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Creative Muvo TX 128 MB

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    2 Reviews
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      03.06.2011 21:42
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Reliable MP3 player but rather small memory

      As you may or may not know. I don't like to go out and replace something that is still in good working order, however on this occasion I have replaced this "Creative MuVo TX 128 MB" with another MP3 player which I reviewed a while ago. But I still have this Creative MP3 and it still works perfectly well. I decided to replace it because I wanted something that would hold more, something with a bigger memory, and so my son now uses this little MP3 and he gets on fine with it.

      ~You get what you pay for~

      I've decided to review this somewhat dated little player because although it may not be hip and trendy like all the new ones on the market today. It may not have a very large memory and it certainly won't do what most newer model MP3's will do, but you can pick these up very cheap now, whilst your still getting a quality product. It was around Christmas time when I decided I wanted an MP3 with a bigger memory, I found one online, it looked flashy just like an ipod shuffle, I thought I was getting a bargain, I paid £9.99 for this little MP3 player, when it came I loved it, 2 GB worth of memory just what I wanted, all my music went on ok, it worked fine, fabulous!

      A week later it literally fell to pieces in my hands. This is the very point I'm trying to make here, new and cheap don't mix, you will get what you pay for. Where as the creative MuVo TX is a good quality MP3 with fabulous longevity, I bought this little MP3 5 maybe even 6 years ago from Argos and it cost me around £30.00, that was a lot then to pay for a 128 MB MP3 player, it proves it has been well worth the money. So if you are on the look out for a cheap MP3 don't be tempted by these flashy looking new ones for around £10.00, you will regret it, especially as you can pick one of these Creative MuVo TX MP3's up for around £14.00 now, but you will have to hunt about a bit, I think some sellers on EBay are currently selling them.

      ~What the player consists of~

      The player itself is made up of five parts, the flash drive, the casing the flash drive fits into, which also holds the battery (1 AAA) a transparent rubber protective casing which fits over the top of the battery casing which has a clip for easily attaching the MP3 to your jeans or top or whatever you want to clip it to, I always found it clipped well to my jeans pocket as the clip is sturdy and doesn't move about, no fear of it dropping off, a set of earphones, which are not great but I found they did the job well enough and a wrist strap, the strap obviously doesn't make up the MP3 but it is part of the package so I thought I'd mention it, although I never personally used the wrist strap myself. So as the flash drive is the main part of the MP3, I'll concentrate on that. It is very basic, it does have an LCD screen which displayed all the information that I loaded onto the device. With a USB at one end which enabled me to plug it straight into my computer to transfer my music files and the earphone socket at the other. The power button is next to the LCD screen which doubles up as the play and pause button also, with a tiny microphone for voice recording which I never personally used, on the side there are the volume up and down buttons and a tiny scroller which took me to which ever track I wanted to listen to at the time.

      Along with the MP3 player and the quick start manual which is pretty useful and does show you what's what with the player in quite an easy to understand way, is the CD which holds the software needed to install the device onto the computer. I found this extremely easy to do, I just popped the disc in the disc drive and followed the on screen instructions, it basically took care of itself. The system requirements are windows 2000/XP and above. When I first got this MP3 player I had no internet access and so spent lots of time playing around with my music files, which is really easy to do once the software is installed, it's simply a case of dragging and dropping files. Once the software is installed I found it easy enough to unclip the flash drive section of the MP3 and connect the USB to my computer in order to drag and drop my music files. I will just mention that the player doesn't support the FAT32 (32-bit file allocation table) and you should format the player with the FAT file system only. I never had to format my player as by default the player was already formatted.

      ~Ease of use but a couple of niggles~

      The player itself is very easy to use and understand, most of it is self explanatory and I picked up what to do and how to do it very quickly as I'm sure anyone else would as well. I used my MP3 player when I used to clean at school. It was great for that as it clipped on my tabard securely enough and the earphones were pretty good at actually staying in my ears. The only real issue I had with the player was the battery, I hated how I couldn't charge the player up via my computer and so got through quite a few batteries. Also the amount of space on the MP3 (128 MB) was annoying after a while, as I could only listen to the same album so many times before it started to get on my nerves. In reality I could fit about one and a half albums on the player and the battery would last in all about 14 hours playtime if I was lucky, which may sound like a long time but it wouldn't always last that long, I found I got through a lot of batteries and really did wish I could charge the player via USB, rather than use an ordinary battery.

      ~And so~

      To conclude, it's a great little MP3 player in it's own right. It's a good quality product and worth checking out if your after something cheap but good. The battery lets it down for me though and the fact I was limited to the amount of music it would actually hold. On the plus side, my son's really happy with it, he doesn't listen to music that often and so when he does want to, this little MP3 is at hand for him to use, it's good to think it still lives on after all this time, I'm pleased I purchased it and even more pleased that we are still getting use out of it.

      I'm giving the "Creative MoVo TX 128 MB" 4 stars as it's stood the test of time but I did have a few niggles with it when I was using it myself.

      Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on other sites.


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        29.05.2005 12:20
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Affordable MP£ player and the best in the market!

        Can't afford an Apple iPod? Then you may want to look at a cheaper option and if so, take a look at Creative's MuVo TX.

        This is simply one of the best MP3 players you can get for a cheap price tag of around £40. I go this for Christmas this year (2004) and I can tell you it is simply recommended for people with tight budgets.


        Creative MuVo TX allows a varied amount of storage space depending on what model you get. In this case, I am reviewing the 128MB version.

        This model can carry around 30 tracks in MP3 format but if you want more tracks to fit on, you can use the included software to be able to fit around 60 tracks in WMA format and it also gets compressed.

        When you start your MP3 player, you immediately start with your playlisted songs that is stored onto the product. You can hear them or if you want to skip to another track you can skip with the switch next to the volume buttons. If you hold the switch to the left, you rewind the track and vice versa if you hold it to the right. Press the switch in, you get a menu.

        When you are in the menu, you can change the play mode. You can repeat songs, shuffle (randomise) tracks within a folder or not. There is alo an EQ mode which can boost your bass or change how you can hear the music according to their style. Their are presets such as rock, jazz, classical, pop or even custom the EQ. This is great to make the music come out with more quality. You can also delete songs within your playlist or even the voice recordings made (more on that in a minute) and also have the usual settings found on the MP3 players such as LCD orientation, backlight timer, contrasting, language, idle shutdown timer, and information on the product.

        The most useful function found on the MP3 player is the lock function. When this is in use, the lock function prevents any accidental button presses when listening to the MP3 player. Whis is useful when you are out walking, running or cycling.

        Another good function found is a voice function, meaning you can record you or the surroundings. If you have no music on your player, you can record up to 8 HOURS of voice recordings, but this goes down in time when you start to store your music on. However, this is a very useful function if you want to remember anything important or even just for fun.


        The sound quality is outstanding, the quality is so amazing that you cannot tell the difference with the lowest quality MP3 tracks or high quality MP3 quality tracks. The sound is so clear and you can even customise the sounds to make it even better!


        You cannot fault the design at all. It is easily accessible and very easy to use. The MP3 player comes in two parts which is a battery pack where you place your MP3 player in and use it to listen whilst on the move and also the MP3 player itself. The player has a fitted USB port so you can easily plug the MP3 player in the computer and then use it to transfer files within a matter of seconds. It is superb. The buttons are good to use as they don't stick and the use of the switch to skip to a track is great as well as pressing in for the menu.


        The MP3 player comes with a software disc which has Creative MediaSource included as well as the drivers for your MP3 player to be installed.

        Creative MediaSource is a piece of software that will easily add your tracks into your MP3 player. You can not only transfer MP3 files onto the MP3 player, but you can also have the option to compress and change the file format to WMA. The software included is easily accessible and very easy to use for everyone. Just drag your favourite tracks onto your playlist to start copying them to your MP3 player.

        You also find included some earphones and these are very good quality earphones. The sound you will hear is brilliant through using this.

        You also find a case to place your MP3 player in and also have a band to fit it on around your arm. Very useful for when being on the move.


        The MP3 player supports AAA batteries. These batteries will last 15 hours when in use and this is very good when you want to listen in long distance travel.

        This is the ultimate MP3 player you ought to get because you won't find a fault with it at all. A great MP3 player for those who are on a tight budget and cannot afford to buy an iPod. I recommend everyone to get this!


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