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Philips GoGear ViBE SA2VBE08R 8 GB

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    1 Review
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      22.01.2011 19:07
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      see review x

      My boyfriend gave me the Philips gogear vibe, as he had just bought an apple iphone and felt he had no real need for an mp3 player too, as the iphone was just as good as his mp3 player. Apparently he paid just over £80 for it. And so far I think it is worth the money paid. But as I got it for free its even better loll.

      This mp3 player is pretty small in size, when I saw it I did not think you could buy such a small mp3 player that would do so much.
      The player is red on the back and sides and has black on half of the front the rest is all red. These can come in different colours also. The screen is 1.5 inch in size, which granted is a little small but it is still easy to see, as the background on the screen is black, and the songs are wrote in white, so this does make them stand out and easier to see.

      On the front of the screen after you have not pressed no buttons for a few seconds the date and time displays on the screen in big white letters. On the front you have a silver button right in the middle, which is your play/pause button. To either side you have a little red dot. It does not tell you on the player what these buttons are but this is to skip a song or go back to a previous song. Then you have a button at the top and bottom of the play button, these are the buttons that move you up and down when you are in the song lists or for the options which I will talk about later.
      Just under the screen you have your back button, which moves you back to the previous screen, then you have another button, which gives you all your play options, and your settings screen.

      At the top of your mp3 player you have two buttons, these control your volume up and down. Then at the bottom of the player you have your hole for the usb lead to go into. And also the headphone port too. The power on/off button. This is a slide button to power the device on you slide it across, and to turn it off you slide it across again. You can also lock the device so as not to accidentally press any buttons to do this you just slide it the other way, and the same again to unlock it. If you have no music playing and you do forget to switch your power off the player will automatically switch off after about 15 minutes. I find this really good as I do forget to turn it off a lot, and it helps to save the battery.

      When you switch the devise on you are presented with all your different folders that you have in your phone these are as follows:

      This is where all music put onto your player is stored. You can apparently store up to 1800 songs on the player although I don't have that many songs so really cant say if that's true, although I did manage to have at least 900 on it at one point so I know it can hold that.
      On clicking on music you have 5 different options to choose from. The first one is all songs; this gives you a list of all the songs that you have uploaded onto the player. At the top of all your songs you have a shuffle all, which will play all your songs at random. The songs in here are all listed in alphabetical order.

      The second one is artists this lists all your artists in alphabetical order again. The next one is albums yet again this lists all the albums into alphabetical order. Then you have play lists, this is where you create a play list of all your favourite songs. You can have up to 3 different play lists and can delete them at anytime you want by just clicking delete play lists at the bottom of it. To add a song to your play list just click on the song you want then click on the key at the right hand side and scroll to the option add to play list and select what play list you would like to add it to.
      The lastly you have audio books, yet again this is something that I have not used so cant comment too much on this.

      When you are playing a song if you click the button to the right hand side you get some options, this button can only be used when you are in the middle of playing something on the player. You have the play mode option, which lets you repeat the song and also shuffle. You have the sound option, which you can sort out how you like your music to sound and the loudness, you have the full sound setting which I always have switched to on. Then you have the equalizer where you can have the options of rock, pop, jazz ECT. Then you have your volume limit. This is basically your volume sound I always have this set to full, as I like my music loud.
      Then you have your add to play list and remove from play list option which is explained above. Then you have your delete option this will remove the song totally from your mp3 player.

      This can apparently play any mp4 videos although I have tried and failed to add some to my player. I don't know if I am doing this wrong or they just wont work, as it does come with 2 videos already installed and they do work. So my guess is I am doing something wrong loll. The picture quality though of the mp4's that are on there do seem pretty good and the sound is good on them also. On the settings for this you can only delete the video no other options are available.

      This stores any pictures that you desire to put onto your mp3, I haven't downloaded any personal ones to it, as I have my phone for that, but it does download album art onto your player automatically. The player can apparently store up to 2000 pictures although again I can't say that it is true. From what I have seen from the album art are good quality pictures, so I think any personal pictures uploaded onto here would be good also. On the options key for this you can either delete your picture, or you have a slideshow setting with this you can set the time for each picture to show on screen, repeat a picture or shuffle them.

      FM RADIO
      This player's radio channel, which is not something, I really use, as I prefer to listen to my music I have uploaded to my player. The radio can hold up to 20 pretuned stations and they do tune in pretty well. No crackles once it is tuned perfectly. In the options it has an auto tune button, which will go through the radio stations for you until you find the one you are after. You can also record the radio station so if you are listening to a good song just hit record in options and it will record for up to 4 minutes. The it will ask you if you want to save your recording if you click yes it will store these in recordings for you.

      This is for you to do voice recordings this is another part I haven't really found the need to use. You can do voice recordings although I have never tried this but you can record for up to 4 minutes, then you have the recordings library. This is where all recordings from voice and your radio are stored.

      This simply just shows all your folders that are listed above so they can be seen more easily.

      This is where you sort out all your settings for your player. These include play mode, which is described under the music section. Then you have sound settings, which are once again explained, under the music section of my review.

      You then have your sleep timer I find this handy as sometimes I like to fall asleep listening to my music and once its finished a play list it will just start from the beginning gain, so it will just play all through the night. The sleep timer can be set from 1 minute up to 99 minutes and will shut down after the desired time set.
      You have a display setting which is where you can set your brightness of the screen, you can also set a screen saver, so if you do have a nice picture that you like you can set this to be on the front of your screen. Your date and time can also be set in the settings, which is displayed on the front of your player after a few minutes of not pressing any buttons.

      Then you have your pc connection preferred which to be honest I don't really understand so have just left this as what it was already set at. In here you can also restore yours mp3 player to its factory settings, and you can format your devise, which means basically everything on your player would be deleted.

      The devise has got a great battery life; it can last up to 24 hours playtime and up to 4 hours video playback. I have never let my battery run too far down so not sure if it does last this long, I think the longest I have played it without charging is about 10 hours. But it did still have around half of its battery life left. The battery life is displayed on your screen at the top in the right hand side. I don't think I have ever used an mp3 player that has such a good battery life; normally I have had to charge them daily but don't have to with this one.

      To mp3 player does not actually have any charger, it is all done through an usb lead so unless you have got a computer this would seem pretty pointless. The lead for the player however is really short it's about the same size as the mp3 player. This I am not too keen on as I like a longer lead so I don't have to bend down to plug it in, lazy I know loll. On plugging the charger in it loads up Philips songbird up which I will explain in my review. And also loads up a screen that shows you all the folders loaded on your player.
      I am not sure how long it takes to fully charge up the mp3 but I usually leave it plugged in for around 3 hours and its usually got full battery by then. When you unplug your player from the usb it updates automatically even if you have not added any songs to it. This usually only takes a few minutes.

      This is supposed to install onto your pc automatically when you first plug your mp3 into the usb port. I am not sure if its my computer but this did not happen on mine, so to install it I had to go to my mp3 folders scroll down to set-up and then it installed it on my pc. I thought this would be pretty straight forward to use, but I prefer not to really use it, I find it pretty pointless.

      When you first install it, it asks you where you would like your music to be imported from, once you have chosen it then imports all music to the songbird for you, and any other music that you have in there after that it automatically transfers.
      I thought I would be able to just transfer music straight from here, instead of having to move it over myself, but you have to move the music from the player yourself and you cant do a full album. I had to do it song by song. So basically this is pretty useless and I never use it.

      Now this is quite simple without using the songbird. On plugging the mp3 player in it automatically opens up your mp3 player folders, simply just click on music, open where your music is stored then grab the folder you want to transfer and drag it to the music folder of your mp3 player and then it will begin transfer. You can either do a full album or just one song if you prefer. Transfer of a full album can take up to 5 minutes. But it's very simple to do. Once you have transferred what you want to, just unplug your mp3 player and it will automatically update your new songs onto your player.

      The mp3 comes with headphones, the sound on this is really good, I have had louder mp3 players, but there is no muffles in the sound and it is still pretty loud, so it is ideal if you don't want to burst an ear drum loll. You can plus normal speakers into the player, I use my computer speakers. The sound does not seem as loud on these as it does through the headphones but it's still loud enough to enjoy listening to. The sound is really perfect for easy listening and to enjoy a good song without having it blasting your ears.

      I love my mp3 player there is really nothing too bad that I can say about it, the size of it is nice and compact so it can just slide into your pocket, the sound for me anyway is perfect, and its really easy to navigate around.

      The only two problems I have with this is the fact that the usb lead is very short and that you install Philips songbird, which is very pointless.
      My boyfriend never had any problems with this, and so far neither have I. There are so many different things that you can do with the mp3 player and loads of great options that I do think are needed. I would definitely recommend this to buy, and I think if mine did break I would go out and purchase the same one. I wouldn't recommend though if you do like your ear drums bursting with the loud music, it is loud but only to the extent as you don't make everyone else listen to you music while your sat on the bus loll.

      THIS DEVISE STATES THAT IT IS COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS VISTA OR XP. So if you have windows 7 I am not sure this would work for you.


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