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Samsung YP-U2RQB 2 GB

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    3 Reviews
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      24.06.2012 16:48
      Very helpful
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      As a cheap mp3 player it does do the job

      This is my "spare" MP3 player and I have had it for about six years. I used it as my main MP3 player for two or three years before I got an ipod.

      This MP3 player is quite simple and basic but I have generally been quite happy with it over the years.

      It is very small and compact, making it handy to keep in my pocket. It is lighter and much less bulky than my ipod classic, so I would rather use this one while running or playing sports.

      === Loading and organising music ===

      It is very simple to use and load with music. It came with a CD rom of Samsung software, but I never even installed this and it is not necessary. The MP3 player takes the form of a USB flash drive and you connect it to the USB port of your computer. It is automatically recognised and treated by the computer as an external hard drive, much like when you connect any USB stick intended for storage. You can then drag and drop the music from another folder on your computer. You can make folders and playlists on the MP3 player just by organising the data in the folder. It is very easy to do and doesn't require any programme to be installed.

      This means you can easily use it as a spare memory stick as well as an mp3 player. I found this very handy as I often used it when I spontaneously wanted to save photos friends were showing me on their computer or when they had study notes they wanted to give me and so on. I could just put them on this MP3 player using the flash storage.

      It only has 2 GB which is not a huge amount if you have a wide music collection, which I do, but it is easy to change what you have on there and it is handy as a back up.

      === Controls ===

      The controls are also simple and basic. You have the play/ pause button in the middle of the control panel. The top and bottom buttons increase or decrease the volume. The two buttons to the left and right of the play button can be used to skip forward and back or to fast forward and rewind, depending on how long you hold the buttons down.

      There is a hold button on the side, which you can slide across to prevent the buttons being accidentally pressed while the player is in your pocket or bag.

      The one thing which I did find quite irritating with the controls of this MP3 player is that scrolling through long lists of songs is quite irritating. You have to keep pressing down and going through every song in the list to get to the one you want. There is no way to search. This can be improved if you keep your music very organised and have a folder for each artist, as you then only have to scroll past these folders, but if all the music is just in one big folder then you will have to scroll a lot.

      You can put the music on repeat one, repeat all or random. I usually just put it on random so I don't have to bother selecting things with the controls.

      The screen is black and white and very simple. You obviously cannot watch videos or anything on here.

      The headphone jack is standard size and it has been fine with any headphones I have used. The sound quality seems fine.

      === Battery Life ===

      This MP3 player is charged via USB when you connect it to the computer. At first, the battery life was good. I can't remember exactly how many hours of play I would get out of it, but I think around 8-10 hours. Now though as time has gone by, the battery power has become much worse. With every charge it seems to retain less power and it will now run out of battery after being used for only around an hour.

      ==== Over all ===

      I would recommend it if you just want a cheap MP3 player to use at the gym or you are not bothered about having a large capacity for thousands of songs. Obviously this is hardly the most high tech piece of kit available these days, but it does do the job and the fact it doubles as USB flash storage is useful. Maybe it would be good if you want to get a first MP3 player for a young child who can't be trusted with an expensive ipod!


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        17.03.2012 12:48
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great first mp3 player

        This was my first ever mp3 player. I received it as a present from my uncle but he did say that he bought it from an online retailer.

        In my package was the software disc for the player and a set of instructions. As I had never used an mp3 player before I studied the instructions very carefully before using it. I expected the player to need batteries but it actually charges via your USB port, which is better than using batteries. There is a USB cable supplied with the mp3 player. I can't remember if I received any headphones with this product as I received it around six years ago. However, I still have it and I plugged my Apple headphones into it the other day to see if it still worked and it worked fine with those.

        The player is really easy to load. You simply use the "drag and drop" method to transfer your music onto the player. My laptop managaged to "pick up" the player within seconds and the player charges itself whilst you are transferring your music onto it. You can either use the ripping method to transfer your music or you can use mp3 files that are already present on your computer. Of course you can fiddle around with the songs a little bit. Deleting songs is just as easy and loading them!

        The sound quality is great and the player itself is really lightweight and portable so it's great for use whilst travelling. The controls are also easy to use too and the player's interface is very user friendly.

        This was a great first mp3 player and I don't think i'll ever give it away!


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        01.09.2007 00:56
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        a small and smart MP3 player with big memory for your documents and music!

        This MP3 is the best one i have ever owned and everyone out there shoul deffinately give it a chance. It's really slim (and weighs less as it doesnt use AA or AAA battery), nice looking and the colour is just great too. The battery life is wicked it lasts upto 14 hours but if you listen to it in one go it will only last upto 10 hours which isn't bad aswell. When you charge it only takes upto 3 hours for the whole battery to be full.

        You can charge it via USB but some shops sell the mains charger which can be very expensive because last time (a month ago) i tried to buy the mains charger because i was going on holiday and i did'nt want to carry my laptop with me, it was costing £100 which is more than the Mp3 player its self, but you can get it cheaper from amazon as it's only bout £20 and i noticed that its compatible with the ipod USB charger which only costs £25 from many retail shops e.g comet, pc world, currys etc.
        While charging the Mp3 player via USB you can still listen to your music by clicking my computer folder and then click were it says removable disk F or E and then folder will open with all your music or any other documents you've saved in it, which is great thing for the reason that you might be doing some work on the computer and you need to listen to some music (you won't have the hustle of playing a CD or radio). While listening to your music on the computer you can still make it personal by putting the MP3 headphones into the computer's headphone socket.

        With this mp3 player you can also store other documents which are not mp3 files e.g word, excel, publisher documents, pictures, videos etc (though you can't really view the document or pictures on the mp3 player but only on the computer). This mp3 player doesn't scratch easily aswell meaning it looks new for a very long time which is good for the feature when you want to re-sell it to some one or possibly give it away.
        I had always wanted to buy this mp3 player since last year (2006) but the price was just far too high it was around £100 at that time but about three months ago i was browsing amazon and i just saw the mp3 player being sold at £40,00 by amazon its self and i just bought it, the delivery was free aswell which was wicked and i received it within four days (can you handle that :) ).

        Before i actually bought it happened that on christmas day some one gave me the mp3 player as a christmas present but it was the 512MB one i was happy but the memory was not good enough for some one like me because im really into music and i even study music. Anyways when i went shopping one day in my county mall i lost it (proberbly dropped it without noticing). The person who gave me it doesn't even know that i lost it, they see me with my 2GB one and they think its the same one because of the colour but i haven't told them its a 2gb version (even my sister lost hers one aswell and the person who bought it for her doesn't know, so i'm not the only one who is guilty).

        The mp3 player has many features that keeps you going, you can also create music folders which you can browse not only on the computer but also on the mp3 player itself.
        This 2gb Mp3 can also record and the sound is really good, when you record you can easily put it on the computer and transfer it to a CD or another Mp3 player. You can also edit what you have just recorded if you buy the WAV editing software which makes the sound even more better.
        This Mp3 player also has a 3D four line display which writes in white making it easy to read. Itis also WMA compatible meaning you can store more songs using less memory (if you use WMA file).
        If you don't have windows XP or 2000 or any windows above those mentioned don't worry because it comes with an installation CD which also has the manual which you can save on your computer if you want.

        Its best that you register the Mp3 player with samsung just after you receive it for the reason that the serial number rubs offs really quickly and when they ask you to register it they would want to know the serial number just for security reasons. Registering is also another good oppoturnity of winning Samsung products because whenever you register for the warranty you will be automatically entered into the prize draw which is wicked!!

        The mp3 player has strong headphones which don't break easily possibly like other headphones and they don't hurt your ears at all and via the headphone you can chose to add bass by putting the headphones all the way if the bass is too much for a certain track and you can't be bothered to go to the setting to take it off you can just lift up the headphones a little bit to the second level and bass will decrease.

        When you listen to your music you have the choice to change the tempo either making the music slow or fast which is a funny and cool feature on this Mp3 player. You can also delete the music that you don't want via the mp3 player which is really good if you don't have time to sit on the computer.
        You can also multi-task on the Mp3 player, you can still listen to some music while browsing the menu or the music which is a cool feature because you can't do that on a lot of MP3 players.

        When you use the Mp3 player a lot the buttons become a little bit stiff possibly because of the pressure that it gets when you try to change to the next song or add volume to it.
        The MP3 player doesnt come with a neck strap but it does have a place where you can put one.

        I'd deffinately recommend this to people, it's a wicked Mp3 player ;). Another thing is that all the versions of this Mp3 player has the same functions the only difference is the memory capacity and the colour (512MB, 1GB which is white and the 2GB). I don't really know if there is a 4gb version but if there is or was i deffinately should own it because my 2gb one is already full with music and my other documents and its really annoying because everytime i try to save something in the Mp3 player i have to delete some music or a document to create some space which is tough.

        There is also another version of this 2Gb mp3 player, the difference is that it doesnt have the FM radio, so you better be careful which one you are buying specially if you are after the FM radio.


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      • Product Details

        Samsung exemplifies technological determination and progressive ideals. From technology to business to the philanthropy, Samsung has become a world leader for which the possibilities are truly endless.


        MP3, WMA, Audio ASF and OGG playback;

        Removable storage device;

        Voice recording function;

        USB 2.0 high-speed data transfer;

        Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery.