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Creative Zen Micro 6 GB

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    8 Reviews
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      08.02.2009 00:33



      a very decent MP3 player if you just want high quality sound

      The Zen Micro is an extremely high quality MP3 player with many additional features guaranteed to create an impact on most of us.
      This gadjet is 10 cm tall by 4 cm wide and is designed to make it fit comfortably in a hand and in the pocket.
      The touchpad takes some getting used to (It is a little more complex than the Ipod wheel) but scrolling through hundred's of songs is perfectly possible, specially if you keep your finger at the bottom or top of the scroll pad, since the zen will understand this and activate a fast scroll mode (a neat trick which surprisingly, is not in the user guide). The battery lasts for quite a long time and with this model (about 12 hours) which should be enough for most people.
      The overall sound quality is great, specially if you use the many equalizer prefixes that are included with the player. On the other hand, the headphones included are very big and do not fit comfortably in the ears, hence I recomend potential buyers to look for some high quality ear phones on the side.
      The MP3 player includes many options but lacks a color screen and video viewing functionalities.
      The radio mode is quite decent. The zen micro allows fast searching, naming of radio stations and up to 30 presets which should be enough for most people but be advised, the zen uses the headphone cord as an antena hence the reception is far from the best.


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      06.06.2008 12:57
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Creative Zen Micro 6GB PMP Guide

      CREATIVE ZEN Micro 6GB (Green)
      - Date - 06/06/2008

      "Heres something about the company"

      The Creative Worldwide business is called CREATIVE LABS > Creatives UK product branch is under the Europe labs which established itself in 1993.
      Creatives Labs also included - America labs- Asia labs- Europe labs.

      -Product > CREATIVES ZEN Micro MP3 Portable Media Player 6GB -
      lush Green with added turquoise mix- Available RRP date: 05/2005
      - > Start < - Creative Zen Micro- > PMP (Portable Media Player)

      I enjoy reading and writing about these PMP's. This particular (green) OLED screen definition is of a very high standard. It 's glossy visualisation is inviting you in; and of course it is very user friendly.

      The MP3 Player only is compatible with JPEG customary images, that are online/web based, you can also load off from a digital camera, the PC, or from the internet itself. The audio quality is crystal clear, of course depending on the size of file the MP3 file as the higher the size of the file the better the quality. The only one objective that saddened me with this particular product was the fact that it has an limited file recognitions; this will probably be sorted out in the next model V Plus series.
      -Mobile Technology- It lacks functionality. No MP4 decoding is available with the Micro series** For any songs that have been downloaded onto your PC from paid music sites that are (Protected by copyright) will be able to be played by this MP3 Player. Many media sites now have encryped code that stops this form of usage.

      - 6GB of music storage -
      6GB is sufficient to play over a 4000 MP3 music tracks. Personally, I do feel that 6GB is sufficient for all media types.The transfer rates are fast due to the fast USB transfer fast - track Windows music browser software. What is a noticeable difference is that it is not an ipod; even though it easily can be mistaken as one. What is noticeably different is the price comparison.

      - Styled on Apples iPod -
      The timing for the V Plus Zen launch co-incided with the earlier ipod nano launch earlier this year (2008). I'm not a Creative Lab fan as they seem to miss out on the boat regards to product style and of course the highly sought after nano technology. Creative has nano labelled products but they are not so wellknown, due to the fact they are not so good. Creative seems to fall at a couple of hurdles namely the weight. On average Creative is 8 grammes more heavier than Apples' iPod. The other hurdle is the 'trouser test' iPod's generally are unseen in the pockets, yet this model certainly is visable. Overall, the feel of the V Plus is notably beefy compared to the iPod. Though functionally it is very astute and slick.

      - Size does matter -
      Weighing in at 108g - Yes this is a heavy weight, not that you notice it, though as size does matter this has to be mentioned - now the nano modifications have reached the UK's market place.

      - Micro extras -
      Yes, ttake note; the 6GB is a good amount of digital MP3 space for a non video audio only player. The voice-recording is a fab utility - please try it; I did it was a revelation. Extreme quality; not that I like my own voice of course, though it does help. External recordings again superb. Ideal accessory for a pop concert maybe. The radio is of DAB quality which is superb for catching up with news updates.

      - Now, that important price -
      Retails for 79.99 GBP- For even great offers checkout a cashback offer before buying this product as you can save up to 10.00 GBP - Worth checking out online for these deals.

      - My verdict -
      I'm going to give the Micro a 8.25/10 overall. The Green is a design source from the successful iPod branding and I do believe this was Creatives intention. At least this particular colour combination withe the blue is acidic and it visually reminds me of a lush green grass and lazing about with a glass of fresh lemonade, on a warm summers day. I hope you have found this review helpful.


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        26.04.2007 22:09
        Very helpful



        A great little mp3 player only lacking a colour screen

        This little mp3 player is a great alternative to an iPod Nano.
        Although it is not the nicest looking mp3 player it offers great value for money. As you would want the device is fairly small and will easily fit into your pocket. You can get the zen micro in 10 different colours so don't be put off if you don't like the red one.

        Instead of a scroll wheel, creative have opted for a nice selection of touch sensitive buttons giving the player a classy feel. There is a menu button in the bottom right corner, a back button in the bottom left corner and the scroll pad is in the middle which all control navigation around the player. There is a reverse button a fast forward button and a play/pause button to control your music. I found this very easy to use and it is one of the best control panels I have used on any mp3 player. There is three speed settings for the controls so you can make the controls more sensitive or less sensitive to suit your needs.

        THE COLOURS:
        You can get this player in:
        Dark Blue
        Lime Green
        Light Blue

        The creative zen micro comes in 3 different sizes:
        4gb = 1000 songs
        5gb = 1250 songs
        6gb = 1500 songs
        I personally like the 6gb model as I have about 1500 songs in my music collection but you can choose which size you like based on your music collection. If you have a bigger music collection than this it doesn't matter because you can constantly change what music you have on your player using the handy creative software that comes with the player.

        With the zen micro you recieve the creative software that is absolutely brilliant for putting music on your mp3 player. Creative have also made this player compatible with Napster and Windows Media Player so it is easier than ever before to get music on your zen micro. With the zen micro you also get some good headphones which produce decent sound. There is also a handy little pouch in the box so you can transport your zen mcro without it getting scratched.

        As well as music playing abilities there is a handy little DJ feature which allows you to play your top 20 most listened to songs as well as your 20 least played songs. There is also a shuffle mode where the player will play every track in a random order. On the zen micro you can create playlists of songs that go together well or you can put any tracks you like on them and you can create an unlimited number. The zen micro also sports a handy little FM radio so you can listen to the local and national music stations and it is suprisingly good. There is also a personal organizer where you can store contacts remember important dates and write notes/reminders to yourself and this woks well with Outlook software as you can import all your contacts straight off the computer onto the zen micro if you wish.

        The battery life is stated as being upto 11 hours but I have never got 11 hours out of the battery. The average time the battery lasts is about 10 hours which is quite good but you will have to charge it up on a regular basis which can get quite annoying. Handily you can charge the zen micro on the computer but this is the only way you can do it as there is no mains plug that comes with the zen micro. The battery is also replaceable so when it starts running dry you can get and install replacements easily.

        Although the player isn't the coolest or best looking it has a great set of features and is cheaper than an iPod of the same size and it offers great value for money.


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          31.08.2006 18:39



          Be wary of many product faults and having to send it back. Otherwise good while it lasted.

          From a lot of glittering advertising and reviews, I decided to go against the norm of buying an iPod and purchased a Zen Micro silver.
          The colour was a good choice, I believe it was the best to go for when purchasing one.
          Initially the touchpad display takes some getting used to, it can be very sensitive, but this can be turned down and its easy to use in the end.
          Held up to about 1000 songs in mp3 and wmv format, not quite as much as advertised but not too dissapointing.
          Looked great and had useful add-ons such as microphone, FM radio.
          After 6 months the sound kept going, becoming crackly and losing sound altogehter. After realising not a problem with headphones sent product back, after a lot of email corrospondance with the company. Got new player was fine, until same happened again after about the same amount of time.
          Out of warrenty so had to buy new player- bit of a kicker.
          I have not been the only person to find faults in the player, many of my friends experienced the same.

          Be warned, the Zen Micro is great to start with, but comes at a price that may eventually lead you to buying from another company (dare I use the word iPod?).


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            16.06.2006 15:34
            1 Comment



            Good Volume, Nice choice of colour options, Removable battery, Removable Disk Storage, Good price

            I have owned a white Zen Micro mp3 player for the past 6 months. I would rate it as a good product, the sound is amazing!! The zen is also easy to navigate around and the touch pad is easy to use. The sensitivity of the touch pad can also be altered from high sensitivity down to ow sensitivity. It is a stylish looking product and can fit with ease into a pocket. For the price you can get a lot of songs on the player without altering the quality of the playback. Songs can also be organized into Artist, Album, Genre etc and you can also set up playlists. The owner can also choose to repeat the song. Other feautures include an organizer, calendar and can also store documents. The player can also be locked to prevent accidental changing of songs. It also comes in several colours to suit the owner.

            Unlike some other mp3 players, the zen also comes with a removable battery that can be changed easily and is easily obtained from most computer shops

            One of the drawbacks of the Zen Micro is that it occasionally freezes at the end of songs. this is only to be expected if you have used a lot of the memory. Also the Zen is quite bulky in size compared to other Mp3 players and Uk versions do not come with a neckstrap/Lanyard. However neckstraps can be attached to the case easily.

            All in all a very good product!!! Well done Creative!


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              13.02.2006 14:07
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              got to have 1

              The Zen Micro MP3 Player in my opinion is great. With its vertical touch pad it makes navigation very easy and it is perfectly designed to fit comfortably into your hand with its auper cool curves.
              It has got 32 FM radio stations you can listen to and record..great!
              The built in microphone is another really cool feature that this MP3 Player has as you can use this to voice record for up to 10 hours long. wow!
              You can use the 2.0 USB lead that comes with this MP3 Player to attatch it to your computer and download all your favorite songs.
              The rechargable Lithium-ion battery that also comes with it is very handy as this will give you continious listening / playtime of 12 hours.
              This 6 MB MP3 Player will hold 1500 about 99 hours worth of your most favorite songs of 128kbps and a massive 3000 about 198 hours worth of your favorite songs at 64 kbps. So you can download anything and everything you want.

              The 160 x 140 pixel iluminous blue LCD screen has all of your downloaded songs at a glance. You can customise your main menu to make navigation easy and fun with all your favorites at your fingertios.

              This Zen MP3 Palyer has got its very own Personal Organiser which I find very handy. It has got a calender for those all important dates you dont want to miss out on, A to - -do list so you never forget to, " I dunno, get the shopping on you way home! lol " and a contact list for those very important numbers.
              It also includes an alarm clock, you can choose what song you want to wake you up at the touch of a button.
              With the Removable device you can download data files from your computer so you have always got them with you if they are needed.

              What comes with it
              When you buy this Zen MP3 Player you will recieve the MP3 Player , a rechargeable lithium-ion battery installation CD, Earbud Earphones USB 2.0 Cable Mediasource software and a Start Guide

              Good Points
              >>>>You can Persolalise your menu's for quick and easy access
              >>>>You get the track name, Artist and Title all on the Screen plus battery life
              >>>>It tell's you how much free space you have and how much space you have used

              Not so Good Points
              >>>>When fast-forwarding a song you are unable to hear anything
              >>>>The volume, the lowest volume still to me seems to be very loud but hey what am I moaning about. If it was too low Id moan about that too no doubt

              My Opinion

              I would definatley recommend this Zen MP3 Player to anyone who loves music. Where ever you are, What ever your doing this handy micro-sized gadget will definatley be on you "Not to forget when you go out" list.

              Where To Buy
              This can be brought from a number of place's

              >>>> John Lewis £159.00
              >>>> Oyyy.co.uk £ 148.32
              >>>> e.buyer.co. £137.49

              If It Breaks or Goes Wrong
              It comes with a 1 year guaranteed warranty . I have had no faults with mine at all so far so I am being honest and saying that I dont know what the manufacturers would do or be like if something did go wrong.

              Hope this Helps...If anymore info is needed please leave me a message

              Thanks Emma xxx


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              23.01.2006 18:14


              • Reliability


              Excellent MP3 player complete with radio.

              This Christmas I received a 6GB Zen Micro. Having never owned a n MP3 player previously I was slightly aprehensive about using one. However, I found the Zen Micro very intuitive to use and the downloadable instruction manual was easy to follow. The Micro is sturdy enough so as not to scratch easily and fits quiet snugly into the palm or your hand or pocket. Maybe less slick than the new IPOD's, the ZEN is made to look good whilst still being durable. The biggest plus for me in is that the Creative ZEN Micro comes with an inbuilt radio. Also, as the distribution centre for the ZEN in based in Ireland I have found it very easy to buy accessories. Download speed is realatively quick, and playlists can be created quiet easily. The one drawback is that the memory althought more than sufficient for me may be to little for the true audiophile or those with a large music collection. The 6GB holds about 10,000 songs... more than enough for me to get along with.


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                03.01.2006 16:18
                1 Comment


                • Reliability


                easy to use, more features than ipod, getting cheaper, however too expensive ..

                Creative in my view produce the nost user friendly mp3s players and this view comes from an ipod owner (I am living to regret my choice). First advantage is this - if one deletes their library songs by purpose or mistake they can easily tansfer for them from the mp3 player to the library - this cannot be done with the ipod. A second benefit is that Creative have an easy to use inbuilt search function where one can search for artists by letter. "Whatever", I hear you utter. However this function would come in handy if one had hundreds of bands beggining with the letter "S", they could quickly type in the band they require instead of heaps of scrolling, which is time consuming thus frustrating. A third advantage of a Creative mp3 player is that one can quickly delete and to my knowledge amend the name of songs on the gadget unlike on an iPod.

                However, the shortcomings are these: the design needs working on - it is bulky and lacks the slick and uber cool design of the iPod or the Walkman HDD. Secondly, be aware of the price of a 6GB model. For it you purchase it in a shop it is pricey and for about £30 more you can purchase a far more generous 20GB model. Thirdly, accessories are not widely available in shops, such as cases and speakers.

                A vital point to remember is that the more GBs you opt for, the cheaper the mp3 player works out. So if you have 100S of albums to store and play on the go, I strongly suggest you go for gold and buy perhaps a 40 GB model, they are getting cheaper by the month.

                Overall, I reccomend this particular model but not the capacity as the cost is too much, ironically, for the small amount of GB.


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              • Product Details

                You will never be without your favorite music with Zen Micro. Squeezed into its micro-sized casing is the capacity to store up to an astounding 3,000 songs, and keep your music going for up to 12 hours on a single battery charge with its removable, rechargeable Li-ion battery.

                There's no need to go round in circles with the Zen Micro's intuitive Vertical Touch Pad. Designed to let you easily navigate through your music collection, you can be sure to find any song or data file with ease.

                Shuffle your songs or albums with the DJ feature, or tune in to the latest songs on the pop charts with the radio. Whatever you're listening to, enjoy the best sound quality and clarity of a hi-fi that fits easily in your pocket.

                Have access to over two million downloadable songs on the Internet with, not just one, but the many music subscription or download services that the Zen Micro players support. Without being restricted to just one music provider, you have the freedom to choose from the widest selection of songs online from MSN Music and other music services. With PlaysForSure support, you will always be able to play any digital music you purchase.

                Not only does it play music, the Zen Micro helps you keep your life organized too. The mini-organizer consists of a calendar, an address book and a to-do-list. Keep track of all your business appointments or classes. Sync up your Microsoft Outlook email addresses, calendar notes in your home or office PCs with Zen Micro. Need to record lectures, business meetings, or just love the sound of your voice? The built-in microphone lets you to create and store voice memos with the built-in voice recorder.

                Created with a mesmerizing blue backlight glow, FM tuner and FM recording with 32 preset stations, USB 2.0 for fast transfer of files and 8 preset EQ settings, the Creative Zen Micro packs so much into something so small. Now, whoever said small had to mean minimal?

                Technical Data

                Product Description: Creative ZEN Micro - digital player / radio
                Product Type: Digital player / radio - hard drive based
                Enclosure Colour: Light blue
                Dimensions (WxDxH): 5.1 cm x 1.9 cm x 8.4 cm
                Weight: 108 g
                Sound Output Mode: Stereo
                Equaliser Factory Presets: Disco, NewAge, Acoustical, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Classic, Vocal
                Supported Digital Audio Standards: WAV, WMA, MP3, ADPCM, protected WMA (DRM)
                Digital Recording Time: 10 hours - voice recording
                Built-in Display: 160 x 104 LCD
                Built-in clock: Yes, sleep timer
                Radio: Radio tuner - digital radio tuner - FM - 32 preset stations
                HDD: 6 GB
                Headphones: Headphones - binaural - ear-bud - stereo
                Microphone: Microphone - built-in
                Interface Supported: Hi-Speed USB
                Battery: Player - rechargeable - Lithium Ion
                Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty