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Inovix MP3-Player IMP-305 512 MB

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    1 Review
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      28.04.2006 18:07
      Very helpful



      Compact and stylish music player

      I bought this MP3 player last summer, it hadn't been out long when i bought it, but i liked the look of it and i'd always liked listening to music, so i thought this would be perfect for me to use whilst cleaning, shopping, walking etc.

      Now if i'm honest, i hadn't heard of the brand Inovix before i purchased this product, normally i don't like purchasing something from a brand i havn't came across before, so i checked their website out and looked in a few high street shops and i found they stocked Inovix products, although they didn't stock this MP3 player. I first saw this product on play.com, it was (and still is i think) £59.99, i wasn't too keen on the price, but then i thought it would be nice to treat myself. So anyway as you've probably gathered, i purchased the product and now i'm going to give you my review..


      When the MP3 player arrived, it was packaged nice and securely. In the box was the MP, USB cable, headphones, user manual, and a manual CD (which could be used instead of the user manual).

      **THE MP3 PLAYER**

      The MP3 player is a lovely metallic blue, with silver trim, to be honest the picture here on DooYoo does it no justice, as in real life it looks much more attractive. The MP3 player measures 6cm x 3.8cm x 1.1cm, it is really small and sweet. The screen measures 2.2cm x 1.5cm, which is smallish, but fits in with the MP3 nicely. The MP3 has a 65k colour screen, which is nice. The MP3 player is really light, when it is in your hand, you cannot hardly feel it's there. There is the option of voice record and uploading your pictures onto it, as well as your songs. On the face of the MP3 player it says the word Inovix in a silver colour, but as you turn it with the light it shines rainbow colours. On the right side of the MP3 player is the on and off button, the mode button (this controls most things on the MP3) and the previous and next track button (which also double up as a sound up sound down button, more about that...)
      On the left side of the MP3 player, there is the headphone hole, the play button, the record button (records voice), and the volume button (which is pressed and then the ^above^ buttons are pressed depending whether you want the volume increased or decreased). On the back of the MP3 it corresponds with each button telling you what the button is, i don't need to look at it anymore, but i had to look at it at first for a while, but this little extra is good so your not forever getting the manual out. Also with the words being on the back it doesn't ruin the look of the MP3, as i've seen some MP3 players with the words on the front, which i think doesn't look very attractive. And lastly on top of the MP3 is the mic, the USB port and a little hook, which enables you to hook it onto the headphones just for extra security.


      I purchased the 512mb one, as i found it would just be perfect for the amount of songs i wanted on. If i am correct there is a 1gb one but there isn't a 128mb. The 512mb is able to hold 120 MP3 songs. It is also capable of holding WMA songs, and as i have found, most proper CD's are in the WMA format enabling you to hold twice as many songs(240) as you would with the MP3 format.


      You insert the USB cable into the MP3 and into your computer, the MP3 player will come up as a removeable drive, you then find the songs you want and upload them. There are quite a few ways of uploading your songs, you can either open the removeable drive up and copy and paste whole playlists or single songs, or you can access your preferred media player and synchronize them onto it. I always use the copy and paste method as i find it much simpler and quicker to do. Also you have the option to put your MP3 files into folders, so if you want a certain song on by a certain artist, you don't have to keep skipping through 50 songs each time, you can access it easily.

      **WHAT CAN I DO ON THE MP3?**

      First of all you flip the on/off button onto on. The screen will then come up and the word 'Hello' will be displayed. You then have the option to choose what you want to do, you can listen to your music, view your pictures, record voice, listen to voice, or use the Ebook (which i have no idea what it is). Each of these options are displayed using little pictures, which are quite sweet. The MP3 player automatically displays artist, track and lyrics(where added), so no need to type each one in individually.


      If anybody has this MP3 player, they will know what i mean when i say it is slighty complicated to use. You mainly use the 'mode' button which i always call the 'select' button as you use this to select the things you want to do. First of all you switch the MP3 player on, you then click the mode button to access your music files, you then click the mode button again to get onto the playlist you want, you then scroll down and click the mode button again to select the playlist you want, you then press the play button. If you then want to swap playlists after a while, you have to stop playing the track before you can select another playlist as if you click the mode button, you get onto the song option screen. Anyway maybe this isn't a disadvantage for some, but with other MP3 players around which work at a click of a button, then it possibly is.

      **BATTERY LIFE**

      The battery life is ok on this MP3, but i have seen longer lasting ones, as my daughter has another MP3 and that lasts for days and days and she listen to it quite alot. I find i have to charge it around every 3 days, for around a few hours sometimes i leave it on longer. You charge the MP3 up using your USB port, which seems to do it well (this is the only way of charging it up)


      The MP3 can hold pictures, as the screen isn't very big, i wouldn't think it would be worth it, but that is up to you. For this review, i put a picture onto my MP3, it was a bigish picture and i was surprised that the MP3 player didn't destort it, the picture was quite clear and looked as good (but smaller) as it did on the computer.

      You can also use voice record on the MP3.
      There is a 65K colour screen.
      The MP3 player switches off if left unattended for about a minute, which is good as it saves battery life.
      There is an MTV function on the MP3 which enables you to download music videos and movies, i havn't personally done this therefore i don't know what it is like so i can't really write about personal experience with this, but again with the screen being smallish, i myself wouldn't bother.
      USB 2.0 connection
      There is a 6 present equaliser - Soft, Jazz, Rock, Normal, Classical and Pop.


      I think the Inovix IMP-305 is a nice and stylish little MP3, although it is quite complicated to use, once you've got it it's a breeze, the sound quality is good and was well worth the price i paid (£59.99), so do what i did - treat yourself.


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