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Iriver H10 20 GB

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    4 Reviews
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      04.03.2009 14:28



      If your like usability, reliability and quality rather than overpriced fashion go get a H10!

      I used to own one of these back in 2005/2006 (sometime around then).

      It was the most reliable, robust, user friendly mp3 player I have ever owned. And the sound quality was out of this world!

      I am very much into my Music, and I am very much into my outdoor exploits, (living on the edge of the Pennine way ensures this). It went mountain climbing, rock climbing, bouldering, hiking, fell running, scree running, rafting, caving and many more adventures with me.

      It got dropped countless times sometimes even in water and pools of mud, give it a quick wipe off and shake it a little and sure enough it would still be working.

      It was super simple to use with 3 controls doing the main amount of the leg work - back, enter and scroll. And there is no need for anything like iTunes and messing around with silly file formats, just drag and drop and organise however the heck you want, but if you didn't fancy doing that, the free software did it for you, or even Windows Media Player if you felt so compelled, but none of this is actually required.

      Transfer speed was pretty decent and only once did I have an issue with the iRiver H10 going a bit crazy on me, I ended up doing a complete reset on it (I found out after that I didn't have to do it the way I did, but it was already a little too late ^^)

      Also I just have to add that the sound quality of recordings on this device are incredible, the quality of the recorded sound is next to studio quality!

      This little Jukebox is the true music lovers device, in fact most iRiver players are! HP140 is very good too!, I never really used the text or image viewing features on the H10, I was never really bothered about viewing tiny pictures or eBooks. Music all the way for me.

      So now here we are in 2009, and I now have a refurbished H10 20gb on order after selling my original H10 many years ago (for more than I purchased it for, even after all the adventures it went on with me), but I have always regretted selling it.

      I have been through Creative Zen's, iPod's and even a Zune, none of them lasted through much and none of them were as nice to use, or as nice to listen to as the H10 was. I can't wait until I have it back in my hands!


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      08.01.2009 19:50



      1 too have this Iriver and been disappointed . I have had it now for about two years and mainly use it for audio books- who says it is simple??. My media player seems to want to sync everything on my computer to the iriver , then when I go to delete items they fight back ,appearing to want to stay on the iriver. It appears deleted when conected to the computer but hey ho, its hidden itself elsewhere on the player and jumps out to surprise you.It also freezes regularly and even switches itself on when it feels like it( can be quite un-nerving) Such a shame as I was led to believe Iriver were the best but if I can find another make with a 20gb drive I will change.


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      21.09.2008 21:37
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      Better than Ipod

      I have owned 2 mp3 players, a 1/2 gig ipod shuffle that stopped working after exactly one year, just as the warranty run out, and this, which I've had for eighteen months now and works well to this day. The first review covers all the features extremely well so I'd recommend it if you want to know what an Iriver mp3 player offers. The only point to this review really is the hope people may consider other players other than Ipods. Ipods charge a price that is a premium for the name. The size of the storage space on this is phenomenal for the price charged. If you really want an mp3 player with a large amount of music at your finger tips you would not even look at an Ipod, where the equivalent size storage cost, at the time I bought the H10, close to 3x as much.

      I have tended to find the battery power on this unit easily lasts in excess of 10 hours.

      This unit requires the use of Windows Media Player 10 to upload songs. As Vista ships with WMP 11, this makes adding problematic. Newer Irivers presumably allow adding with WMP 11, so it is probably only this and earlier models that would be affected.


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        27.06.2008 21:54
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great mp3 player for the price and very durable

        I brought this product in 2005 and have had no problems. The main advantage of this is the price to capacity ratio. I purchased it for about £120 and it has 20GB of memory so good value for money.

        The iriver H10 is very easy to use. On the right hand side it has three buttons, one to fast forward to the next song or to fast forward during a song by holding the button down. Another button to rewind the song or play the last played song, and the last to pause the song. On the left hand side is the on/off day, which is held down to turn either off or on. On the top of the mp3 player is the hold button which can be slid across to hold or unhold the player, which can be done whilst the music is playing. Also on the top is a reset button which has to be pressed with a sharp object such as a pin. And on te front of the mp3 player it has two buttons which the right one, selects the song or opens the folder and the left one goes back to the previous screen. Running throughout the middle of these two buttons is the scroller which lets you select the folder or song. It has a 1.8" screen which is abou the same as other mp3 players.

        Menu is as follows
        >Music - once music is put onto the mp3 player this is where it is placed to be accessed
        >Artists - to find songs by a particular artist
        >Albums - to find a song from a particular album
        >Genres - to find songs from a genre of music
        >Titles - to find on paticular song title
        >Playlist - you can create playlists either before or after the music being placed on the mp3 player
        >Text - you can place text documents on the mp3 player which can be read
        >Radio - FM radio is avaliable, you can preset stations yourself or you can get the mp3 player to search the waves and preset up to 15 radio stations
        >Photos - they can be added and viewed. They are seen very well but you cannot scroll through them you must enter a folder and select a picture then press back then the next photo etc.
        >Browser - here you can view everything on the mp3 player
        >Recording - allows you to record your voice through the microphone at the top or you can record from the radio
        >Custom EQ - allows to change volume and bass etc.
        >SRS Settings - changes settings on the radio
        >Beep On/Off - allows a beep to be played between songs
        >Play mode - songs can be played - normal - repeat - repeat 1 - shuffle - shuffle and repeat
        >Fade in - allows songs to be faded in and out
        > Record
        >Voice setting
        >FM Setting
        >Line-in setting
        >Line-in volume
        >Track Separation
        >Power-off timer
        >Sleep timer
        >Backlight timer
        >Date and time
        >Alarm/Rec. Select
        >FM Rec. timer
        >Reset all settings
        >A-B Repeat
        >Scan speed
        >Study mode
        >Scroll speed
        >Tag information
        >Tuner religion
        >Database refresh

        Overall it is a very good mp3 player for the cost, ok it isn't as fashionable as an ipod or as popular but if your not worried about that then this is the imp3 player for you

        it is very durable, as i have dropped it many times from rather high surfaces onto concrete floors and mine is in great working condition

        the battery lasts about 6-8 hours

        The volume is increased or decreased by the scroll bar in the middle


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