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Iriver iFP-795 512 MB

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    1 Review
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      27.08.2005 22:26
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      A great buy, top of the range mp3 player.

      Buying an mp3 player can be a very long and drawn-out process, so many different models, memory sizes and manufacturers to choose from. However, no matter what the functions, no matter what the memory of the particular mp3 player, i would like to point out that i river is one of the most quality and value for money manufactures you will find on the market. Therefore, firstly i would like to recommend that no matter what type of portable music device you are looking for, you check out the range of products which i river have to offer before you make any final decisions, and spend money which could have been better spent on a much more quality product.

      As for the IFP-795, i couldn't compliment it enough; it is everything i would have ever wanted from an mp3 player. Appearance wise, it is very compact, weighing in at only 37 grams. The design in very stylish and the mp3 player can be purchased in a variety of colours to suit the preference of the individual buying it.

      As for more general features, like most mp3 players it will support all the major audio formats, MP3, WMA and OGG Vorbis
      However, what i believe really makes this model stand out from the crowd, is the array of extra enhancements which it includes. There is a built in radio, with great signal and also the ability to store preset stations! I say the comment about signal, because as with my previous mp3 player, which was a Panasonic model, i found that often the signal from the radio was very poor, making the quality of the sound not very good, but with all i-river models, this is never a problem.

      Adding to the quality of this product further, there is a built in clock, so that you always know what time it is, and also detailed sound and audio settings, allowing you to make fine adjustments to bass and treble values etc. One of the best features for me, in relation to the radio is the ability to record straight from the radio onto the mp3 player, and even the ability to set a timer to record from a particular time, if there was something you especially wanted to listen 2.

      Other benefits include a much larger playback time than many other mp3 players, although i will warn you that the mp3 is run off a single AA battery, whereas most use AAA batteries. The reverse of the mp3 player is fairly chunky as a result of this, which is not something which the photos reveal, so be wary of this. Having said that, it really is not a major issue for me and this is still an amazing mp3 player. The controls are simple, yet sophisticated, giving you a real feeling of control over the mp3 player, which is not something i have seen in many others, where the controls seem to stick, especially when scrolling through tracks in the library. It can seem to take forever! The display on this mp3 is outstanding, crystal clear with a backlight. There are even settings which allow you to change the contrast and brightness of the backlight, and also how long it remains on for after you have put the mp3 player away.

      Obviously, the mp3 is available in all the usual memory capacities, 128, 256, 512, 1024 MB, so whichever suits you best.

      One final thing, is that all i -river model mp3 players, come with i river music software to help upload music onto the mp3. This is very high quality software, and although i use windows media player for mine, many other people may find extremely useful.

      I have tried to cover all the major aspects of this mp3 player and i hope this will prove helpful to all those who are considering an i-river mp3 player.

      Finally, you may find that i-river mp3 players are priced a little bit higher than its competition, but i urge you not to be put off by this, and pay a little bit more for that extra added quality, you really wont regret it. As for prices... the lowest i have seen is around £85, so when looking try not to pay anymore than that, but do look around to see if u can find anything lower, good luck :)


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