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Archos Gmini XS100 4 GB

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    1 Review
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      03.09.2007 18:26
      Very helpful



      Archos Gmini XS100 4GB guide

      DOOYOO Review on the Archos Gmini XS 100 - (light grey model)09/11/2007
      Archos Gmini XS100 4GB of Storage*
      Available RRP - 02/2005

      - Archos Introduction - > A short insight into Archos.
      Archos was an established company in 1988. A storage data 'niche' was found in the market; by which they explored with different types of data components. It wasn't too long when Archos got into portable media players (PMP) and specialised in storage data for entertainment in audio and video. In February 2005, Archos launched the 4GB MP3 player 'Archos Gmini XS100'.

      Archos have been a global leader in portable technologies since the early 1990's. If, you are not aware of Archos; I can state that everyone in the Western world has certainly used their products and technologies on a daily basis. Anyone who has been through an electronic door while on a shopping trip, or had had their credit card scanned or even used a 'touch-screen' monitor for map reading, or purchasing items, have at some point been in 'touch' with Archos, without knowing it.

      **- Historical fact -**
      While setting up Archos, Frenchman, Henri Crohas, decided to use an anagram of his surname that incorporated a global recognition of a pioneering establishment during the 'yuppy' image conscious 1980's> Crohas >became > Archos.

      - The Online store -
      The URL for the global market leader is: http:// www.archos.com
      The site is one of the biggest in global features I've seen. It reminds me of Sony's site yet has not got the marketing savvy. The choices of languages are endless. Archos's have reached all corners of the globe. A boasts a great portfolio of retailers.
      - The Archos Gmini XS100 3GB (100 for short) and the extras -

      *The whole package *
      What you get is a very well compact package that includes:
      The Archos Gmini XS100 3GB MP3 Player> Battery Charger > Earphones > URL's Special support service> USB cable for PC/Mac compatibility> Manuals (PDF Format) // > Adobe Acrobat Software is required to view the document > All the descriptions and online support is available. There is an after sales Customer Support contact online on the web site http://www.archos.com.

      **A useful hint ** while using the 100 is to not over charge the battery overnight, similar to a mobile phone, the overcharging of the battery will incur the internal battery to fade quicker and become less responsive, as it burns the filaments, due to getting too hot. Please review the manual for estimated battery charger timers. I believe 45 minutes to 2 hrs is ample time for all re-charging.

      - Graphics and UI (user interface) -

      Graphically it is not too enhancing but gets the job done. It is slick in style and very rebust in shape and in handling. It appears styled on computer component manufacturer 'Creative', as they are very similar in look and feel. - Personally, I don't think it is as chic as their competitors as in style and shape; however; functionally it is first class, perfect for the sound techies amongst you; who simply just want to play and listen to MP3 on a daily basis and of course if your wanting a MP3 Player on a shoestring.

      - Performance - MP3 Quality -
      The XS100 screen definition is very good, though is not of HD quality. The MP3 Player only is compatible with JPEG customary images. That you can load off from a digital camera, the PC, or from the internet itself. The audio quality is crystal clear, of course depending on the size of file the MP3 file as the higher the size of the file the better the quality. The one thing that saddened me with this product was the fact that it has limited file recognitions. No MP4 converting or encoding is available. For any songs that have been downloaded onto your PC from paid music sites (Protected by copyright) will be able to be played by the 100.

      - 4GB storage -
      I find the 4GB is sufficient to play my 1000 tracks. The storage of 4GB will allow an excess of 2,000 tracks that includes every type of audio media format. The transfer rates are fast due to the fast USB transfer fast - track Windows music browser software. What is a noticeable difference is that it is not an ipod. There are not so many features nor as stylish and slick.

      - Price -
      The price is a respectable -- £69.99 > When come to value and features the 100 is very good value for money. I give it 7/10.

      - Recommendations and my thoughts -
      In years gone by, I've seen MP3 Players come and go. A good brand such as Archos has a lot in store for future generations to enjoy. The colour 'light grey' is an unisex colour that is universal worldwide; it has an icey metallic style to it. The design does not do itself any justice in my opinion. It has a small navigation button that just looks plonked their like an after thought.
      The Archos Gmini XS100 series, exemplifies small compact technology that is very savvy functionally, and that won't let you down. I see this product as a stepping stone for more stylish brands in the future. Archos, has the capacity technology wise to astound it's competitors. Though falls short in design. The100 not too slick compared to it's counter-parts. The brand could suffer now, by not having a 'wow' factor; Archos may have to think about future designs to stay afloat as the competition hots up. I do recommend this product for the novice or even for a MP3 collector, as it still has something likeable about it.

      Thank you for reading and rating

      copyright 1st2thebar 2007 -


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