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Creative Zen Mozaic 4 GB

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2009 19:42
      Very helpful



      Creative Zen - Mosaic - 4GB

      CREATIVE ZEN - Mosaic -
      Dated: 26/02/2009
      Storage Capacity: 4GB
      Titled: Anyone for chess
      Manufacture Details > Creative Hong Kong< Creative Worldwide network is called LABS > The company in UK is known as Creative UK even though it is headed under the Europe labs which established itself in 1993.

      Networks include - America labs- Asia labs- Europe labs.
      -Product > CREATIVES ZEN Mosaic MP3 Portable Media Player - 4GB
      Comes in all colours - Available RRP date: 10/2008

      - > Lets start a craze!< -

      You got to reward Creative for trying out this Soduku designed forum. It hasn't a patch on the old MP£ Player design - excuse the pun. Now it is completely different to the Micro series 3 years ago; you wouldn't believe it was designed by the same manufacturer. -The Mosaic series has a much more crunchier visual design finish than the 'V' series a year ago. I wonder if it will catch-on or just maybe Creative with actually advertise their new MP3 vision going into the next decade. Or is it one big secret, so secret that the number of people who know of this MP3 vision is only 15% of the same people who own an Apple iPod. Yes it is about time this Mosaic faced the true test, the actual MP3 market-place, and trade fares. The out-there design sure has a quirky concept; however, my question is why? - My answer is, if you can't beat them (as in Apples iPod Nano) - do something completely off the beaten track and start a wacky ditzy craze. The MP3's component packages whether it's a standard screen model, or whether it is HD quality or touch-screen quality. The simplistic OLED screen is extremely well produced, a little bit smaller squared than the V series. I do not know what the thinking behind that was. I suppose it was subject to getting all the squares in for that surreal ornate concept. That is always a question whether it makes a huge difference in the all round product criteria.

      - >Creative Zen Mosaic < -

      The Mosaic is the 2009's answer and design quest for the richly contested Portable Media Player market place. Many of you may still feel the Mosaic has not been advertised to the length as the iPod, well in fact it has. Creatives vision has exploded onto the internet forums over the last 2 months and will be a recognized fixture in mid to late 2009; the Mosaic is in the running for an award for innovative design concept. It certainly takes more a centre stage than the hotly fancied V series PMP. Creative have obviously gone back to the drawing board and tried to capture Creatives brand by imploring state of the square design instead. The attempt maybe fruitless but it is worth a throw of the dice for the most innovative design concept award for 2009. Good luck Mosaic I hope you corner the market with this wacky product.

      On a professional hearing I do wander whether it is worth buying. It may become a talking point for those of you who collect Kitsch styled memorabilia, or just maybe this MP3 Player could be a collector's item in 40 years time. The jury is out on that one. Personally, I feel Creative have recaptured their corporate branding with the Mosaic. The PMP quality is no different to the V series, but it has likeability qualities. However, if you are just after MP3 quality, go for the V series it does the job just as well and has a conservative interface to fit the bill.

      The Mosaic is a smaller MP3 player overall with no notable features that would make gadget cravers drool with envy, but what it does do is simple and solves the problem if your in need of a cracking MP3 player that has second to none sound quality. For storage and MP3 capabilities it is purely what the 'audio-bility' is. Navigation and speediness of getting to a particular track in my opinion plays a close second fiddle. Basically, all audible digital players have neon supreme quality that is unsurpassed in other mediums, so the Mosaic doesn't do anything more different than most MP3 Players, but it would have been a different story if Creative had unleashed this checkerboard design concept in 2004, when storage facilities were less able than today, it would now been talk of the town, but alas the market place are now littered with mega MP3 Players with extreme storage facilities that would imitate a PC 4 years ago. Overall we are harder to please, partly due to the number of choices of MP3 Players there are, including their over featured gadgetry-ness; that many have and now become part of the furniture of what we the UK public kind of expects now.
      The Mosaic is just a MP3 Player with a FM Radio and a self-record voice recorder, (for those who like the sound of their own voice) The 1.8 inch (Squared) screen is deceptive of a slightly higher HD quality than the V series but that could just be a figment of my imagination, or it just maybe the smaller the screen the more focused the graphics appear. Nevertheless, it is worth a mention and may just be a selling point to the 'sharp eyed tech-design savvy' audience.

      - > 4GB of audio data storage < -

      The storage space is more than sufficient to play over 20000 MP3 audio tracks. The transfer rates are fast due to the fast USB transfer fast - track Windows music browser software. What is a noticeable difference is that it is not an ipod. There are not so many features nor as stylish and slick. Naturally, there is no iTune extravaganza, with freebies and membership options that Apples ipod do include. In my opinion there is only one iPod MP3 player. No-one can emulate it. If, you're an iPod fanatic this MP3 player could put your nose out of joint; it carries a slightly clumsy portable player look and feel than Apples' iPod marketing dream machine.

      Available online from www.amazon.com - 55.00 GBP - For even great offers checkout a cash-back offer before buying this product as you can save up to 10.00 GBP - Worth checking out online for these deals. Or you can order it directly from the Creative Labs online www.creative.com

      - >Overall statistics for Creative Zen's Mosaic Portable Media Player < -

      - Sound and Graphics - 17.80 out of 20.00
      - Storage - 12.50 out of 20.00
      - Features - 11.69 out of 20.00
      - Design and Navigation - 12.95 out of 20.00
      - Originality - 16.24 out of 20.00
      - OVERALL SCORE - 71.18 out of 100

      Thank you for reading this Mosaic review, I hope you have found it helpful.

      Copyright 1st2thebar 02-2009
      DooYoo - Review


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