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Philips SA3124 2 GB

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2010 19:35
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      Worth the money.

      I got this a couple of years ago, after moaning that I couldn't listen to music and having no money to buy an mp3 of my own, my sister very kindly gave me her old one.

      The look of this product is reasonable, it looks a little like a mobile phone! The shell of the mp3 is white with a glossy finish. The area around the screen and buttons is black. The back of the mp3 is chrome with the words "GoGear 2GB" etched into it. Undeneath this is a square which says "Plays Windows Media", then there's all those little symbols that I don't really know the meaning of, such as that funny "C" shaped one. There's a description of some sort in tiny lettering, I imagine from the looks of it that it's French, but that's not really important.

      This mp3 has a colour screen with buttons for "Menu" and "Playlist", there's also a control pad type thing to navigate through all the Menus. You've got your off/on button too. On the right hand side of the mp3 you have your buttons to control volume and on the left is a slider with a lock symbol on it and an arrow pointing upwards to the word "mic", to be honest I have no idea what this does really as I've never had any reason to use it.

      When you turn the mp3 on, a white screen will flash up with "Philips" written in blue, then the word "GoGear" in black. You come to a home screen where you can access your music, photos, videos, radio, recordings, settings and now playing. When on the music menu it gives you the option of playing all songs or choosing from artists, albums, genres or playlists. To make your own playlist is simple but a little time consuming, when the song you want is playing you just press the playlist button and it will be added to your list.

      2GB doesn't sound like a lot of space but this mp3 can hold around 600 songs - maybe more. The sound quality is excellent, I really can't fault it in any way.

      As already mentioned, you can store photos on this mp3, you can even make a little slideshow. The photos come out very well despite the small screen.

      Another feature is watching videos, personally I haven't used this feature but I've been told that to watch videos they need to be of an smv format. You can easily convert your videos to that if you wish as there are many converters available online.

      The radio on this mp3 is reasonable though the signal might not be good when travelling, you can listen to both local and national radio stations with the device itself acting as an aerial. There's also the option of auto-tuning.

      The recording feature is quite good though could be better, it picks up sounds quite well and the quality is again good.

      For settings you can choose from are things like language, backlight, radio settings etc. All the things you need really though the thing I find most important is the equalizer, this is the option to change what type of sound you want.

      I found this mp3 easy to use though navigating your way round it can take time as you have to click with the arrows, it doesn't have the scroll feature that the iPod has. To put songs on it is easy - just drag and drop your files as this mp3 connects to your computer via USB. The mp3 can also be recharged through your USB too. For the price I'd say it's a great little gadget, worth buying to give it a go at least.


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