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Iriver H340 40 GB

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4 Reviews
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    4 Reviews
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      08.05.2010 00:57
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      An excelent player, well worth its pricetag.

      I bought my H340 about two years ago after needing to replace small flash mp3 only player with something that would also be able to use as a second backup for work, and after seeing the way my brothers work so well for so many years i decided on it.

      It came with a USB cable, mains charger, instruction manual, carry case with screen wiper, A pair of Seinheizer headphones (not sure of the model).

      I have not used it for pictures/video, I have used it for music, radio and data storage.

      Through a bit fo experimentation, The only file type I know they definaly won't play is .s3m files; they can be a bit slow with .m4a files but otherwise will run fine.

      They can be charged off the mains and by USB as well, but its better if its off the mains.
      Its also possible to charge one with a PSP charger (the reverse is also true).

      Battery life is pretty good; I'm not to sure of the exact battery life, i can probably get at least 10 hours out of it from freshy fully charged if it wasn't turned off.
      It does also have an automatic switch off if no buttons are pressed for a set period of time.

      The firmware mine uses shows that in numbers too so its very easy to get a good idea of how long it will last, under 3.3volts it will not turn on.

      Sound quality remains good through a variety of outputs inculding cheap heaphones, good headphones. It also remained good when it was being used for music broadcast over the net on a univerity radio station.

      The voice recorder is ok, but as its not a directional mic it will pick up ambient noise. It is possible to get a clear recording if something is attached into the line in socket, An attempt with a handheld games console was very sucessfull.

      The radio signal can be a little intermittant as it uses the headphones for the aeriel, but in the right position can be as good as the music player.

      It is a bit of a brick due to the hard drive, but its not overly heavy, but its size makes it wasy to hold.
      The pad can be a little fiddley to operate at times, smaller fingers do make it easier to operate as they keys aren't that large; But it is relatively intuative and easy to understand.
      It hoes have a little hold key on the side to lock up the keypad; these can get a little sticky and sometimes need a little 'de stickying' with something small to losen them up again.

      Transfering to and from computers is very quick, as long as it wasn't a very large transfer (3-4 albums worth would probably be the smallest) it can be disconected and removed normaly straight away.

      Because of the upgradable firmware, its possible to get round the problem of the slightly difficult to navigate menus, Its also possible to alter other things (I can't remeber specifics).
      Mine has been running wihtout problems for nearly 3 years on Rockbox.

      They are incredibly tough, they can take an awful lot of punishment and remain working; there is a 5 year old H320 at home that was dropped down a flight of stairs and still works prefectly.

      Their price can be a little steep, but they are worth every penny.


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        10.08.2009 01:19


        • Reliability


        I would recommend this over an iPod to anybody!

        I owned this MP3 player for years, and it suited me down to the ground; so I think it deserves a review from me. First, good feature for me was the size; 40 gb!, I think about 9000 songs; maybe more. It really isn't necessary to have more than that on a portable MP3 player in my opinion. Secondly, the interface is really easy to use once you have gotten used to it. Thirdly, with the nice small screen it is easy to view pictures and with a firmware update it is even possible to watch videos, which is great (all the functionality of an iPod video with a lot lower price tag). Another good feature with the Iriver h340 is that you can install rockbox software, and get so much more out of your Iriver, including games! The only problem that I believe this device has is the size. I would still recommend this over an iPod video for many reasons, but mainly price, and not having to use iTunes.


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          16.03.2008 21:47
          Very helpful



          iRiver H340 Portable Media Player

          Since the Apple iPod came out, many other companies followed suit and tried to copy and even better the iPod. Eventually, MP3 players with video capabilities started to appear on the market. The iRiver H340 is one of the earlier video capable players. Although the H340 is now quite old now, it still sells for around £100. I originally bought mine for £275 back in 2005. It has a large 40GB of storage. The design looks good from the front but when looking at it from the side, one will notice how chunky it is, which adds to the weight. A hard disk player is generally bigger than flash memory type players but the H340 looks like a mini brick, which isn't particularly good. The 20GB version is lot slimmer.

          My player came with a case, headphones, microphone, USB cable, USB host cable, cradle, mains power adapter, CD and user manual. Not all of them come with the cradle and mains adapter as you can charge via USB from your PC but mine did and I prefer it that way since it feels safer to have the player charge on the cradle. The USB host cable is for letting me plug in another USB device to the H340 so I can view the files on the other device on the H340. E.g. I could plug in a digital camera or external hard drive to view the pictures on the H340's screen. I've not really tested this though.

          The headphones are nothing special as you would expect with any MP3 player so is better to purchase a better pair. The microphone is just there for convenience if you have lots of dictating to do, as the player has a built in microphone.

          One thing I really like about this player is that all you need to do to load files on there is to plug it in, wait for the PC to pick it up, access the H340 drive and drag and drop files in. This means that any computer with Windows 2000 and up can be used to transfer files onto it without requiring any extra software, unlike the iPod. This goes for music, videos as well as any other file that you may have. This is excellent as it let me use the player as a place for backing up and transferring my document files and not just music and videos.

          Navigating around the player is very easy. It's done via nine buttons unlike the iPod's click wheel but the menus are very intuitive for moving around but certain functions such as to queue the next song or loading the main program menu can only be discovered by trial and error or by reading the user manual.

          When listening to music on the player, the sound quality is crystal clear. It supports the common formats such as MP3, WMA, and ASF. Video quality is also pretty good but the 2" screen makes watching stuff tiring on the eyes if staring at the screen for too long. I've noticed that on playing video with fast action scenes that it's not entirely smooth but it's still watchable unless you're really picky about these things. Getting videos to play haven't been that easy as I've had to convert them using a free program called PocketDivX Encoder, otherwise, I've found that the videos do not play. I've only used it for watching AVI (DivX or XVid) files although it may support other formats.

          The player has other functions such as radio, voice recorder, viewing text files, images, much like any other video capable player on the market today. One thing I would have liked to be able to do is to delete files without having to plug the player into the PC but this was not to be as I couldn't find the option or any evidence that it was possible.

          The battery life is very good and can give me a good thirteen hours playing music but naturally, it depends on your backlight settings, how often you're pushing the buttons, which turns on the screen after it's gone off. Specifications quote sixteen hours though. I tested how long it can run while playing a video and it managed to run for seven hours, which is very good but this is likely due to the small screen, which isn't ideal for watching movies.

          As for robustness, I've dropped mine a few times but only while it was in the case as it's survived fine. With the H340 being a hard disk drive player, the chances of the drive being damaged from a drop is very high so I would recommend not dropping it at all. I know someone who dropped his and it stopped working.

          My verdict on the player is that it is a very good MP3 player but not so good as a video player. There are newer players about but my experience with the H340 has given me faith in the iRiver brand. The iRiver brand is a good brand to consider when looking for an MP3 player and excellent for those who want an alternative to the ever-so-popular Apple iPod. Despite the downsides of the player such as the size, small screen, and price, I would still recommend it or a newer player in the iRiver range.

          Thanks for reading.


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            06.12.2005 21:54
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            All the features that you'll ever need and a lot more!

            (This review is really long so if you can't be bothered, just skip to the bottom paragraph! Sorry!)

            Now, I haven't written a review for a long time due to other commitments. I wasn't in the habit of writing reviews anyway...I've written three and all of them in my first month of joining. I guess the novelty wears off a little.. :P but anyway, I digress. The three reviews that I had written were all on gadgets (SonyEricsson K750i, Samsung SM173P, Samsung YP-T7) and it shows that I love my electronic toys. That is why when the Apple iPod came out (the one with video playback capabilities), I was one of the first to get it in the hope that it would replace my aged iriver H340. I can't write a review on the apple iPod yet since it isn't listed in dooyoo but I thought I would instead write my thoughts on this Iriver model.

            I bought the Iriver H340 around 6-8 months ago namely because I wanted to carry more songs than my flash-based mp3 player could offer. And inevitably, I was faced with the dilemma of choosing between Apple's iPod and a competitor's equivalent. The three major players in the hard-disk audio players are Apple (iPod), Creative (Zen) and Iriver. There are other ones but you'd probably find only these three in your average electronics retailer.

            Around that time (6-8 months ago), I chose the Iriver H340 over the iPod and Zen purely because it had better features, despite it being not as pretty or small as the others. since then, things have changed...both apple and creative have got their acts together and produced newer and better models. I mentioned that I was one of the first people to buy the apple ipod video 5th generation whatever...Now I tell you, I returned it and decided to stick with the chunky brick that is the iriver h340. And the reasons are still the same...the Iriver h340 has more features and functions, despite being a bit less pretty..

            I realise I've talked about nonsense for a while now and will try to be brief in my description of this model..


            The Iriver is a brick in comparison to the new Apple iPod. There wasn't too much discrepancy with the 4th gen iPod, but 5th generation iPods are very very slim. At 61 by 25 by 104mm, the Iriver is approximately twice as thick as the new iPod but surprisingly shorter by 1mm. The lengths are the same. It is also a bit heavier. Looks-wise, the Iriver looks exactly like the photo provided by dooyoo and is, obviously, not as nice as the iPod.

            The H340 is dominated by a large screen that is capable of displaying 260K colours. Below the screen is the main menu button (in blue) surrounded by the buttons for skip tracks, volume and another 4 buttons. On the side are the microphone and the hold button.

            In all the H340 is by no means ugly and looks nice by itself; when it stands next to the 5th gen iPod, its looks are rather plain. But what it lacks in design, it makes up for in features!


            Firstly the screen. The 5th gen iPod (from now on, when I say iPod, take it to mean the 5th gen.) has a colour screen unlike it's predecessors and is also capable of displaying 260K colours, as the H340. Admittedly, the screen on the Ipod is ever so slightly larger. However, the H340's screen performs a lot better than that on the iPod. The images are clearer and colours are more vibrant and bright. The user interface takes full advantage of this and the menus are so nice to look at.

            H340 supports MP3 and WMA playback which will cover most of the music out there. In addition to these, it also supports the .ogg format which is far superior to the previous two in terms of quality-for-size. Another less well known format that is supported is the .asf which is usally found in streamed media. In creative or Apple, you will not find support for .ogg files let alone .asf as well.

            The sound quality is excellent. When comparing with the iPod and Zen, iriver had the clearest and most distinct sound. You get sennheiser earphones with the iriver which is always a good thing. Plus if you are really fussy with sound quality you can play .ogg files! There are 5 preset equalisers and also a user controlled equaliser.

            The firmware is upgradeable and with the suitable upgrade, you will be able to watch films! the iPod is meant to do this, but I found that only videos bought from iTunes worked and this was very frustrating. With the iRiver, you can stick in any films you'd like. As with the photos, the videos came out very well and colours were very accurate on the screen.

            Other features include voice recording and direct encoding which were both very good (you can record with MP3 bit rate of 320!).

            There are both USB1 and USB2 interfaces on the unit and also two headphone sockets (kinda useful when watching a film with a friend on train etc). There is also a socket for a remote if you choose to buy one.

            You can also back up your photos from your digital camera directly without a computer. There is a USB slot at the bottom for this so you can store lots of photos and view them instead of forking out to buy a larger memory card for the camera. THis feature is very useful. You can even steal MP3's from your friend's players directly!

            There are the customary repeat, shuffle play in order settings and fade in etc.

            Other plus points include a very good FM radio and battery life of 16 hours (around 10 if i mix with video)

            The buttons have different functions in each menu and instead of navigating around an extra menu to change different settings, you can simply hold a specific button down for a few seconds. With the iPod, effectively you have only 5 buttons all the time and it becomes fiddly!
            the buttons do need a bit of getting used to but after a few hours, you will appreciate them: it's a lot quicker and you dont have to fiddle around as much with the iriver than with the iPod.

            With 40Gb of space, you wont be running short for a while and just now i have around 14 full length films (10Gb) and about 20 gb of music and files.


            Im really sorry that I've written so much..but here's the summary!

            Against the iPod (5th gen), Iriver H340 stands its ground with authority. It is packed with features that certainly make up for the less appealing exterior and more! I would recommend the iriver H340 if you care more about sound quality, value for money and function than about looks and trend. Everyone seems to think the iPod is the best but for functionality, it doesnt come close to the H340, even now. (Admittedly, the iPod does look really nice and i really like that click wheel!)

            The H340 still performs as well as, if not better than, the new iPods and Zens. In the end, I returned the 5th gen video ipod and decided to keep my "big momma" until a better offering is made...

            oh and another thing, especially with all the worries over the fragility of the iPod.....i've dropped the H340 so many times and it's still working! Solid as a brick!

            (it should be really really cheap now as well!)

            the end..honestly.


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