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Philips GoGear SA018102K 2 GB

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    1 Review
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      25.02.2012 15:25
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      • Reliability


      Not bad for the price, ignore the stupid promotional features.

      I bought this MP3 player as something I can use whilst I go on my runs. I needed something, cheap, light , robust and good quality. So philips is a brand I know makes good quality stuff so I went with this one. I also would have got an IPOD, but have you seen how much the switch costs, and you can only fit about 13 songs on it so its a bit ointless, OK so you want to get the next one up and apple dont do a 2GB version, they know what there are doing. I think the next one up is a 4GB which wil set you back a pretty penny and I didnt need to pay for something that I wouldnt be using allot. This is the 2GB version but there is also a 4GB version for a bit more capacity should you need it.

      Ths piece of kit will set you back £20, pretty cheap really for what you get and it has something called Fullsound which gives some enhanced sound feature, but I dont really notcie it myself. The SA0181 2GB MP3 player comes equipped with FM radio and the case is nicely presented in a stainless steel design. You can also get this player in a variety of colours, pink, silver and black etc. But as its quite cheap the colour will tend to coe off a the sides and corners rather quickly as it has been obvously painted on very cheaply and you wil see the silver plastic underneath very quickly.

      So this Philips' innovative FullSound technology apparently restores sonic details whatever that means ?!, pwersonally I think the music sounds CD quality yes and it reduces distortions. The promotional stuff will blind isde you with technical language, I bet its not that complicated really and uses some sort of new processor. This will produce fuler bass and you can hear ot and booste voice and individual instrument clarity. This player also has a shuffle capability and you can play any tune any time, but this is a basic function that you would expect from an MP3 player.

      Its good for my running as it has a built-in clip so I can clip it onto my shorts and just go out and go running.

      Technically it has all the usual features, like a USB connection, so you can charge and manage you music via a laptop or tablet computer, so you obviously get a cable for this. There is no software disc with this unit, you have to do a kindve ipod joby and log onto GoGear on the net and manage your files that way, so thats quite handy and as you would expect it uses the 'drag and drop' mecahnism to do this. The play, stop, fast forward etc features are all managed via buttons on the top of the unit, which is well ergonomically designed and feels comfortable to touch.

      The storage apacity of about 400 songs is based on 64kbps wma or 128 kbps MP3 encoding. But the actual transfer rate will depend on the operating system and software configeration of your PC.

      All in all this is a cheap but effective MP3 player that will do the job well at a reasonable quality of sound and the casing is rather robust, I have dropped it a few times and it didnt crack or break so i am rather pleased about that.


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