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Archos AV700 100 GB

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    1 Review
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      11.12.2008 15:18
      Very helpful



      Archos 700 portable media series - 100 GB

      **Archos Portable Media Player Wifi 100GB**
      DooYoo Review - 11-12-08
      Titled: perfectly clear with the silver-lining!!
      -- Archos - ->

      Archos; was formed in 1988 - They are a global electronic manufacturer leader for portable components in the field of entertainment and digital content storage. They specialise in UI (User Interface) technologies, more known a 'touch-screen' technologies. Since 1988, Archos have expanded their technologies facilities into infra-red - body temperature - body movement - and laser. This Media Player; is the first 'touch-screen' portable media player, that has been launched in UK and Europe since April 2007.

      Archos have released the 700 Media Player series, with the help of 'Mediatechie' ahead of schedule. It is already been regarded as a pioneering portable media player of it's time. Archos's, involvement in the hugely inventive Nintendo Wii; was a big factor in the Wii's success. Being a global leader in portable technologies Archos are not that well-known. However, anyone has been through an electronic door while on a shopping trip, or had had their credit card scanned or even used a 'touch-screen' for map reading, or purchasing items, have at some point been in 'touch' with Archos.

      Since the 'digital revolution' of the 1990's the company has evolved, though has not lost their original mainstay ideology, in producing electronic components. While setting up Archos, Frenchman, Henri Crohas, decided to use an anagram of his surname that incorporated a global recognition of a pioneering establishment > Crohas > Archos.

      The URL for the global market leader is: http:// www.archos.com
      The site is one of the biggest in global features I've seen. It reminds me of Sony's site yet has not got the marketing savvy. The choices of languages are endless. For a company that originated in France, Archos's tentacles have reached all corners of the globe.

      There is no doubt that this product has taken every aspect of what a portable media centre should be like, comparing it to the 604 version; no comparison. The 604 had a 4 ½ inch screen size that is only 1 inch bigger than an average mobile phone screen. For a, portable media player running 'primary' digital media coverage, this is a very small area. The 700 series boasts a 7 ½ inch screen. Archos stated in a forum that the size of screen had become a major cause for discussion while producing this media player. The 604, has all the same media capabilities, yet lacked direction when compiling a 'menu'. In layman terms many consumers had problems in navigation around the portable player, and therefore were not using the whole media player's digital capabilities. On the 700 series, the button commands are at the side of the device, instead of on the right of the screen as designed on the 604. In doing this you are 'freeing up' more visual space, without making the device bigger. Archos were also very aware that the 700 will not become a touch-screen laptop based design, which was a serious concern, for global marketing of the 700. Instead the media player, was introduced as a pioneering touch-screen media player, slick, compact and well designed. Taking all the good factors of the 604 and re-branding it as a pioneering force foe UI touch-screen technology; which it certainly is.

      --The 700 portable media series and extras--

      There is no mistaking that when you first see the delivered package, you will think it being very similar to a mobile phone. Archos have been clever in this department as well. This player takes up practically the whole of the boxed package; however, hidden away are the: Battery Charger > Remote > 2 touch-screen pointers > Pouch (to clip on your person) > Manuals (PDF Format) // > Adobe Acrobat Software is required to view the document > Stereo headphones > CD with download options > USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable for the PC/Mac; of course, it depends on how techie you are; the actual descriptions and manual is easy to install and follow.

      There is an after sales Customer Support contact online on the web site http://www.archos.com.

      --Performance and Media Quality--

      I've always been interested in these types of media packages whether it's HD quality or Blu-ray quality. The 700 series, is HD quality. HD (High Definition) is now on most audio/visual models whether it's a feature for a TV or devices such as this one. The display quality is 800 x 480 dpi (dots per inch) For a 7 inch screen this is a high specification and it shows while viewing digital media. The fact that it can store up to 100 GB of memory is as much as a modern PC.

      For those of you who have a quick broadband it is much more efficient to originally download media files via your PC, then transfer them to the portable media player. The Wifi wireless connectivity allows browsing with mozilla firefox and Internet Explorer. The speed is 320 kbps and that is fast. It is perfect for emailing 'on the run' checking news and blogs; articled based sites etc. - from mobile media files (MP4) to PCM files which is another version of WAV. The supported file content is vast > such as media content like; support file compatibilities are: MPEG>AVI>PNG>BMP>JPEG>WAV>ADPCM>WMA>WMV> It also has a recording format set at 30 FPS (Frames Per Second) This is a tad slower than what is regarded as web quality. (Now that is 35 FPS) The video record back/ voice record back is excellent quality. Not jumpy and is crystal clear. Once it is in MP4 format the digital file is available for most USB enabled devices, such as a mobile phone or a MP3 player.

      --The Price--

      An affordable for some -- £429.99 > When come to value and top class features. - I give it 8/10.


      Yes, this is the first time that I've ventured off and made a quick decision about a product - the portable player is the kind of machine that brings home new technology. Touch-screen has improved much over the recent years. Long are the days when I for one was designing tiny pixel graphics for a touch-screen project for the disabled in 1994. No stylus's pointers were about-Due to the fact the graphic buttons were 3 centimetres square, so big you could change the option menus by sitting on it. Personally, this product has been a real eye-opener for me as I at one 'stylus' point thought 'touch-screen' technology had it's day. How wrong I was.

      Thank you for reading this review, let me know if I can help further.


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