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Creative Zen Nano Plus 256 MB

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    4 Reviews
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      06.08.2011 15:27
      Very helpful



      A reliable MP3 player, but not as good as many recent models

      Before I got an iPod a few years ago, I had the Creative Zen Nano Plus which was my first MP3 player. I recevied it as birthday present, and at the time it cost somewhere between £60 and £70 which was quite a good price at the time for an MP3 player which was pretty good.

      It could store up to 256 megabytes which again was quite good for an MP3 player of that time, so it can store somewhere between 50 and 100 songs depending on the individual size of each of them. Obviously, if you want to store all of your music on an MP3 player then you are probably better off going for an iPod or a more recent MP3 player which can store thousands of songs on, but this is quite good for putting a few of your favourite songs on then just listening to them on the go. It's easy to add and remove songs as well, by simply plugging it into your computer, opening the corresponding folder and copying and pasting songs into it. It connects to the computer via a cable which comes with the MP3 player.

      What I like about the Nano Plus is that it is compact so can be carried in your pocket or in your bag without you noticing it and it's really light as well so it's good for carrying around. Many MP3 players nowadays are quite bulky. It's quite attractive in design, with a shiny black plastic surface with grey buttons and an LCD screen. Because it only has a smalls creen, sometimes finding the song you want to listen to is a bit frustrating as you have to scroll through all the songs before you find it, rather than having a menu like the iPod does.

      The sound quality is OK, as you'll be able to hear the songs clearly but I like to listen to music loudly and it just doesn't reach the volume I would like. It takes one AAA battery, and I found the battery life to be quite short which can be annoying on long car journeys, so I always made sure to bring some extras with me. The MP3 player also had a radio which picks up most of the main FM stations, but not all of them. Although small, it's quite durable as it withstood me dropping it many times, and it's a reliable device which lasted a good cou8ple of years of use, and still works after a few years abandoned in the drawer.

      For a reliable, lightweight device then it's an adequate product, but it just doesn't have the capacity or sound quality that I would look for in an MP3 player.


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      27.09.2006 15:51
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      A highly recommended player for general use.

      The player is extremely good value and storage capacity especially on the 1gb of storage and the length of time the battery lasts which is one small AAA battery is very impressive. The sound quality is superb, with the addition of built in FM Radio really does make this one of the best MP3 Players on the market for under £100 with features, fast USB 2 connection speed along with the ability to play both MP3 and WMA, it will also play DRM protected files which some other players may not do.


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        22.09.2006 16:03
        Very helpful



        Perhaps suitable for those on a very small budget - but get some rechargeables.

        The Creative Zen Nano is certainly a very small device and will suit most people.


        The menus are certainly intuitive and are easy to use. I found the buttons a bit slow to respond and this can be quite irritating. Perhaps if they used a better processing chip this might improve.

        Battery life is quite disappointing. I am lucky to get even half the recommended battery life that Creative mentions and thats even using their own battery that is supplied. I have a pack of 900mah (highest capacity AAA rechargeable batteries available) and find that these run out after about 6 hours - make sure these are on you list when buying this device.

        The screen is a black and white LCD job and is clear and informative. The letters are a bit on the small side but a clear blue backlight does help legibility. I found the backlight drained a lot of power from the batteries, but you will find a function that dictates how long the light remains on for.

        A built in FM radio is provided and the signal reception was exceptionally good from such a small device. Strangely I found the radio function less power draining than the MP3 function. A built in microphone is also provided which is suitable for making short voice reminders bbut no very good for the budding journalist.

        The capacity of this device is very limited at 256MB. There are versions available that go up to about 1Gb and these don't cost that much more. There is no expansion slot for SD cards or similar and this severly limits the usefulness of this device.

        Using it--------

        Sound quality is clear, if a little dull in my opinion. There is plenty of bass but I found treble lacking. Bass can be adjusted from the main menu.

        The headphones supplied are OK. There aren't fantastic as they lack power, so leave some money to buy some better headphones. This device uses a standard 3.5mm jack.

        The player itself lacks volume. I suspect its because the thing only runs on one battery, but out on the street or on the train I had to crank it up to over 75% before I could here lyrics clearly. This had the effect of fraining the battery even more.

        The radio is excellent and very clear, even when being used in the city amongst tall buildings. This part of the player won't disappoint.


        Comes with headphones, USb wire and a battery


        Links up to a PC via USb and is visible as an external USb drive. Simply drag and drop your MP3 files into the window. Transfer speeds are a little slow, however MP3 song lovers won't notice this too much but speaking book listeners will.


        Not a bad player. Certainly is very small and build quality is solid. The sound quality is a little dull and the player lacks volume. The biggest grips are memory (lack of) and the poor battery life.


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          13.05.2006 09:55
          Very helpful



          Excellent for 50-100 songs.

          I've had this MP3 player since August 2005, so that's 9 months now, and it has served me well. It was the first MP3 player I've had (and still is, not replaced it!) and i'll still have it for some time to come.
          When I bought it, it was about £65 in Argos, but the price seems to have halved now, round abouts.

          Since it was my first MP3 player, I didn't really know much about them when I first bought it. I was just browsing the MP3 player section in the Argos catelogue looking for an mp3 player. I wanted one that was reasonably priced (it was back then) and i picked this, as it also look appealing.

          This MP3 player is only 256MB and, at the time of purchase, was very reasonable for the price, although now it would only be worth it if it was atleast a 512MB MP3 player, as times have changed.

          Now, with it being only 256MB, you can't fit a lot of songs on, but saying that, this MP3 player can read MP3's and WMA's. So having all MP3's, it can fit on about 40-50, depending on the size, but that can be increased to around 100 songs, if you convert them to WMA, which the included software can do for you.

          The software it comes with makes life so much easier when transfering your songs to the MP3 player, and when re-ordering them and compressing them.

          Other features of this MP3 player are:
          Radio: It is a relativly good radio. Can pick up most FM stations, although not my favourite local station.
          Stores files: Can also be used as a memory stick, although I've never tried it as I have a memory stick/zip drive already.
          Voice Recorder: This is fairly good, although not tried it in awhile.
          CD-MP3: You can also transfer your music direct from CD to the MP3 player with the included line-in cable.

          The box contains:
          The MP3 player,
          Earphones, (Beware! I would recommend buying new ones, as these can be abit dodgy sometimes)
          AAA battery,
          Installation CD,
          Quick Start guide,
          USB 2.0 cable,
          Line-in cable,
          Neck Strap.

          If your looking for a great starter MP3 player, if you have from 50-100 songs, then I would definatly recommend this MP3 player for you. If not, try one of Creative's other, larger, MP3 players.


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        • Product Details

          The Creative Zen Nano Plus is the sleekest flash ultra-portable MP3/WMA player from Creative. Incredibly thin in design, it is packed with the latest features to meet all your needs. Enjoy the amazing, skip free, audio quality when you're listening to your MP3 and WMA music.

          The Zen Nano Plus comes complete with a FM tuner, Voice/FM recording, and Line-In encoding for direct connection and recording from any audio source. Directly record your music from a CD player - no computers needed!

          Transfer audio and data files in seconds with the Drag-and-Drop feature and USB 2.0 support. In addition, Auto Synchronization makes it easy to transfer your favorite songs and albums from CDs through the line-in connector.

          Experience uninterrupted listening pleasure with its 18-hour battery life. Hold it in the palm of your hand or slip it into your pocket. Start feeling your music, not your player!

          Technical Data

          Product Description: Creative ZEN Nano Plus - digital player / radio
          Enclosure Colour: Black
          Dimensions (WxDxH): 3.4 cm x 1.3 cm x 6.6 cm
          Weight: 22 g
          Sound Output Mode: Stereo
          Equaliser: 4-band
          Equaliser Factory Presets: Rock, Jazz, Pop, Classic
          Supported Digital Audio Standards: WMA, MP3, protected WMA (DRM)
          Built-in Display: 96 x 32 LCD
          Radio: Radio tuner - digital radio tuner - FM - 32 preset stations
          Flash Memory: 256 MB
          Headphones: Headphones - binaural - stereo
          Microphone: Microphone - built-in
          Interface Supported: Hi-Speed USB
          Battery: Player - AAA type - Alkaline
          Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty