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Philips GoGear RaGa SA1943A 4 GB

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    3 Reviews
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      13.10.2012 15:44
      Very helpful


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      The Perfect MP3 Player.

      Being a girl, there aren't many MP3 players that have the look and style for a female to carry and wear. It took me a long time to find a big branded mp3 player from one of the biggest electronic companies, that delivered in a colour that wasn't black or red. The Philips GoGear Raga was a dream come true, not only did it look incredible, but it was a highly functional MP3 player that could compete with the extremely popular Apple Ipod range in both sound, capacity and playback options.

      The first thing that impressed me was the low price range, you can pick one of these up from £29.99- £45 depending on which retail outlet you prefer to shop at. This is fantastic value for money in 2012, since any official Ipod brand, will fetch you on average well over £100-150.

      Secondly the sound quality is exceptionally high, I borrowed my friends mid-range Ipod to do a sound comparison and I couldn't tell the difference, even with the same headphones. If anything, I slightly preferred the Philips. I toggled through all the 6 preset sound, equalizer settings which ranged from Classical, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Techno and Rock. You have the option to turn all of these settings off, which I did, I like to hear my music with crystal and pure likeness, although it's all down to personal preferences. There was also a built-in FM Radio which I've almost never used, which according to the manual can store up to 20 preset channels but I preferred to manually tune, with the couple of attempts I randomly tried.

      Next is capacity, which is 4gb with my model, although I heard it goes up 8gb as well. According to the literature, it can hold 900 tracks at one time and go for 22 hours on a single, full battery charge. The battery charges really quickly, much quicker than my old model. A 5 minute charge will give you an hour playback. You can either charge through your laptop or computer with the USB stick provided, or buy a separate charger. I got a charger off Amazon for £5 which did the job perfectly. You can also check the MP3 player screen at any time to check how full the battery is. It automatically stops charging when it's full.

      The device comes with the standard 1 year warranty. There's a reset switch on the bottom of the mp3 player, which you can hold, with a pen preferably, since it's slightly hidden, which resets the device. I've had to use it once over 800 hours of playback since the screen and player froze and I couldn't even switch off normally that one time. Apart from that, it's been absolutely perfect, with no major glitches or faults.

      The screen is really easy to see, I like that it goes into sleep mode after 10 seconds, to preserve battery life, when you are playing it. This is a feature that is frustratingly left out of most Mp3 player I've tried in the past.
      The audio formats that the Philips Gogear plays and supports fully are MP3, WAV, WMA, APE and FLAC. Philip players are one of the few players to support WAV formats fully. I had an old, audiobook in WAV format, which I needed to listen to for my English classes and nothing else I had tried, would play it, including big name brands like Creative or Sony. FLAC is a great asset, since so much is released in this format now, it's almost essential in 2012, unless you have an audio converter, which can be pretty complex, especially for a girl.

      Lastly, the Philips Gogear is very quick and easy to set up. I had it playing music within 5 minutes out of taking it from the packaging. It's so easy to just drag and drop music files into the folder, like a regular USB stick. Installing any custom software is completely optional, it's nice to have the choice and not be restricted in any shape or form. The mp3 player apparently supports all versions of Windows including 7, the one I'm using on my laptop, as well as Vista, XP and dare I say, anything older than this that has a USB slot. I bought this 5 months ago and it still works just as good as when I first got it. I highly recommend this to anyone, there are quite few other colours out there, for any guys, that are thinking of buying as well.


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        23.11.2011 15:27
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        Great device for the money.

        Why I bought it: we picked up this lovely shiny little MP3 player to leave in our car. We have one of those radio to MP3 gizzmo's so we just wanted something cheap and cheerful to leave in the glovebox.

        Design: The MP3 player has quite a sleek design, alright it isn't an all singing, all dancing iPod, but it has a clean and simple design, bright screen and easy to use control, perfect for on the move when you don't particularly want to be faffing around.

        Usability: The onscreen display is easy to read and bright, the buttons are quite big and not fiddly at all. he user interface is simple to navigate and only requires you to cycle left and right through the options and then middle click to select. Volume controls are built into the central control panel and there is also a hold switch to save you accidently switching songs why it's in your pocket. The device comes with a usb lead to charge through your computer and the battery life is really really good, we probably only charge it every coouple of weeks andd that is with daily use. A battery monitor can be seen on the screen. You can also use the player as a voice recorder and it is compatible with mp3, wma and wav formats.

        Cost: We paid around £25 for our player through argos but it can probably be found cheaper online.

        *Lines of text: 3
        *Resolution: 128 x 48
        *Type: LCD
        *Equalizer customizable
        *Frequency response: 80 - 18 000 Hz
        *Equalizer settings: Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Techno, Classical
        *Signal to noise ratio: > 80 dB
        *Channel separation: 35 dB
        *Output power (RMS): 2 x 3 mW
        Audio Playback
        *Compression format: MP3, WAV, WMA
        *MP3 bit rates: 8-320 kbps and VBR
        *ID3 Tag support: Song title, artist, album
        *WMA bit rates: 5-320 kbps
        *WMA sample rates: 8, 11.025, 16, 22.050, 32, 44.1, 48 kHz
        *MP3 sample rates: 16, 32, 44.1, 48, 11.025, 22.050, 24, 8 kHz
        Storage Media
        *Built-in memory type: NAND Flash
        *Built-in memory capacity: 4 GB
        *Mass storage class compliant
        *Music memory capacity, MP3: Up to 900 tracks*
        *Headphone: 3.5 mm
        *USB: USB 2.0
        *Battery low indication
        *Function: Keypad lock
        *Volume control
        *Firmware upgradeable
        *CD-ROM: Yes, with IFU, Device Manager
        *Headphones: AY3822
        *USB cable: AY3930
        *Quick start guide
        *Device manager: to restore and upgrade
        Green Specifications
        *Lead-free soldered product
        System Requirements
        *PC OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
        *CD-ROM drive
        *Internet connection: Yes (for access to updated support documents, manuals, future firmware and PC software upgrades)
        *USB: Free USB port
        *Playtime on internal battery: Up to 27 hours
        *Battery Type: LI-Polymer
        *Rechargeable: Yes, via USB
        *Blister dimensions (WxDxH): 13.5 x 3.35 x 18.4 cm
        *Product dimensions (WxDxH): 44 x 46 x 15.6 mm
        *Product weight: 0.034 kg
        *Packaging type: Clamshell
        Audio Capturing
        *Audio file format: WAV
        *Built-in microphone: mono
        *Voice recording: ADPCM

        Conclusion: I would recommend this product to anyone who wants an mp3 player for just that... playing mp3's. Quality product for a reasonable price.


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          06.07.2011 19:31
          Very helpful




          I really love this little mp3 player it is so simple and easy to use, yes it is basic but if you just want to listen to music and not have a gadget that does a million other things, this is the perfect little device.

          It is a very light and small device, it has a 1 inch screen and LCD display. Despite being small the screen is really easy and clear to read, and though it is small the buttons are close together but still super easy to use and you can just slip it into your pocket or bag, and though not a slim line design it is very small and easy to carry round so you really can take it anywhere. I have the red one, and it is sort of a metalic red which is a really nice colour and it also comes in silver.

          This is such a simple little device. The layout of the menus are very straight forward and everything is easy to find. The screen isn't colour but it only tiny so it isn't really necessary anyway. Though small I do not have any trouble reading the writting on screen, but if you have poorer eyesight this could be a problem. However you can't always view the whole song title as the screen is little, this doesn't bother me but might be irritating to some. The buttons are small but I have had no problems with hitting the wrong one by accident, the only down side is the lock button on the bottom can break quite easily as it is just a thin clip on piece of plastic. In terms of putting music onto it, it couldn't be easier if you have a computure USB port, simply plug it in and start dropping your music onto it, I use media player and it always recgonises the device automatically. It uses a standard USB cable, which it comes with if bought new.

          I have had no problems with charging it, it is supposed to have 20 hours battery life when fully charged, I don't think it is quite this but it is very close and I don't usally fully charge it. It doesn't use a lot of life playing music and as it isn't a colour screen it doesn't waste as much power as other mp3's. When turning on it can take longer than you want but it isn't really much of an issue.

          I bought this product for £25 from Argos but you could get it cheeper online, and I think it is well worth it, yes it is simple and basic but it does it job perfectly and without hassle and compared to other basic mp3's this is probably one of the best and the cheepest.

          I would definitely recommend this device. If you just want to listen to music and are not fussed about the lastest gadget that does everything then I think you will be very happy with this product.

          This review is also on ciao :)


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