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Iriver U10 2 GB

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    1 Review
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      29.11.2013 20:58
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      • Reliability


      a very good player

      We bought this on eBay second hand as my boyfriend needed a new media player for the gym. We decided to buy second hand as they never seem to last him very long so we didn't want to spend to much money. I had seen this iRiver model a couple of times previously and when I saw a cheap one for sale on the internet we bought it. The iRiver has been out since 2006 but when it came out it was top of the range and retailed at £140. It was the one to rival the Ipods, hence the name I guess.

      ==Price and availability==

      We paid £20 for this second hand which is quite good as the seller was selling it with a case. As it had been cased for most of its life, it was not very scratched or anything.


      In many ways this has more functions than needed but it is a cool little device. For starts it is slim and you can buy arm bands for it so it is perfect for the gym. It only weighs 70 g so it is light and it has a very bright 2.2 inch screen which has 320 x 240 resolution. The screen can be used to play flash games on or utilise the menus which are activated by the margin of the phones screen. It has a built in microphone and a radio. It can even record the radio by using the microphone, a nifty trick we discovered.

      The player is sleek and with all the buttons on the side or built in, it looks really modern and stylish. The screen is easy to navigate and you can quickly skip tracks and toggle with sound. The player makes life easy as it is intuitive and you don't have to spend ages learning how to use the machine. If you are wanting to get the most from it with games, video and music a quick play around and you will soon navigate it like a pro.

      ==My experiences==

      This is really easy and simple to use. In terms of uploading, I found it easy to put music on the machine. I am in chrge of all things digital so I am the one who keeps the music up to date. This player is best used with Windows Media player as you can sync with playlists and drag and drop easily from here. Audio wise the sound is really good and it emits a loud, clear sound. If you are watching a video, the low frame rates make it a little jerky but the function of this player is for music to be listened to in the gym. As it was second hand it did not come with headphones but the sound with my boyfriends preferred headphones are really good. The machine feels light but it also feels quite robust which is good for the gym. The machine's battery lasts for a good 6 hrs before it dies and for an older second hand machine I think this is quite reasonable.


      I think that this is an excellent buy for the price we paid. I probably would not want to spend £140 on it but 7 years ago this was an amazing price for the money. My boyfriend loves this and thinks it is brilliant. I suppose for £20, having a 2GB player with facility to play music and videos is quite good really!


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