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Philips SA2110 1 GB

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    2 Reviews
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      13.10.2011 22:57
      Very helpful



      Good, cheap all rounder.


      I am going to see a couple of concerts in the next few days and you know how boring and monotonous a coach or train journey can be without a bit of music well I was looking to buy something cheap to see me through as my latest MP3 player didn't seem to want to charge so I looked for my old one which I hadn't used for probably over a year but knew I had it somewhere and when I found it I added a battery (It takes AAA batteries) and plugged it into my computer via usb to have a look what was on there and to add or remove files to adjust for my listening pleasure. I bought this player a couple of years ago when I was heading to my Dad's for Christmas and needed a cheap mp3 player to listen to music with obviously. I'd seen an advert on the TV that they were being sold in Halfords for just £9.99 which I thought was an excellent deal for an mp3 from a brand as well known as Philips.

      **The Player**

      The small size of the player is instantly clear and it features a small screen which is lit Green and shows the text of the various options which the player has and it's easy to scroll through your different folders to find the particular artist, track or album you want to listen to. The volume controls are on the top of the player clearly marked with an up and down sign with "vol" in the middle of that. To the side of that is the menu button and the option up and down and then finally you have the track up and down options which will also allow you to scroll through the various artists, albums and tracks on the player and also the various options. This particular player is 1GB but you can find the same player with larger storage if you particularly like the look of the player, the small capacity may hinder you if you want a lot of music on it so you might need to carefully keep an eye on the capacity left as tracks are added.

      **The Sound**

      Like with any MP3 player I would recommend you replace the headphones which are supplied for something a little better. Nowadays you don't need to spend too much money to get headphones of a decent quality and if you are like me and sound quality matters to you then it's worth investing in headphones. I use the player with my Sennheiser HD485s which I have reviewed here and highly recommend. The sound is surprisingly good for such a cheap mp3 player but the Philips name impresses again. The bass is strong and detailed and the mid-range and vocals are well displayed. Overall you'd expect the sound to have been from a more expensive mp3 player which is an excellent plus for this particular player. Some of it may be the headphones but you can't produce what the player can't do.


      I would recommend this mp3 player to someone who just wants a cheap, good quality mp3 player and doesn't mind using batteries. The playback is dependent on the quality of the battery but a good full battery will give you around ten hours of continuous playback. The pluses are that it's sound quality is very good even for the price and the USB stick is included which allows direct access to your music which you can simply drag and drop into the relevant folder. Overall this is an excellent little player and would be ideal for a second mp3 player for the gym or transporting music to a friends house maybe or for those who aren't fussed about the latest ipod or archos and just want something that will also do what it says on the tin. Play MP3s. The battery life may be too little but the performance is good and you can always replace the batteries.


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        13.11.2008 19:27


        • Reliability


        good if you want somthing cheap

        Last year, I bought this mp3 player for my mum. It was her birthday and I didn't know what to get her, so I thought what better than something she wont know how to use and will never use even if she could use it anyway.
        So I was looking on eBay for a cheap mp3 player, when I came across this one. I bought it for just under £15, which is quite cheap as there still in shops for about £20 now.
        My main purchase decision was that it looked good, and also it was a Philips, a brand my mum would have actually heard of, I mean If I got her an ipod shed just think that was the netto of mp3 players, so Philips was defiantly a sensible choice.

        Another tipping point of purchase, was that this has 1gb of memory, this is really quite good as most of these little mp3 players only have 512 and some just 128mb of space, so 1gb defiantly sounded good.
        The design of this is quite a compact little oval shaped device. Its body is silver and white, with a black section around the screen. The screen is small, however easy to read what songs to play and to navigate through the menus.
        At the end of one side, the lid comes off so that this can plug directly into a computers USB port, its so easy to put songs onto, however I don't think my mum did ever manage it because when I recently checked what was on there, it was the exact same songs I had put on it for her in the first place.

        The best thing about this must be its battery life, a massive 10 hours actually. So this could easily last you quite a few days as you probably wont listen to it all day every day.
        Another great thing, in my opinion, is that it takes just 1 AAA battery. Now some people might prefer how an ipod has a built in battery, which you never have to change and you just plug it in and charge it.
        However I prefer this 1 AAA option. This way when you think your going to need another battery you just take one with you, where ever your going and when the other runs out, just pop a new one in. its just so, much easier.
        Lets say for example, you took an ipod on holiday and its battery ran out, there's nothing you can do, unless you took a laptop and a USB wire, however with this mp3 player, just pop out to your local holiday resort shop, buy an AAA battery, which are available in pretty much any country, and your sorted.

        Another thin to say about this is that you can change the display language, oh the joy iv had changing to Chinese and then seeing if I could change it back to English.
        The quality of the mp3 is hard to comment on, its rather the quality of the tracks, but every song iv played on here sounds great, and there haven't been any pauses during the songs and so far it hasn't broke yet. However maybe this is due to the little use it clearly has.

        This player does come with earphones too, however if your going to use it a lot then you might want to invest in a better pair, there's nothing wrong with these ones, however there a bit basic and I usually buy a quite good pair of earphones if I get a new mp3 player.
        Altogether this a really good mp3 player if you want something cheap but does the job well, it also makes a good gift, however when you do give it to somebody your probably best thinking through if they will ever actually use it.


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