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Philips GoGear SA3225 2 GB

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    4 Reviews
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      27.06.2009 18:36
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Highly Recommended at the Right Price

      There are loads of MP3 players with video capabilities out there that are much better than this one is, simply because they have a much high storage capacity. But the beauty of buying this little 2gb one is that the new 16gb players have convinced people that a tiny one like this isn't worth having. So you can get this from places in their clearance sections for as little as £10 now! £15 - £25 is a more realistic price to look for though, I personally paid £12.50 for mine. 2gb isn't a lot of storage, but it's all I need for my personal use, though I might decide I want more storage as time goes by. For now, this is ideal for me. I've got several hundred songs on here, as well as about 50 photos and 6 ten minute videos - with lots of space still available to use.

      When you first get this, it's really easy to set up and get it charging. There's a USB lead included so you plug it into your computer to charge it up. Initially, it needs charging for five hours, but thereafter you can charge it for four hours to get 100% charge, or two hours to get 80% charge. You can just carry on with whatever you'd normally be doing while it's charging, and you can drag and drop stuff to it while it's going as well.

      To get your bits on here, you can just open up My Computer or Internet Explorer and drag and drop files to the appropriate folders on your Go Gear. The Go Gear shows up like a USB external device would, next to your F drive and what not, so you can go into it and fiddle around adding or deleting files really easily.

      You can transfer bulks of MP3 music files in one go, for instance you can just pick up an album and drop it over the Go Gear if you want to copy the whole album at once. It only takes a matter of seconds to get music files on here. A good tip is that you can just chuck all the files on top of the 'music' file on the Go Gear drive, and the Go Gear will sort them out itself into albums etc. I thought I was going to have to do that myself, but the Go Gear did it automatically. Getting photos on here is just as simple, drag and drop them onto the 'photo' folder the same as you did with the MP3 files on the 'music' folder.

      It's getting video on here that's the time consuming bit. It took me a while to figure it out, but I got there in the end! Firstly, all files have to be in WMV format, and that's before you even convert them for use on the Go Gear using the conversion software that's included. I found the easiest way to get little videos on here was to pinch some off you tube using Mozilla Firefox, which is able to convert them into WMV files at the same time (YouTube's automatic format is FLV).

      That took me about five minutes per ten minute clip to download, and then it takes another ten minutes or so to convert them in the Go Gear conversion software. It's very simple to do, just open the software, open the file you want, select 'device' while your Go Gear is plugged into your computer, and click 'convert'. But the drawback is how long it takes. To get a ten minute video onto your player, it easily takes fifteen to twenty minutes!

      I think it's worth doing though if you know you're going to want to show someone a video, or do like I do and keep a kid entertained. You can get all kinds of Mickey Mouse cartoons off YouTube that you can put on here, so little ones can sit still and be quiet when you're stuck in traffic or waiting in a long line at the doctors.

      Using the Go Gear is quite easy. You hold down the middle button to boot up the device, then use the up and down arrows to navigate between folders. Use the middle button to select the folder you want, then choose what you want to play. The buttons are quite small so you have to be a little bit careful, but over all this is easy to get around. To get out of anything, there's a return button above the control panel. To turn this off, just hold down the central button for a few seconds until it says "bye" on the screen.

      The sound quality of this is alright. Not the best I've ever heard, and not even an improvement on the last budget discman I had. But it's perfectly acceptable, and the headphones included with it did the job. For ease of volume control, there's a plus and minus button on the top side of the device which you can use during play.

      The video quality is also pretty decent considering the price of these things nowadays. I was surprised to find that you really can watch a cartoon on the tiny little screen, and see quite clearly everything that's going on. Don't expect top of the range graphics, and be prepared for a tiny blur to the fine details. But all in all, this is surprisingly watchable and easy to get on with.

      My only grumble with this really is the shuffle function for music. For some reason, it likes to pick the same tunes over and over again! It seems to stick to fifteen main songs out of the hundred I've uploaded to it? You can over come this by simply making your own assorted playlists, but I'd have rather been able to get a random selection.

      The battery life so far has been excellent for me, though I've only had mine for a couple of weeks it has to be noted. I find that it lasts for a good fifteen to twenty hours when fully charged, which when you're using it is a lot more than you might think it is. Over all I'm really chuffed with this for the price I paid. I think if you're going to pay Amazon's current price of £50 you're being had though, as you can get similar makes like Sony with double the storage capabilities for around that price. If you grab this as a clearance item like I did though - you're in for a real bargain.


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        25.06.2009 16:18



        Not bad when it actually works!

        I have never been the greatest fan of this little mp3 player, from the moment I got it. It looks quite nice with its black glossy finish and was cheaper than the iPods, ok the quality is great sound picture etc, and I only wanted it to play music on whilst going too and from college. Simple! It seemed perfect. For the first month or so it seemed to be able to cope with this pretty well until the main button kept getting stuck, up until the point I could no longer change the song or return to the menu. Luckily I managed to get this sorted but the problem kept happening, by this time the guarantee was up, I carried on using it with some difficulty until about 9 months after buying it the screen started to break up and I could no longer see what I was playing and eventually the screen went completely white, (however, I will say the music still played.)
        Overall I'd say spend that bit of extra money and go for the iPod, not the best and I wouldn't recommend it.


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        08.01.2009 23:21
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great little gadget

        My last MP3 player that i had was the Ipod shuffle, and i mean the first version out, it lasted really well, just finally kicking out its last breath in november of last year, so being the music fan that i am, i felt lost walking around without noise blasting down my earholes, so i knew i had to do something about it, que this review.

        Now i'm not the type of person to rush straight into buying things, so i had a look on the internet and in shops, and finally in Tesco I saw this little beauty, the Philips SA3225, smiling back at me on the shelf, it seemed to be saying to me "buy me, buy me", I was looking for something that:
        Looked nice - small, black and silver, pretty sexy - CHECK
        Pretty affordable - £44.96, great - CHECK
        Plenty of room for the noise - 2GB, plenty for me - CHECK
        It seemed to tick all the right boxes for me, so yeah you guessed it, i bought it. When i got it home i couldn't wait to have a fiddle with it.

        *THE LOOK*
        The MP4 player came in clear vacuum packed plastic, which is always a pain to get into, the type where you get the big scissors on it and end up with bits of sharp plastic all over the floor, or maybe thats just me? Anway after finally getting into it, i was able to handle my new little gadget. Upon first notice it was small and light, therefore easy to carry around in a pocket or in a bag, or infact carry around in your hand and show it off, (although not recommended with the yob culture of today), but as you've probably already gathered, it's a really stylish looking player.

        The whole of the front is black, with just a small millimeter thick silver ring around the navigation buttons, and the whole of the back of the player is silver, (nice and shiny, can be used as a mirror, multifunctionality is the key). On the front is a nice big screen, 1.8" LCD colour screen, for easy viewing of pictures and videos , navigation of songs, and just ease of general use. The navigation buttons are easy to press, but not too easy, you won't just accidently change the song buy slipping your hand in your pocket and catching the buttons, even if that is the case, there is a lock switch on the botton edge of the player. Also on the bottom edge is a reset button, the plug hole for the usb cable and the plug hole for the headphones. The headphones supplied with the player are fully black, they are of real good quality and fit perfectly in the ear.
        With the player came a CD rom, which i put into the computer and downloaded the programs off it. I plugged the player into the USB slot on my computer to chanrge it up. After charging my player for the recommended hours,(which i cannot remember for certain, but i think it was around 4-6 hours) i was able to switch it on, and immediately the crispness and brightness of the LCD screen was visible. I had a play around, it was simple to navigate, it was all really self explanatory.

        Uploading the things you want on the player is really straightforward:

        1. Plug usb cable into player (no need to turn it on)
        2. Navigate to the (E:) drive in My Computer
        3. Depending on the type of item you're putting on the player, navigate to the right folder, i.e Music
        4. Copy and paste the music you want into that folder, also you can make folders of different artists/types of music or whatever you like, just make a folder in the Music folder (on the computer, not player) i.e make a folder called Katy Perry, click on the Katy Perry folder and then copy and paste the songs into that folder.
        It also works the same way for pictures and videos. That is the easiest way of doing it, in my opinion.

        Up to date i've put music, videos and pictures onto the player. The pictures are crisp and look just as good as they do on the computer, but obviously smaller. The videos are also just as crisp as they are on the computer, and the sound isn't distorted as i have found before on my friend's players.

        When switched on the player goes to the main screen with all different options:
        FM Radio
        Text reader
        Folder view

        These are easily navigated to by scrolling up and down and with the push of a button.
        Big round button: up/down/left/right
        smaller round button in middle of big button: switch off/play/pause
        small button in top right corner: back button

        The battery life is really good on it, i usually use my player walking to and from work, and just around town shopping and things, and since november i've charged it around 3 times, so it has a decent battery life.

        Well the advantages on this product for me was firstly the price, the look of the product, the ease of use, and the good brand that is Philips, which has been around for quite a while now.
        The disadvantages are pretty tough for me really, as i can't see any. If i was going to be picky, i'd say the packaging could of been better (vacuum packed), but then again do we really need heaps of stylish packaging, box upon box, when it doesn't alter the product itself?

        *BITS AND BOBS*
        20 hours battery life
        Li-Polymer battery type
        FM Tuner and Radio
        4 Hours of video playback
        Holds upto 450 songs
        Stores upto 2 hours of video

        Product Depth 0.1 cm
        Product Height 4.5 cm
        Product Width 0.8 cm
        Screen Resolution 220 x 176 pixels
        All in all i feel the Philips SA3225 is a neat little Mp4 player, ideal for any ages. It's easy to use, stylish and does the job that it was built to do, play all those songs that we love, and a little bit extra. Classy and affordable, at a snip of £44.96 (prices vary at other shops) what more can a music lover ask for?

        Thank you for reading.


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        05.11.2008 13:32
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Great MP3 Player

        I love this MP3 Player, I have a few different ones but seem to use Philips a lot. I love the black Gloss Finish, its very sleek and modern. My friend recently borrowed mine for her daughter to watch a film on whilst on an aeroplane. I love the fact that they are so versatile and the quality is fab. The 2gb version is great for kids, but I have just upgraded to a 8gb Philips MP3. They are a great price. Argos often have them in the half price sale so you can pick up a great bargain. Its so easy to copy music from your pc onto the MP3, you just link it via usb to your pc then using windows media player 'drag and drop' the files and thats it done. Simple.The only bad thing I have to say is that the SA3225 does seem to scratch quite easily, but not a problem if you look after it.


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