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Samsung YP-U2RXB 512 MB

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2008 23:11
      Very helpful


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      a slim 512MB MP3 player, that stores over a 100 mp3 songs and other various documents.

      It's such as a shame that I didn't get to use this Samsung YP-U2RXB 512MB mp3 player for a long time as it got lost just a few months after I got given it. The Mp3 Player is Black and Silver in colour, very slim, and looks rather smart.
      You can play MP3, WMA and WAV music format. The Mp3 Player doesn't play AAC (M4A) music format. For the reason that the MP3 player has 512MB of memory you can store up to 125 mp3 songs or up to 250 songs if your music is WMA format. The Main thing I found annoying on this Mp3 player is the memory. I found myself having to change songs every week as 120 songs just wasn't enough and I got bored of the music quiet quickly as I listened to the music more frequently than I would have when using the 2GB version which store 500 of my mp3 songs.

      With This Mp3 Player you can store any type of documents you want e.g. PDF files, websites, word documents, PowerPoint, pictures etc., although you will not be able to use them on the Mp3 Player. Moreover, if the file is more than 512MB e.g. a full movie it will not fit on the MP3 player.
      If you Can't read English or maybe you've got a second language you can always change the MP3 player writing to twelve other languages including, French, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Japanese and many more.

      You can record live on the mp3 player using the integrated microphone. I must say that the sound quality of recordings is not the best out there, but it's not the worst either. A good thing about the recording function is that you can burn the recordings onto a CD easily and it does not take a lot of space and you can also pause the recording and continue recording whenever suits you. The pausing function does save you in having to edit the recording cutting out the recorded bits that you dislike. I have used the recording function quiet a lot of times, and I've never been too disappointed at all. For best sound on recordings its best you edit the recordings to make it sound even better for when you burn onto a CD.
      The recording button is on top of the mp3 player (the button beside the play/pause button). The button has a red dot on it, to remind you were to press when recording. However, to record you have to press the button for a long time until it states 'recording' on the screen. When the mp3 player is recording it will show you how long it's been recording for and how much space is left on the mp3 player.

      The Samsung Mp3 player was bought from Argos at £29.99 which I thought was a bargain at that moment in time. However, nowadays you'd hardly find this Mp3 player in the shops as they've been discontinued suggesting that Samsung are not manufacturing them anymore. I did look at some major electrical shop websites to see how much the Mp3 player is costing nowadays to my surprise, the Mp3 player is no longer sold in Argos, Comet, Currys, P.C world etc. I However, did find it on Amazon being sold at £43 which I think is a rip off, not because the mp3 player is not of good quality but because the mp3 player has been in the market for a long time to be found at that price and also I bought the 2GB version for only £39.99 on Amazon itself. There was a time I saw the MP3 player on Amazon for a lot less than £43 as it was priced £19.99, possibly the price has gone up because of high demand.

      The Mp3 Player has an FM radio which I hardly use. Finding F.M station is rather easy, all you have to do is keep pressing the forward button for a few seconds and let it go. What happens after that? Well the Mp3 Player will automatically scan all the stations around the area you located at that moment in time and it will automatically save them for you. If you happen not to like some of the stations scanned you can always delete them from the list. If you prefer looking for the channels yourself, you can do so but I think it takes time, therefore always used the auto scan function.
      With the FM radio function you can however save up to 20 of your favourite channels. The function of saving 20 of my favourite radio channels is rather helpful as it saves you time in having to search for the channels again or scan them.

      The Mp3 Player has an LED effect, just beside the USB connector, which lights out very bright when you put the cap of the Mp3 player on its position as it's colourless. The LED is blue in colour and you can chose how you want to use the LED light e.g. you can chose the LED light to light up every time you press a button on the MP3 player, all the time when the Mp3 Player is on or you can chose the LED light to light up randomly. The first time you use the Mp3 Player you should notice that the LED light is set to button (lights up when you press the button). If the LED light annoys you like it did to me the first days I used the MP3 player you can always go to the settings, and select 'Display' settings and turn off the LED light.

      A drawback I found on the Mp3 player is that it did take long to turn on comparing to other mp3 players I've had experience on e.g. IPod, Creative Zen and other Samsung branded Mp3 players. I did however, learnt to be more patient with the Mp3 player whilst it turned on. Don't get me wrong here, turning on the Mp3 player is very easy as you just press the 'on' button at the top of the mp3 player; it's only the loading process that takes long.
      The turning on button of this mp3 player is also the pause, play and power off button. To switch the mp3 player off you press the button for a few seconds until it writes 'Samsung' in bold and it will switch off when you let go (Yes it doesn't say goodbye like other mp3 players).
      The Cap of the mp3 Player is rather small and colourless therefore, if you lose it might be hard to find it. When this MP3 got lost it didn't have its cap because I had lost the cap before I lost the MP3 player. However I did find the cap months after, under my bed. The same thing happened with my 2GB version, and I found the cap. To make sure that the MP3 player's cap doesn't get lost easily, it's possibly best you attach a neck strap unto it, so that when you connect the MP3 player onto your P.C or Laptop the cap will stay on the neck strap. This is exactly what I've done with my 2GB Samsung version and I haven't lost the cap since.


      Overall I would recommend this MP3 player as it's of the smartest and simple mp3 player of its time. The Mp3 player doesn't take long to charge at all, I usually charged the mp3 player for no longer than 90minutes and it would have been full already.
      The Mp3 player does come with black a Samsung headphone which produces good quality sounds even better when you change the player's equalizer to bass. If you don't like the equalizers provided by the MP3 player you can always set your own e.g. the level of bass or treble etc. The Mp3 player is very durable; when mine got lost it still looked brand new and looked like it had a long life ahead of it. There is so many things you can do with this Mp3 player e.g. change the brightness, sound, tempo of songs etc.
      However, if you are one of those people who likes listening to hundreds of music all the time, this mp3 player is not for you as it keeps just over a 100 mp3 tracks. Moreover, if you are looking for an MP3 player that views pictures, plays video etc this MP3 player is not for you as it's not a multi-media player but an Mp3 player.


      ---This Mp3 player is rarely found in shops nowadays.

      ---The Mp3 Player Only comes in Black; if you want a different coloured one you might have to buy the 1GB version of this MP3 player as it's white.

      ---The Mp3 Player works on Microsoft Windows 95 and above including Vista and some Mac computers. If the Mp3 player is not recognised by your P.C or laptop when you connect it, it's possibly because you need to run the installation CD which comes with the MP3 player package. For Windows ME and above you shouldn't worry about running the installation CD as the Mp3 Player will install itself automatically onto your P.C/Laptop.

      ---To access the main menu of the Mp3 player you have to press the middle button for a long time and it will take you to the main menu were you can view your playlist, turn on the radio, change the settings etc. Moreover, when you browse the menu your music will not stop which is great!

      ---Like a y other electrical goods this mp3 player does come with a one year manufacture warranty.

      ---If you would rather more memory you could always try out the 1GB or 2GB version of this Mp3 player.


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