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    1 Review
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      01.10.2009 11:12
      Very helpful


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      A great value product

      I love my mp3 player!

      I had never been too bothered about having an mp3 player, yes it would be nice but the idea had been thrown into the pile of 'things I'd like but really don't need'.

      Until one day I checked grabitnow.com (I've already reviewed it, if you want to know what the site's about) and found a pretty red mp3 player, for sale at the crazy price of.... £2.44!

      Ok, I had to have it for that price!

      When it arrived it was in a sturdy cardboard case. I opened the case and found:
      The mp3 player
      Lanyard headphones
      Data cable
      Installation CD
      Instruction manual

      The mp3 player is quite small - 3.5" x 1" x 0.7". It is a very simple gadget with a play/pause button on the front next to the screen, three buttons on the top (rewind, menu and fast forward), and two buttons on the bottom (memory - I have never actually used this button though, and a hold button, to lock the mp3 player so you don't knock any of the buttons by accident when you are listening).

      After a quick scan through the instructions I found that it is very simple to use and never had to look at the instructions again.
      There are long winded instructions on how to download music but I found that if you simply attach the data cable, your PC/laptop recognises that it is there and brings up the set-up wizard.

      Once you have initially set it up, you simply attach the data cable whenever you want music and a screen will come up asking if you want to transfer data, you click 'yes' then simply copy and paste from your music folder to the mp3 player's folder.

      Very quick and easy to use.

      The mp3 player takes a single AAA battery and they seem to last for quite a long time. The music quality is quite good, not amazing but if you are a person who simply wants to listen to music then it is for you. If you are a person that wants the highest quality sound possible then look elsewhere.

      All in all, I am very impressed with my purchase. It works well (I have had it for around 2 years now and it is still going strong), is easy to use and is a bargain price. You probably won't find it for £2.44 for a while but they are available from various online companies and all are well under a tenner.

      If you are after function rather than quality and would like a bargain then go for it.


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