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Creative Zen Neeon 2 4 GB

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2009 19:44
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      Creative goes pop

      Kings of Neeon
      -- -- -- -- -- --
      Storage - 4GB
      Manufacturer - Creative Technology Labs

      Thanks for the ever growing commercial global market, Creative is well-known in the digital market stakes; especially as they wander around trying to get an equivalent market share with the explosive iPod; and what a journey it has been so far as they unleash the Kings of Neeon, on our unforgiving audience, the Worldwide market-place.

      The quest for blockbusting world market dominance continues as far, as I'm slowly getting use to the navigation and I wonder what the Neeon has which could make a mark on the Apple profit margins, my answer is it looks like a near miss for the Apple corps as I finger my way through icon after icon. Not getting anywhere of note that quickly, It may have some glitches still as a few destination requests are slow on response, this could be the reason for Creatives not so exciting urgency on hitting the UK market take control of the MP3 war.

      Competition is stiffening now that storage in one marketing poll seems not so wanting from certain market-places worldwide that are key. Who needs a storage facility bigger than 30,000 songs? - Hence, that most manufacturers are now concentrating on design and product usage alone, 2010 will be a good year, for design, I can assure you on that.

      I was impressed with the glitzy pebble that Zen through into the global market-place; playing on the 1980's revival in my opinion and I can't see why the Neeon which is in respect near the same product line age is what appears to me hasn't captured the imagination that Creatives Dynasty models have. (well; dynasty line is my doing, my own interpretation of Creative has tried to impose on the market) It is smaller in size than the earth shattering Micro series, which isn't too hard to manufacture, this in which makes the shuffle look pain sickening anorexic in comparison, yet healthy and extremely market worthy.

      You can be sure to find the shuffle certainly will be in the hand luggage for today's cash-strapped student. If, Creative get their fingers out the Neeon could make a play for this market and re-invent a sub-market trend within the student psyche. Students remember a lot when growing up and like myself many gadget excited folk do get nostalgic to products that are frequently used daily while working.

      I think the Neeon has that capacity and the name has a lot to answer to, especially as the band 'Kings of Leon' could potentially endorse the product in the UK; leaving a huge clout that would initially rocket sales that in return would orbit the Neeon branding. Creative pull your finger out, you've got a phone-call to make.

      There is something to be said about Creatives price structure on the Neeon it is good, it is very good value in fact. You will be getting a new Portable Media Player that will in time have offspring and a Neeon generation will be born. Be part of the generation building process for 95.99 GBP; however, the Packaging and Postage is a different matter, P&P differs to where to locate a seller from Worldwide.

      Creative Europe have decided at present to keep the potentially glitch riddled player off the market. The one good place to indulge a spending frenzy within the MP3 market is Ebay inc. Ebay.com is the better choice as when your viewing to buy the Neeon especially the wholesaler will be a worldwide wholesaler rather than a UK wholesaler, meaning that the costing would be of a better value direct from the wholesaler rather than a third party seller.

      Creative Zen Neeon is unlike most of their predecessors whereby the weight is decidedly surprisingly light at 75g, the width is not as slim as the iPod but doesn't rub against nano technology ethics. The OLED display is not as inventive as the Pebble or the Krystal Zen models but is certainly clean and tidy. Perhaps, I'm just a little nostalgic still from early digitalisation modes that swept the UK with all the craze of red digital numeric messages that built a revolution.

      Creatives pointless stik-Ons are not a good add-on for any PMP, let alone a Zen one. The bonus of having a graphically enhanced face-lift instead of actual surgery is a real turn-off for me. Why Creative, you do the basics so well, stop doing the scratch and sniff thing? Firstly it's only a stik-on secondly don't trash your namesake for it. Apparently you can buy loads of stickers, if that floats your boat of course.

      Before I forget the Creative website is www.creative.com - remember to view the European Lab rather than any other site division.

      Package contains these accessories with you Portable Media Player - Neeon

      Zen Neeon MP3 Portable Player
      High quality Earphones
      USB 2.0 Cable
      Line-in Cable
      Quick Start Booklet
      Installation CD
      Neck Strap
      Creative Stik-On

      There are many colours available on purchase. Mine is white, but there is up to eight colours to be had. For those of you colour orientated. What could be of fascination for you, is the fact you can change the colours of the back-light, it isn't done randomly but it allows you to see what you are doing in darkened areas in different colours. It is quite fun if your mindset allows small factors like this to make a difference whether it's worth a purchase or not. This I think is for the younger market that look for many variations within products that they handle daily, just to stop the boredom factor.

      Available storage capacities set for the Creative Zen Neeon are - 1GB, 2GB, 4GB 5GB and 6GB. Though I do state, go to the website above for the full available storage options, as they will differ from this review in years to come.

      Overall statistics for Creative Zen's Neeon Portable Media Player

      Sound and Graphics - 16.22 out of 20.00
      Storage - 16.10 out of 20.00
      Features - 15.84 out of 20.00
      Design and Navigation - 13.51 out of 20.00
      Originality - 15.75 out of 20.00
      OVERALL SCORE - 77.42 out of 100

      Thank you for reading this Neeon review, I hope you have found it helpful.

      Copyright 1st2thebar -10-2009


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