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Curtis MP2013EU

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    1 Review
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      25.10.2013 20:41
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      A great basic mp3 player

      My little mp3 was actually bought for my husband from Aldi sometime late last year, but due to a mix up on ebay he had also ordered a Sandisk mp3 player, but had given up on it ever turning up (took well over a month) so when we saw this being sold cheap we decided to buy it. It came in 3 colours pink, grey and black and I think it was about £10, ours is the black. When the Sandisk player surprised us by showing up we decided that I would keep this one for using on holiday, previous to this I was using my old iPod but always worried about losing it. I should probably say that I'm not one of those people who regularly listen to music on a mp3 player when out and about, I'm too nosey and like to know what is going on around me :)

      **So what is this?**
      This is a small rechargeable mp3 player measuring about an inch by an inch and a half. It is quite slim and has a clip on one side to attach the player to your clothes. This comes in 1GB, 2 GB and 4 GB sizes with mine being the latter. This chargers by usb, but I don't remember whether a charging cable came with it, I seem to think not, but it's a pretty standard size and we already had a few cables that would fit. This is pretty basic and just has an on off switch on one side, and on the top; a play / stop button in the middle, a plus and minus for the volume, and two buttons to switch backwards and forwards through your songs. There's also of course a headphone socket. This did come with some cheap headphones, my husband used different ones as he prefers the oval ones that go in your ear, I went back to the ones supplied as I wasn't keen on my husbands.

      **Using this**
      Well first things first after charging via the usb (either with a computer or usb plug), I put music on from my computer. Mine is an old MacBook laptop with iTunes, and this was never going to be as easy as putting music on my iPod, but it's still pretty easy. Once plugged in the folder for the mp3 player appears on my desk top, I then double click to open it. I then open iTunes at my music collection, and drag any songs from iTunes into the mp3 players folder, if the song already exists you get a warning to tell you. Mine currently has 140 songs taking up just under 1 gb, although I suspect that there is already some kind of programming also taking up this gb, you just never get the free gb's you pay for :) I believe a charge lasts for about 5 hours, although I've only ever used it for maybe two hours at a time.

      To play it I make sure the switch on the side is switched to on then press the button in the middle to start the music. I have found that sometimes I have to press this several times before the music will start, my husband says this is just me being impatient :) Once playing a light inside flashes red, this also flashes when it is charging. I seem to think it shuffles the music rather then playing in order. For me personally the sound is quite good, I think it can be slightly tinny, but it's loud and clear and suits my needs.

      **So would I recommend it?**
      Well that depends on what you are wanting from a mp3 player, if like me you are looking for something cheap and cheerful to use now and again then I don't think you could go far wrong buying one of these. If you are more like my husband though, and want different playlists, then this may be a bit basic for you, although he does agree that the sound quality is about the same between the two.I'm not sure if these are still available in Aldi, but on ebay they are about £15, so I got a bargain :)

      On reflection I think 4 stars for a great basic mp3 player.


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