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Brand: Lexibook Barbie

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    2 Reviews
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      04.03.2013 13:33
      Very helpful



      Good mp3 but no child needs 2gb

      Barbie has come up with an mp3 player for your children to enjoy....after buying it, here is my review.

      Why I wanted it.....
      My sister in law is 7 years old and has two younger brothers. It was her birthday coming up and I wanted to get her something that would make her feel like she was not a little baby anymore. I knew a traditional mp3 wouldn't tickle her fancy and I seen this. Girly, pink...however with barbies becoming less common, she didn't know who Barbie was, which offended me! Anyhow, I bought it.

      What it looks like.....
      The dimensions are... 5.3 x 1.3 x 8.8cm.
      200g in weight.
      It's small and pink with a little screen on the front, with the Leximark name under it, under the screen there is a picture of Barbie with little flowers and butterflies, great for little girls!
      The set out of the buttons kind of reminded me of the Nintendo game console. They are all named so that you child knows what buttons to press, if they can read.
      There is also a little shaft where you can put the battery.

      What you get for your money....
      You get the mp3.
      Ear phones.
      USB cable.
      Hold 2gb of music.

      What does the product do.....
      You can transfer your songs to the mp3 via computer or laptop.
      Also you can record using the dictaphone.
      As well as doing this you can hold mp3 files and wma files, but I would stick to mp3.

      What is it like to use......
      I used this before I gave it to my sister in law, to see how it worked. I found it quite easy to use however, once I started playing with it, the mp3 has the cheap and nasty look. Very tacky. I would buy proper head phones as the earphones you get with them, are actually cheap and tacky, I would go as far to say I would pay someone to take the ear phones from me.

      My story.....
      I gave it to my sister in law on her birthday, she loved the pinkness! She mastered it a lot easier than me, that would be because I'm not down with the kids anymore, so I'm told. She loved it, she finds it easy to use, she does not see the cheapness of it, possibly because she is a child she thinks it's beautiful. She never takes off.

      Not sure if you can buy them in store, but they are all over online,

      Anything up to £29 online.

      Cheap enough, but if it gets broken, I won't be buying another one.
      It's pink and stylish.
      She finds it easy to use.

      Using batteries, like most things these days they eat batteries like there is no tomorrow.
      Cheap looking, I HATE that.

      It's okay for a child.

      Would I recommend...
      Not so sure.

      Made for 3+


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        30.10.2012 17:17
        Very helpful



        spend your money on an iPod touch for your child this Barbie one is a waste of money

        Before I bought my 6 year old daughter an iPod touch for her last birthday she was given this by my parents last Christmas. The reason she was given this was due to the fact that she loves Barbie and the appearance was very cute and girly. This in turn that I advised my parents on which MP3 player to buy, I wasn't sure at that point how long an Ipod would last in her little hands (with kids loving to break things) and I thought since this was aimed at young girls it would be more durable and easier for her to use.

        Needless to say when she first opened this she was very overjoyed that she then had a portable music device to play her tunes on.


        About the MP3 player

        As noted above the MP3 player is hot pink in colour and displays the manufacturer name next to the screen - Lexibook. Towards the bottom you have the image of Barbie and some colourful flowers and butterflies which make it look overall very pretty. In the top half of the front is the screen which is quite small - around 4cm wide and 2cm tall - I must note as well the screen is not in colour and is quite basic in an old fashioned font similar to what you see on alarm clocks.

        The measurements for this MP3 player are : 5.3 x 1.3 x 8.8 cm and the weight is 200g. The light weight is a great bonus for this product but at the same time feels a bit cheap and feeble.

        The back of the MP3 player is a slightly darker pink to the front and has the sliding battery cover towards the base. When you slide this off you will see that it takes 1 x AAA battery. Under the cover you also have an extra compartment for a memory card which is a feature I like very much with this MP3 player. Internally the memory is 2GB but its nice to know it has the potencial to hold more - although this is a feature my daughter doesn't need as she only ever likes less than 2GB of music at anytime!



        As previously mentioned this MP3 player holds up to 2GB of music / around 300 songs - which to me is a huge amount for a child... in fact it would probably do myself fine as I keep around 2GB of music on my own iPhone... but if this isnt enough you can use the SD memory card slot for more external storage...

        As well as holding MP3 files it has the ability to hold WMA files - which are also music files copied from your PC but in my opinion much lower quality than MP3's.

        Your child can also record their singing voice on to this MP3 player - there is a microphone at the top next to the headphone slot and a record button at the bottom. Supplied with the MP3 player you get a pair of standard wired headphones with this MP3 player - as pictured and a USB 2.0 cable which you use to connect to your PC/Laptop to transfer music to the device.

        Lexibook state the MP3 player is suitable for children aged 3 upwards.


        My thoughts?

        To go straight to the point this is the worst MP3 I have ever come across. On paper, it sounds amazing for a young girl but the reality is, its really not.

        First gripe - ease of use... I struggle to work this MP3 player (so you can imagine how my daughter feels about it), its so complicated and trying to skip to the next track or go to the previous is a huge mission as half of the time the device just simply ignores your commands... and the instruction manual is useless.

        Due to the hard to use device we have not yet been able to use the recording button. So this is next to useless and I can't comment at all on that feature.

        The headphones applied with the device do not fit a child ears properly and remind me just like the free ones that Apple give away with their devices. So much so I had to purchase some over-head headphones to go with this device for my daughter.

        The screen lights up bright blue when in use so you can use this in the dark when you wanted but doesnt display song / artist name which is a complete let down. It only shows how many minutes the song is into. As previously mentioned the screen display looks like an alarm clock / stop watch - very old fashioned looking with no colour at all on the screen.

        ... and another complaint is due to the batteries that you need to place in the device is that the device is non chargable and you seem to be forever replacing the batteries when in use. It would be better if it was like a normal MP3 player and it charged from your PC or wall mains.

        One thing I can say I like as well as the appearance is how easy it is to transfer music from your PC to the device. However considering how DIFFICULT the device is for me to use let alone a child I am only giving this 1 star - only because I don't have the option to give it no stars. Its not even in use now because its awful... thrown away into a cupboard somewhere in the house...


        My parents bought my daughter this from Argos but it seems Argos no longer sells this MP3 player but an updated one with speakers. The updated one currently sells for £34.99 which is around the same price my parents bought the older one for. The older one I am reviewing today can be bought on Amazon for £28.60 but can be found for around £20 if you shop around online.


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