008 14:07
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      2GB of Archos Portable Media Player storage

      DooYoo Review on the Archos 105 - Colour: Black 05/02/2008
      Archos 105 2GB of Storage*
      Available RRP date - 06/2007

      - Archos Introduction - > A short insight into Archos.

      The foundation of Archos was set-up in 1988. Originally it was a company dealing with digital media storage. It grew with market trends into new technologies; and became a well-known brand within this market. It was a natural progression that Archos got into portable media players (PMP) and specialised in storage data for entertainment in audio and video.

      Archos now is a reasonably priced brand in portable technologies. Certainly not a well- marketing brand like Apple but still highly regarded. If, you are not aware of Archos; I can state that everyone in the Western world has been using their products and technologies on a frequent daily basis without knowing it. Anyone who has been through an electronic door while on a shopping trip, or had had their credit card scanned or even used a 'touch-screen' monitor for map reading, or purchasing items, have at some point been in 'touch' with Archos, and it's French creator.

      **- Henri Crohas the pioneer-**

      Archos's creator, is Frenchman, Henri Crohas, he decided to use an anagram of his surname that incorporated a global recognition of a pioneering establishment during the late1980's> Crohas >became > Archos. Archos is Crohas.
      - The Archos 105 and the extras -

      *Whats in the package?*

      What you get is a very well compact package that includes:
      The Archos 105 Portable Media Player> Battery Charger > Earphones > URL's Special support service> USB cable for PC/Mac compatibility> Manuals (PDF Format) // > Adobe Acrobat Software is required to view the document > All the descriptions and online support is available. There is an after sales Customer Support contact online on the web site http://www.archos.com.

      - Graphics and feel of the 105 -

      Graphically it is not too enhancing but gets the job done. It is slick in style and very rebust in shape and in handling. It appears styled on computer component manufacturer 'Creative', as they are very similar in look and feel. - Personally, I don't believe it is not as chic as their competitors as in style and shape; however; functionally it is first class, perfect for the sound techies amongst you; who simply just want to play and listen to MP3 on a daily basis and of course if your wanting a MP3 Player on a shoestring.

      - Performance - MP3 Quality -

      The 105 screen definition is excellent as is the sound and WMV playback streaming. The MP3 Player only is compatible with JPEG customary images. That you can load off from a digital camera, the PC, or from the internet itself. The audio quality is crystal clear, of course depending on the size of file the MP3 file as the higher the size of the file the better the quality. It is also able to play SWF files - Flash content which makes it a little special; so screensavers become more interactive and fun. The exceptional WMV (Window Media Video) files is a wonderful accessory, so PC can work in tandom with this PMP, giving a lot more scope for entertainment and becomes very user friendly. Compatible with JPEG's and WAV files alike allowing most audio and video formats a platform to run on this superb PMP

      - 2GB storage -

      I find the 2GB is sufficient to play media but does needs wanting on storage I feel; especially if there is a lot of video files on the device. The transfer rates are fast due to the fast USB transfer fast - track Windows music browser software.

      - Price -

      Retails for £69.99; though online you can get it a lot cheaper, however, check feedback from suppliers before purchase. Amazon is a great source of information and the market place is definately worth a gander. For Price> I give it (7.5/10)

      - My thoughts -

      This 105 is a simplestic PMP and is a great device; you've got to marvel at the application that has been installed; to get all the media file formats compatible - running like clockwork. A weak area is the 'design' it looks lob-sided visually with the product front design. Visual balance is not what Archos products are about, I find. However, it is so savvy functionally, you could forgive it's awkwardness in look. Does not have the 'Wow' factor but certainly worth the money.

      Thank you for reading and rating
      copyright 1st2thebar 2008 -
      Doo Yoo - 05/02/2008


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