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Philips GoGear Mix SA1MXX04K 4 GB

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6 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • nice sound
  • not too good for watching vids on
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    6 Reviews
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      26.06.2015 12:33
      Very helpful


      • "low cost"
      • "nice sound"
      • "good picture for its size"
      • "good sound quality"


      • "not too good for watching vids on"

      A music player that's not an ipod ..??? what ever next?

      This is about 9 cm by 3 cm by 12 cm, which is pretty big compared to some of the players out there, but as this is for both music and videos it would be pointless making it any smaller. It weighs about as much as a thin paperback book that's had the cover ripped off it, being less than ½ gram.
      this has a good 4GB of memory which stores almost a thousand good quality MP3 songs.
      The screen is basic, compared to modern players, with this one showing simple lines of information which you use the hard keys below the screen to navigate around.
      The information is easy to understand, showing the song, who sang it and how long there is on it.
      There are a few settings for the type of music you're listening too, such as choosing from jazz, hip hop and techno, with the choice of making your own settings if you want to.
      You can also watch movies on this but, for me, the screen is a little too short so this was used more for music.
      It has a built in voice recorder with a nice tiny microphone on the body of the player. It also has a radio, which isn't the best as it doesn't really manage to get a good enough signal to most stations.
      The controls are simple,with each one self explanatory, so once you know what's what you shouldn't forget.
      The battery manages to last a fair while too up to 20 hours of music or up to 4 hours of video. I have not tested those claims but I did get a fair amount of listening time when I used it. For £30 this is not a bad player at all.


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      10.07.2012 11:34



      A good little player for a good price!

      Well I read up some reviews of this mp3 player online and I decided to go for it as it was a good price in Argos (£21.99) but had a £10 gift card which brought it down to £11.99 so yeah it was a bargain!

      When I took it out of the box it was the white variation which I must say looks quite classy and it stands out over the black one in my opinion. It looks great and does not have a cheap design. I have always liked Philips products and I thought that this was not going to be an exemption.

      However, this is where the setbacks began for me. I plugged it into the PC and installed the drivers, that went perfectly fine, but then it came to putting music on to the device. This was a massive disappointment. The device just keeps disconnecting from my PC after I manage to copy a song over it just decides to not let you do another one and it comes up with errors all over the place. It was annoying to say the least! Then I decided to try it on my boyfriend's laptop and it seemed to work fine! I must say I found this so weird but I was just glad it wasn't the device that was faulty. I think it has something to do with the fact that my PC is XP but my boyfriend's is Vista, I'm not sure though, I'm not what you call a techno-wiz!

      Anyway when it comes to listening to music it comes out great with the earphones that comes with mp3 player. A good size and the screen is nice to look at and navigation is very easy. It looks great and sounds great and I guess this is all that really matters. Although it would be good if my PC let me transfer to it!


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      17.07.2010 13:30
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great little MP3 player for a fraction of the price of an Ipod

      I was given the 'Philips GoGear Mix SA1MXX04K 4 GB' for my birthday. I used to have an ipod Nano but it broke and was given this as a replacement. To me the quality of the audio output is the most important feature of any mp3 player. I don't care for the games that the ipod's have to offer and never use the video feature.

      As the 'Philips GoGear Mix SA1MXX04K 4 GB' is available from Amazon at around £40, significantly cheaper than that of the Ipod range, I feel that, if I was to purchase this, it would be good value for money especially for someone like myself who only gets joy from the music that is played.

      When I first opened the box, I was surprised to see that the MP3 player itself was quite small. I have purchased mp3 players before but this one seemed noticably smaller. However with it's sleek and slender design, it not only looks great but feels great in the hand. It also arrived with a pair of earphones, which is pretty standard for an MP3 player. However I would suggest purchasing a better pair of earphones in order to get the best audio quality possible.

      The audio quality, when matched with a good pair of earphones is brilliant but if you are spending around £40 on a product such as this then one would expect quality. The volume does not need to be turned up full in order for the user to clearly hear every word of every song. Also there is no sign of the dreaded 'tin noise' that many MP3 players have become associated with.

      It is very easy to navigate, whether it is day or night due to it's colourful LCD screen and backlight. The player itself also comes in a variety of different colours - blue, black and white. It is also easy to put music onto and take music off of, an attribute that the Ipod is certainly lacking in. All one needs to do is pop the MP3 player into a USB drive open up the file and simply drag the desired music to and from the MP3 player.

      Although, as previously stated, I am not one to enjoy the other features of electronic equipment that, for me, only has one real function, it feels only right to also mention the other features that this MP3 player contains. The 'Philips GoGear Mix SA1MXX04K 4 GB' contains a built in microphone and recorder function so that the user can record what he or she wants. I have never personally used this function, nor do I understand why one would want this, however it is there.

      I have never had a problem when using this MP3 player and I do get a lot of use out of it. It is always with me on my travels due to its easy use and small size. I do have other MP3 players but this is the one I mainly use.

      This review is also available on Ciao under the same username


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        09.07.2010 13:45



        If you don't want to spend too much on an MP3 player, buy this.

        The main reasons I bought this were because it was fairly cheap for a 4GB MP3 player, and the small size of the player.

        So, let's start with the size. 4GB is just about good enough of me, although I can only put the very best of my music collection on, but, on the whole, 4GB is more than enough for my needs.

        I also bought this for £30; which I thought was moderately cheap, especially for 4GB, so I wasn't expecting anything special from this MP3 Player.

        The headphones were of very good quality, although they did break after 4 months of using them, which was slightly disappointing and I'm not sure whether it was my fault or the headphones.

        Unlike some MP3 players, it is compatible with WAV and WMA files, but for most people this doesn't really matter.

        There is also a voice recorder, but the quality is quite poor, so there wasn't really any point of adding this.

        Moreover, when browsing through your music, the current song you are listening to stops, which is very frustrating.

        However, I like the fact that you are able to charge the player through your computer because it does save energy, and plug sockets.

        Overall, it isn't the best MP3 player out there, but for £30, because of the 4gb capacity, it is just about worth it.


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        04.05.2010 22:32
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great leap from the days of the old personal 'cassette' walkmans

        A while ago my eldest daughter wanted a new MP3 player and began her usual sweet talking towards me in order for me to get her one. But, as I am trying to get her to try and understand money doesn't grow on trees and she has to start using her own money to buy what she wants, I offered to pay half towards it if she saved up the first half.
        So, a few week later she came back to me with her handful of money and a picture of the MP3 player she wanted. Unfortunately, as I had promised to cover half the cost, I now had to hand over nearly £25 so she could buy the unit of her choice.

        The MP3 player she chose was a rather dinky looking GoGear mix which she really really wanted.

        When I handed over my half of the cash she went ahead and bought the player, quickly loading it with what she calls music. But, as I like to check out such devices, It wasn't long until I was messing about with her new toy... so I can now give you my honest opinion about this smart, dark looking player.

        ** SPECS...

        * 4GB capacity which can stores around 900 MP3 songs
        * Full colour backlit LCD with 4 lines of readable text showing such things as song title, artist and album
        * Preset equalisers, such as hip hop, jazz, techno and even custom
        * In built radio
        * Voice recorder with built in microphone
        * Compatible formats include MP3, WAV and WMA
        * Drag and Drop function for adding songs
        * It has a USB connecter which slides out of the unit.

        ** So that's the basic specs... now for what I think.

        It's about the size of a standard memory stick and a lovely shiny black colour.
        There are controls which run along the top of the unit, consisting of the volume button and the locking switch, these buttons are slightly raised from the main body so as not to accidentally hit.
        There are also controls on the lower section of the front casing and are straight forward, having the play, rewind, fast forward and pause buttons on a sort of cross section, whilst the tune you are listening too is shown on the small yet very clear display which is above the controls.
        These controls are a little on the small side and can be quite tricky if, like me, you are blessed with large fingers.

        The LCD screen itself maybe small but the information shown on it scrolls along and is a good enough size to read without the need for squinting, with the back light helping out brilliantly.
        The menu itself is a doddle to use and understand and it's from here you can access all this units capabilities
        It gives you the option of whether you want to listen to your personal tunes or the radio, or even if you want to record something via the built in microphone. You can also check out your collection of tunes which you have stored in your folders within the unit, choosing which one to listen to. All this is done by a scrolling method via the control on the front, whilst being able to see what your choosing via the clear LCD.

        The headphones which come with this MP3 player may not be the best on the market but they certainly do a fine job in letting you listen to your favourite tracks with good clarity. These headphones also act as an aerial for the in built radio.
        The radio, which is FM, can be manually tuned in or you can use the Auto tune to save time for yourself, although finding some stations this way is a little hit and miss.
        Speaking of the radio, well, this is the one thing that does let this unit down as it is not easy to find a station and when you do the clarity is fuzzy 90% of the time, especially if you happen to be on the move.
        One thing about the radio though is that you can record direct from it, which is good, so long as you don't move mid song and lose reception.

        And not forgetting the inbuilt battery, which when fully charged, can give you on average around 15 hours of playback, which is pretty good really getting a full charge doesn't take too long either, most of the time, via the inbuilt USB connector.

        My daughter has given this unit a top marks and has the earphones more or less permanently attached to her ears, although, in my personal opinion, I was a little miffed at the near £46 price tag as there are many other MP3 players out there for a lot less.

        In all, a nice little 'music player' which is easy to understand, even for a bit of a dinosaur like me, but, like I said, the price is a little on the high side.


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        09.12.2009 00:07
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        An uncomplicated player perfect for simply playing your music anyway you want

        My genetic makeup has doomed me to a life of dropping stuff notably on concrete floors and music players are no exception. As a result I only invest in cheap MP3 Players and not the undoubtedly superior iPods. I probably go through about 3 MP3 Players a year due to my gross negligence when it comes to their safety so I am always on the lookout for a durable, reliable MP3 Player that can withstand my abuse.

        So finally, after years of torturous struggle, I think I might have just found the perfect MP3 player in the Philips GoGear Mix 4GB MP3 Player.

        The Aesthetics

        The Philips GoGear Mix 4GB MP3 Player is a stylish and sleek looking piece of equipment. It is extremely small and light, just marginally bigger than a USB stick and is a nice shiny black colour to suit your inner Goth needs. The main controls along the top of the player (volume and lock/on/off switch) are barely raised above the surface which makes it very hard to inadvertently knock them and send your player off on an unwanted command.

        The main controls sit alongside the full colour display (which has a decent resolution of 128 x 64 pixels) in a small trough and again the buttons are not raised which makes it virtually impossible to inadvertently hit the buttons. The only downside is that the screen is itself a little small, (but the scrolling text displayed on it is quite large and clear so you won't have any issues reading the display) as are the main controls, so occasionally it is possible to slip and hit the wrong button, but with a bit of coordination training this shouldn't really be a problem.

        The headphones are nice and long which is perfect for me as I tend to have my player in my pocket during my tedious train commutes, and although they are not the absolute best quality they are still more than adequate. They also act as an aerial to pick up radio waves but I believe you can replace these with other headphones and still maintain this function.

        One final excellent point for this player is the fact that the USB connector is hidden and can be pushed out using the slide operator on the bottom of the player rather than having a cap which is easily lost. This both allows the player to keep its sleek, streamlined look and means that by having no movable or overhanging parts I am going to find it a lot harder to break something. Perfect.

        The Functionality

        Many of my dead and buried MP3 players (R.I.P) all suffered from the same problem - non-intuitive menus which thankfully this player does not share. The menu is extremely simple to use, when you first turn it on you can choose from Music, FM Radio, Recordings, Folder View, Settings and Last Played just by simply scrolling through with the up and down buttons and then hitting the play button to enter that submenu. To return to the previous menu all you need to do is hit the back button.


        Here is where you can select how you want to listen to your mp3 files. The player automatically divides your songs into Albums and Artists based upon the property information of each individual mp3 file you have uploaded saving you the bother, plus any Playlists that you have organised yourself. You also have the option of shuffling through your entire collection so you can play your music any way you want depending on what mood you are in.

        FM Radio

        With the headphones as the aerial you are able to either manually tune your stations and save them to presets or get your player to automatically search and assign them. I haven't had much luck with this - the auto-search function only found one station and I find the reception very poor for all stations I have manually set. Assuming you can get reception you also have the option to record the station you are listening to which is a nice feature.

        I think the radio would be fine to listen to as long as you don't have to move - not so great if the only place to find reception is standing on a chair in the middle of your living room after 10 minutes of trying to find a receptive place and the first thing you are greeted with upon success is the saccharine warbling of Westlife. It certainly doesn't work particularly well out and about, say for example on a train journey. Imagine having to stand up on a train seat trying to find reception...why people would think you were crazy and move well clear of you....then you would have all the seats for yourself....hmmmm.....hang on a tick......


        The player has a microphone at the top which allows you to take voice recordings. I haven't experimented with length so I don't know how long a recording can be, but the playback quality is very good although background noise is easily picked up, which is not great if that wasn't your intention.


        In this submenu you can set your sound settings including your play mode - repeat or shuffle and your preferred equaliser including Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, Techno and even a Custom designed one where you can fiddle with the bass and treble and all that jazz to your heart's content.

        You can also alter your language settings and your display settings to change the background colour of your display to dark, blue or pink (I opt for dark) or even rotate the screen so it rotates by 180 degrees maybe to allow for right and left handed people. The only thing to look out for if you do that is that the main controls also become inverted so the symbols no longer match the commands.

        Now Playing / Last Played

        This submenu will show you what you are currently playing and also holds a history of the last songs you played when your player is inactive so I guess if you wanted to repeat a song you had just listened to but you had switched off the player this will allow you to do so.

        Pros and Cons


        + 4MB memory so you can fit (supposedly) 900 songs on give or (more probably) take which is great if you just want something to pass the time e.g. commuting
        + Good organisation of your music for a variety of ways to play it back
        + Excellent internal battery life of about 25 hours playback (although mine was probably more like 18 hours which is still okay) so need to buy new batteries each time
        + Intuitive menu so need to read the manual pre-saved on your player unless you like that kind of thing
        + High quality resolution LCD display
        + Very lightweight and small so can be conveniently carried almost anywhere
        + No moving parts so very hard to break
        + Simple to copy files across - just drag and drop in Windows Explorer or a similar program if you are not ensnared in Microsoft's evil corporation
        + Files can only be deleted on your computer and not directly on the player which prevents the accidental misuse of buttons from destroying any vital files


        - Poor quality radio (at least getting reception)
        - Takes a few hours to charge the battery (probably the same for all MP3 Players with an internal battery) so you have to leave your computer on until it has finished so best not to start late at night
        - Small buttons for the main controls so it is possible to hit the wrong button if you're not looking


        This Philips MP3 player suits all my needs. I have no desire to own thousands and thousands of songs so 4MB is more than enough memory for me. Since I use my MP3 player 5 out of 7 days a week on my daily train commute I need it to be durable and reliable to make sure I can block out the sounds of other passengers and so far this one has been very successful. I have only dropped it twice so far which is probably a record for me and so far there has been no loss in functionality.

        With a very easy to use menu system and a great variety of ways to play my music I am very impressed with this particular model. I actually got mine for £33.02 (a nice rounds number) from Amazon but I see now that the price is £44.99. I would suggest that if you can get it cheaper than £44.99 you would probably be getting a bit more of your money's worth.

        The only real downside is the radio is pretty ineffectual, but I don't really ever want to use it so it's no great loss for me. According to my list the pros by far outweigh the cons! Overall, if you want a fairly uncomplicated player that plays your music how you want it to than this is the perfect model for you.


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