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Samsung YP-K3JZB 1 GB

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2011 14:27
      Very helpful


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      With its nice design and great features you'll be singing its praises

      After my old mp3 player broke I decided to look for a new mp3 player and that's how I ended up with the Samsung YP-K3. I was given this by my sister who no longer needed an mp3 player. Normally I wouldn't go for a touch screen mp3 player as I have long nails and cold hands so generally touch screens don't work for me or they scratch easily. Still, I gave this a try and found that it responded fine and, while there are a few light marks, my nails don't seem to have caused any damage to it.

      With a weight of just 50g and depth of 0.7cm this is a slim, lightweight MP3 player. It is 9.6cm in height and 4.4cm in width so while it may not be as small as some MP3 players it certainly isn't large.

      If you want a product that comes in various colours then you may be disappointed as this only comes in black. However, it looks great in black and has a silver edge, giving it a sleek and smart look. Even if I could chose from other colours I'd still have it in black.

      It has 1GB of memory, which compared to most newer MP3 players isn't that much. How many songs you can get on depends on the size on the files, but on average you should be able to get at least 200 songs on it, which is probably enough for more people.

      Product Type: Digital player / radio - flash based
      Flash Memory: 1 GB
      Sound Output Mode: Stereo
      Timer: Sleep
      Equaliser: Graphic
      Supported Digital Audio Standards: WMA, MP3
      Digital Photo Playback: Yes
      Photo Playback: JPEG
      Built-in Display: Colour - 128 x 160 - 1.8"
      Screen Saver: Yes
      Built-in clock: Yes
      Radio: Radio tuner - digital radio tuner - FM - 30 preset stations
      PC Interface Supported: Hi-Speed USB
      Battery: Player - rechargeable - lithium polymer - 500 mAh

      Ease of use:
      This player is really simple to use. There are 6 buttons on the touch screen. Four arrows, a circle in the middle, a back button and a menu button. When the player first turns on it comes up saying music. If you click to the right it goes through FM radio, Photo and Settings before going back to music.

      Clicking back takes it to the previous menu. The menu button can be pressed while listening to music to change settings such as repeat where you can choose from repeat shuffle, repeat all and one track repeat.

      Clicking the circle button on music takes it to another menu where you can either select now playing or go through options such as artists, albums and tracks. You can then select which song you want to play.

      FM radio allows you to listen to the radio. Photo allows you to see the image files you have on there. Settings allows you to change the settings such as the time, the display and the language.

      It is easy to navigate through the menus and it's obvious what everything is. When listening to music it tells you how far through the song it is, whether it's paused or playing, the battery life, the file name and which song number you are on. You can also easily see the volume by pressing up or down.

      Transferring files to it couldn't be easier. It comes with Samsung software which is supposed to be better and make it easier to transfer files. However, when I downloaded this it just kept crashing and even when it said it had deleted or move files over it hadn't. Luckily you can copy and paste files across from your documents and delete files without using the software and it's a lot quicker too.

      As with anything, especially something that is shiny, black and a touch screen, you'd expect it to gain a few scratches over time and this is no different. It spends most of it's time in my bag getting thrown around, but there is no damage and it still works fine. The only problem I have is with the touch screen which doesn't always respond first time, but touch screens aren't usually perfect and I often have cold hands which probably doesn't help.

      Sound quality:
      I never used the original earphones that came with this mp3 player, but I never heard my sister complain. The quality of the earphones isn't great as the wires are now showing near the connection, although as far as I know they do still work. I've never been one to spend a lot of money on earphones, but even with the cheapest earphones the sound quality is fine and I never have to have the volume up really high.

      The layer is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. In the past I've always had mp3 players which use normal AAA batteries and anything else I have with that type of battery has always come with a mains plug. This player can only be charged through the computer, which I find rather annoying. I may spend quite a bit of my time on the computer, but I never think to charge my mp3 player then and often I remember once the computer is off and so it doesn't get charged. You can buy a mains charger, but it's likely to cost between £5-£10 and this doesn't seem worth it to me. Charging it is simple though as it just plugs in to the USB port on your computer.

      So how long is the battery life? Well the specification for this player claims it lasts 25 hours. I'd say it probably lasts more like 15 hours, but it does depend on whether you keep changing songs or have the volume louder and over time it will need charging more often.

      Overall this is a great MP3 player and the only things that annoy me are that sometimes the touch screen doesn't always respond first time and the fact the only way to charge it is through the computer unless you want to spend more money buying a mains charger. Recommended.


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