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Rio Riot MP3 Player 20 GB

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    1 Review
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      25.07.2003 00:11
      Very helpful



      Sonic Blue rio Riot mp3 player Two years ago I purchased an mp3 play that came with 8mb internal memory and a slot for a smart media memory card. I was so impressed with it the time it was about the time when I had first discovered mp3s and I took it everywhere with me. The only bad thing about it was the fact that it could only hold about 1 albums worth of music. Since then the advances in technology have enabled an mp3 player to have not 20Mb of memory but 20Gb of memory, enabling you not only to carry your favourite album around with you to listen to but your entire record collection. When I decided I wanted a mp3 play with this kind of memory capacity I looked at many different models available and I came to the conclusion that the rio riot was the one for me. At first the one thing that was putting me off the most was the fact that it was quite big compared to what I had been used to (mini disk players) but this is the case with all of the different players with this size memory. I wanted one of these for two reasons, firstly I wanted to create some extra hard drive space on my computer and secondly I wanted a way of having a large music selection in my car. I have not been interested in using a cd player in the car because I don?t like the idea of having loads of cd?s laying around everywhere. What I had used in the past was an minidisk player with a tape connecter and playing the music through there, but I wanted to be able to have more choice. I bought mine for £250 and at the time it was a hard purchase to make because it was a lot of money but I feel I have already had my moneys worth (ive had it now for about 3 weeks). It is big but I mainly use it in the car so it can sit somewhere on the dashboard and is fine. I have also used it in the house because it is a lot easier than changing cd?s all of the time. It does come with a carry case that has a belt clip that makes it ok to take out with you.
      The amount of files it can hold is amazing, it has the same capacity as a lot of PC?s currently available. I have had it 3 weeks and up to now I have uploaded 72 full albums (1339 tracks) and I have got 13.91 Gb of space remaining. When I first had it I was a bit worried that I had wasted my money. I had put a few albums onto it and when I was playing them back every now and again the track I was playing would make a funny screeching noise and would sound like it was a cd skipping, then all of a sudden the whole thing froze. Nothing would do anything at all and the screen would not change from the track details of the track that had caused it to freeze, even if you turned the power off. I went on the website and it turned out because I was using windows xp I had to download the newer version of the drivers and firmware. After I did this I never had that problem again and the sound quality is amazing. It is very easy to navigate to find the songs you want you can look through the hard drive by artist, album. Genre, or just by a list of songs. You can make your own play lists on the player but unfortunately you can not create play lists on your computer and then download them to the player. The player comes with real jukebox which is ok but I upgraded it to real one player for free. It does not work with windows media player or musicmach jukebox, although it will play wma music formats. It has a backlight feature that works well and is handy in the day but if you have set this feature to be on it is hard to see the screen when it is actually light. It has some good features for playing the songs. There is the rio dj mode that plays you random mixes of songs that can be selected from different modes. New additions ? it is possible to make the player play a random mix of the newest additions that have been downloaded to the player Memory lane ? you can ask the player to play you tunes that you ha
      ve not heard in the last day, week or month. (I quite like this option) Top tunes ? the player keeps track of the amount of times each track has been played so by selecting this option it plays either the top 10, 15, 20 or 30 songs that you have listened to the most. There are many other playback feature but I feel those three are the ones that sell the product the best and are my favourite. One thing that I have that is bad to say about the player although it does not really matter much but, I tend to listen to a lot of mixed albums where one song flows straight into the next, with this there is a short pause between each track which is a shame and would be one thing that sonic blue could improve on if they were to bring out a newer model but apart from that I think it is a must have for any music lover or just anyone who likes their gadgets. Visit it the sonic blue website for more info ?www.sonicblue.com


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