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Philips GoGear SA6085 8 GB

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    3 Reviews
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      19.09.2013 15:07
      Very helpful
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      A high quality media player with a strong design and great features.

      I've had this MP3 player for years and I'm very fond of it, I received it as a gift and it's been used heavily ever since. It's getting quite hard to find now and in my opinion the newer models aren't as good so here's my review while you can still find it.

      What Is It?
      The Philips GoGear is a media player that can play MP3s, videos, display pictures and has a built in radio. It's lightweight and compact with clear, easy to use controls. The screen is small due to the overall size of the player but large enough to view pictures and videos comfortably. The comprehensive on-screen menus allow for easy navigation and the variety of features mean you can listen to music the way you want to.

      The build quality is also fantastic and it's held up well after several years of heavy use and being stuffed in pockets, bags and draws.

      The GoGear looks pretty sleek and modern with a glossy black and matte silver finish. The player is slim and lightweight and rectangular in form. The front is black and around two thirds is taken up with the display screen with the rest given over to controls with the Philips name underneath the screen in reflective silver text. The sides, top and back are matte metallic silver and house further controls, a lanyard clasp and ports for headphones and a usb cable. The reverse is also black and has the name of the player and storage size in silver text. A small screw is at the bottom should the player need to be opened up for repairs or battery replacement. However in about 8 years I've never had to replace the battery and it still charges well.

      The controls are simple and sit flush with the face of the player. On the front are the following: On/off button, navigation arrow keys and menu button. Along the top is the volume control and the bottom of the player houses the lock button, reset button, usb port and headphone socket. On the left-hand side of the player you will find the playlist button and the microphone.

      Internal Storage: 8GB
      Expandable Memory: No
      Power: 800mAh Li-ion internal rechargeable battery
      Connectivity: USB 2.0
      Display: LCD 320 x 240 pixels 65K colours
      Headphones: 3.5mm jack
      Channel Separation: 40dB
      Equalizer Settings: Rock, Funk, Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop, Dance, Custom
      Frequency Response: 60-18000Hz
      Size: 93.5 x 53.2 x 12.5mm

      Files Supported:
      Video: WMV
      Pictures: JPG
      Music: MP3 and WMA
      Radio: FM

      In The Box:
      MP3 Player
      USB Cable
      Quick Start Guide
      CD ROM

      CD-ROM contains:
      Windows Media Player 11
      Philips Device Manager
      MediaConverter for Philips
      User Manual
      Frequently Asked Questions

      The MP3 player has the following functions in this order on the home screen: Video, pictures, music, radio, voice recording, settings, now playing.

      Music can be sorted by either album, artist, genre or playlist and playlists can be created with Windows Media Player (WMP) or songs added to the built-in playlist with one click of a button. It is also possible to add and change album art and edit song information with WMP.

      Audio playback options include shuffle, repeat one and repeat all. The 'sound' of the audio can be customised via the equalizer where you can choose from pre-set options or create your own.

      I received this as a gift so I'm not certain what was paid but I think it retailed at about £50 at the time.

      Unfortunately this MP3 player is no longer being manufactured by Philips but can be found online usually second hand but sometimes still new for between £18 - £35.

      My Experience
      I really love this MP3 player and I don't know what I'll do if it ever stops working. The charge lasts really well, taking about 3 hours to fully charge and then lasting for a few weeks at the amount I use it. The option to categorise music by artist, album or genre makes it very easy to find what I'm looking for quickly and the audio quality is excellent.

      I've used the equalizers several times to enhance different aspects of songs or make a slightly tinny MP3 sound full-bodied and higher quality. Whilst I've played with the custom setting a few times the built-in ones are so good I usually just choose one of those.

      The screen, whilst relatively small is high quality and allows for easy menu navigation and music videos are colourful and clear. It's also great to view photos on and the crisp display does them justice.

      I very rarely use the radio but on the few occasions I have it's been clear without the signal breaking up.

      My only problem is that as time has gone on the playlist has started to malfunction. Sometimes the included 'Playlist On The Go' refuses to clear and some custom ones I've loaded up have glitches such as listing some songs twice or not loading at all. I do wonder if this has something to do with the firmware for this device no longer being updated by Philips as I use the newest Windows Media Player and it may not be compatible any more. Who knows? The manual doesn't list this in the problem solving section and it's not such a great problem to me that I feel the need to contact the manufacturer.

      Once the playlist refused to co-operate I ordered a newer version of this media player but found it inferior so returned it. I'd much rather have a high quality device with a minor flaw than a problematic 'shinier' version.

      I can happily recommend the Philips GoGear to anyone in the market for a (now) bargain priced media player. It just lasts and lasts and the build and sound quality is fantastic!


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        05.07.2008 16:11
        1 Comment



        get a ipod or walkman

        i love this mp4 player mine is well good . it looks so nice . it is very slow though . the software is lametastic too . i think that the slide show feature with the pictures is very pointless . it took ages to put my tuneage on there too it took me more than a day to do . and i only filled up less than half the memory before i gave up . the videos are well good they have really good quality considering the size of the screen . the headphones wern't very good either i ended up getting sony ones because the sound was better . the phillips ones were not any good at all . the radio feature is fairly decent apart from having to retune it everytime time that i go to a different area . overall its godd if you cant afford a sony walkman or an ipod but if you can afford one then get it.


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          25.05.2008 15:55



          Is is very slow. It takes more than 1 minute and a half to start.If you try to change the names of recorded files you get a mess.Philips is not going to make any update for the firmware of this product.It doesn't read txt files, whereas the Gogear 4 Giga reads txt files.The Philips device Manager does not show the wav files.


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