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Archos 7 Internet Media Tablet 160 GB

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    1 Review
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      04.11.2010 22:35
      Very helpful



      Archos 7 160 GB of media libraries

      Established - 1988
      CEO - Henri Crohas
      Workforce - 200+ worldwide
      Market area - Electronics - 2010
      Product Availability : Mid 2008 - Amazon UK
      U3 upgraded from the model Archos 705
      --- --- --- --- ---
      URL - http:// www.archos.com
      --- --- --- --- ---

      The media device spectrum captures my attention from time to time, yet the Archos 7 series emerged on the market-place neither to a fan-fare nor to a London Underground drum-roll. The seven series just appeared as if it slipped into the party via the back-door.

      After several highly successful portable media device series launches, Archos barely needs to advertise new improved products now that their very own pioneered touch-screen technology has become a standard uniformed process for portable media tablets. Expert eyes are very much on Archos the brand even though the mainstream consumer may not be too aware of Archos the brand.

      Much of Archos products stick to a proven mould and so designer's just sand down the edges and add a gloss to their exteriors and reinvent another series of media tablet. Plus, of course iron out the inevitable glitches from earlier models. This has happened with the seven series. Storage has no essence on purchase so the only deciphering invention to be secured for the consumer is basically the functionality, aesthetics, and user-friendliness; these alone will make the buying decision for you.

      Seven, brings a simplistic portable experience to you're palms. It is neither a media experience to embrace a family, due to its seven inch monitor. However, personally Archos has marketed the seven series PMP (portable media player) perfect for two adjoining heads 'loved up' perusing videos alike. The 160GB storage facility is smaller than a lot of lower spec Archos media tablets storages. However, I can clarify; it would not spoil the media experience. Seven, embraces quality rather than quantity; having said that 160GB is more than enough room to swing a fully grown tiger.

      Visually it is hard not to compare the 705 with the new Archos 7 - hence, the size of the device is remarkably similar, except for the monitor size. Although the U3 technology (touch-screen) brings home an infinitely better navigational interface than the standardized sticky side buttons that once flooded the PMP market only several years ago. The general smooth interface icons haven't changed that much; they appear cleaner on the Archos 7 Media Tablet, and overall interact quicker when activated, via stylus pointer or finger.

      Access on the internet allows a Wifi outlet which delivers the newly Google PMP search facility called 'Android.' It is the same internal portable device software that most smart-phones facilitate, so those bugs have been ironed out before the 'Android' app got added to the Archos 7 portable media device. However, batches of faulty devices do still exist, for portable media devices.

      Archos's arrangement with Google's Android; continues into the seven series. The default search wifi capabilities cajoles with the main media websites that allows downloadable material to be saved onto the Archos device, either for viewing at a prompt or saved into the library media files. Visual quality is boastfully superior to Archos 5 due to the expanded monitor of two inches square.

      It makes a difference, although I recommend a stylus pointer, instead of the finger-tips, as it eliminates grease smudges and adds to the viewing pleasure. One of the surprising factors is the 680g weight the Archos 7 carries. It is deceptive and the heaviness is nearly double to the Archos 5 series. This isn't a problem just a eye-brow mover, especially for those of you who view portability as a priority, therefore the Archos 7 may not be you're end choice overall. Earlier models may suffice. In this case age isn't a huge factor in regards to the PMP's functions and capabilities. The distinction concerning technological advances between the Archos 5 and 7 is blurry. If I was pushed the U3 navigational interface is marginally more sensitive, which makes it in real terms a higher stat in user-friendliness.

      Realistically, the seven model on a sour note may freeze due to over stimulation, this has been rectified by re-booting - to be expected by newer models. Archos 5, has less responsive finger-tip interaction, but fewer freezes. For consumers a purchasing balancing act perhaps - although Archos 7 has a longer scope for app add-ons within the media scroll-down menu, also the HD monitor not surprising resembles a mini iPad and for a more affordable fee than the iPad - Archos's designer's have done enough probing to sought out their future aesthetics, that being 'pristine elegance.'

      Decadence over rules purse

      DVD - Blu-Ray compatible - RAW files in video/audio enabled, although rather heavy on the storage, makes for a well facilitated device for the more adept user. Those of you attached to a Blackberry who are intravenously logged on into an email twenty four seven - Archos 7's embodies a better visibility via on-screen keyboard and email scrolling capabilities; one thing to look-out for is: the interface is overly sensitive. That could be resolved by manipulating your own device habits and using stylus pointers instead, therefore (taking away the human errors) Web-browsers default with Opera sadly, I personally prefer Firefox or Chrome; so if you are like me it is advisable that a trip to default browser setting may help long-term. Simple navigational browsers advised, to eliminate complexities for the U3 interface - in turn reducing interface device freezes.

      The price new is 289.99 GBP - Consider an insurance policy with the product to allow for any fatal freezes that deems to involve Android based software in the past. Sadly this is the reality in PMP's although the chances are this occurring is lessening each year

      The Archos 7 may've sublime libraries for media such as; photos, movies, audio, video and radio, and can be synchronized with a laptop or workstation, but it lacks in portability compared to the Archos 5 series.

      Yes, Archos 7 deserves accolades for it's supreme HD monitor visuals, email, and audio quality. A grandeur master-class for the amateur digital-ware consumer wanting to dither about with; after all, Archos products has always got Henri Crohas's stamp of approval, and he's been at it for over twenty years.

      Thank you for reading

      copyright 1st2thebar 2010


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