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Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet 60 GB

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    2 Reviews
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      09.03.2013 18:00
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      A great pocket sized media player that can do it all., stand back ipods

      This pocket sized device has a 60gb memory for storing your music,videos & pictures on., but also enables you to watch web tv., download podcasts & listen to web radio through a wifi connection., to put your media on the device simply attach the supplied usb cable to your computer & it will appear as a usb disk., simply drag & drop your media into the relevant folders also whilst connected to your computer it will charge the battery but I would recommend buying a separate mains charger as charging from your computer is slow., there is also a built in stand that folds out at the back for when watching videos, the supplied headphones have a great sound quality., you'll find yourself using it more often than you think with the benefit of being able to put video on the device it's great for watching your favourite shows either while traveling on the bus or train etc. or just relaxing on the sofa., the on screen controls are very straight forward & the device very easy to use., there are a lot of extra add-ons for the device which you might want to buy my fav being the dvr station with this extra device it is a docking station & mains charger that allows you to connect the archos to your tv & view the internet or your media on the big screen.,

      The archos 5 is probably one of the best media players around & you'll be amazed at how much you use it., 60gb doesn't sound a lot of memory but this device can hold a lot of media & with it's simple user interface it's a joy to use


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        25.09.2009 15:39
        Very helpful


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        Archos 5 Series 60GB - Archos went and got one!!

        ARCHOS 5 - 60GB - Media Tablet

        CEO: Henri Crohas - French born - now US resident
        URL - http:// www.archos.com

        "Henri Crohas, is the mind behind the great technologies of Archos, he used his own name as an anagram of Archos, to show the world of his intent of total domination. - "It's amazing what can be achieved in coffee houses, while gazing in those coffee granules"

        So Genarchos!!!
        Archos, since, the birth of the corporation in 1988, they've been very generous with their storage capacity in their portable media devices. The sixth generation has giveth to the masses a 30GB - 60GB - 120GB and 250GB late 2008. You can often find reasons for this if you look at the modest lifestyle the founder Henri Crohas had before he pioneered the first-ever U3 technology that the world uses today; a Frenchman who started from scratch without an inheritance from a blue-chip business. - He views technology as a gift and sees that there are overly profiteering businesses that take the storage commodity too far. - Archos doesn't do this. The technology is the foundation not what the storage facility maybe. Of course he started off dealing with storage and went on into patents that now we portable media savvy know what an Archos brand epitomizes; that is a strong visual display monitor, exciting graphics and much storage that defies the price; let me introduce to you the 6th generation Archos 5.

        I started out getting into portable media tablets way back into 2006; which isn't that long in real terms but even I have been amazed with the way the market has enveloped these devices and seen quite a few changes in a very short-time. Yes, it is the digital age though I feel that they've really installed a major presence that eclipses other media tablet businesses. In fact it was a Archos which got me into portable media products, so I guess they will always be a warm place beside my pillow for an Archos product. - Only joking, but you get my drift. - I did a write-up on a 120GB model that was an Archos series 5; at that scored a high 87% which I mainly put down to storage and graphics capabilities. The 60GB is not so much a massive warehouse of storage but seems to cater better in other sectors; the navigation is quicker, maybe because the tablet isn't looking for all those folders to load. The display still is the same decent 5 inches squared; which I hasten to add is 2 more inches bigger than the average Creative PMP. On that alone I see Archos superior to other brands when it comes to visual display units or devices. This overall doesn't mean that the whole package is right for you as many consumers opt for audio enhancement software and the ease of use; rather than my own impressions.

        I like the design, it is comfortable and size isn't a problem as it is nearly double the average size standalone portable media player anyhow. The touch-screen technology is what Archos is pioneers of and it is apparent in the 5's palm experience. - You even feel spoilt that Archos has infiltrated a simplistic WiFi net-book that allows you to browse for Archos updates and news. The GPS system is good as well through drains the battery if your dependant on it. - Again the visuals are clear and tasty so another tick in the box on that. Crashes aren't obviously a problem as this device has had all its glitches ironed out over the past fourteen months since it's release. If, your interesting in purchasing one always opt for the lower storage facility device, you will use an ample amount of storage but 60GB is more than enough even if your viewing and saving TV shows. - The bigger storage guns tend to slow up on navigation and flip sometimes via different interfaces as you prompt them to get a response. For me, the 60GB is notably a more user friendly device because of that observation.

        What is noticeable is that the 5 series caters for both workstation platforms the Mac and the PC, so Archos has made an uniformed interface web-browser compatible across the internet spectrum; that makes it ideal for users of iBooks and want to sway data from each device. All software is available and doesn't require you the consumer to search for initializing software for usage. It is all installed. It is a smaller model than the 704 which was revolutionary two years ago but now you understand the 5 series has taken the ship's helm. - Archos call their product a tablet, in retrospect it is moreso of one than held on one hand held devices. It is an upper market brand that doesn't use odd sounding audio technology to make it sound better or more superior. The company, Archos is more honest than that and does not fall victims to re-inventing technology that doesn't require fixing.

        The speed of the FPS transit is worth a mention, for non buffer viewing, via the internet, film is 35 frames per second. Buffering means interrupted viewing. The 60GB allows for no buffering occurring, all part of Archos's sixth generation of PVP's. Though always clear internet material which is in your cache at regular intervals. What the sixth generation is able to read is PDF formatted documents; the reader is pre-installed and is available for updates at a later stage.
        60GB capacity will enable 75 films to be stored on the device without a prompt of 'overload'.

        Available at Amazon, please note the devices are over a year old and may have prior owners - £189.99 was the price I got from a reliable supplier.

        Product Ratings
        Sound and Graphics - 18.46 out of 20.00
        Storage - 15.89 out of 20.00
        Features - 17.04 out of 20.00
        Design and Navigation - 19.64 out of 20.00
        Originality - 15.27 out of 20.00
        OVERALL SCORE -86.30 out of 100

        Thank you for reading Archos 5 - 60GB Media Tablet
        Copyright - 09 - 2009 - 1st2thebar


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