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Samsung YP-Q1JAB 4 GB

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    2 Reviews
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      11.06.2009 23:37



      NOT BAD AT ALL!!!


      An mp3 player is a device that allows us to play music after it has been downloaded onto our computer via Amazon or Itunes, or we can copy our cds. This specific player comes in black and pink. It is very sleek and many of my friends ask:
      Is that a new mobile phone?'.
      No I reply it's my mp3. It is a very cool piece of kit.
      You can buy them with 2gb, which will hold about 1,000 songs.

      I have the 4gb Samsung mp3 player, which will quite easy hold 2,000 downloaded songs.

      I have, over the years owned several mp3 players and have also an ipod. I find I use the Samsung more as I can listen to the radio. You can also record tracks from the radio, which is handy, and easy to do. Once you have studied the settings for a while it all falls into place. I can't read instructions as I am so impatient to get on and use a product. I found it okay without the information, so if I can do it anyone can!

      The software is easy to install. Just pop in the cd and follow the prompts. Once you have done this it is easy to use and you can edit at anytime, and make play lists.

      The downside to this machine is it doesn't seem to be compatible with the itunes software. I have many tracks on my itunes, so I have started again. I copy my cds onto my laptop and then transfer them to my mp3. I haven't tried dragging and dropping into my media player yet. If you don't know what I mean by drag and drop. You open up itunes and open up media player (which Samsung is compatible with). Just click and hold on the track you want and drag it across to the media player. Then do the same from the media player to the Samsung software. Bit of a nuisance though to go through all this. Think it's better just to start over again. That's if you have only a few songs. I don't think this comment would be appreciated by those who have thousands of songs in itunes already.

      This mp3 is available on Amazon for around £45.

      The settings:

      1. Music (stores your downloads)
      2. Videos (stores your videos, will use lots of memory)
      3. Pictures (can download photo's)
      4. Fm radio (plays fm radio channels only)
      5. Data casts (stores data)
      6. Prime pack (selection of games, alarm clock, world clock)
      7. File browser (download and stores files)
      8. Settings (personalise your MP3 with text etc)

      The battery life is good about 28 hours of listening. Remember to drain the battery down completely before recharging as this extends the life of it.

      Compared to the ipod I would say it is similar and as long as you are happy to use different software to the itunes, I would recommend the Samsung, basically because of the price, but it has many more features. I have found that the quality of sound is amazing as long as you have a good quality set of earphones.

      You can buy the Samsung MP3 docking station on Amazon for around £20. This is amazing value and sounds great to.

      Lastly if you are on a budget give this one a go. You won't be disappointed.


      After writing all the above - it has broken. I plugged it into my pc hard drive for a re-charge, and aftrwards for no apparent reason it stopped working. I tried the little reset button but no joy.

      After the mp3 was uplugged it said on the screen that it was still charging, so very strange.

      Thanks for reading.


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      02.02.2009 00:52



      This Smamsung mp3 player is mint


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