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Sony Walkman NW-E103 256 MB

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    1 Review
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      03.11.2011 15:38
      Very helpful


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      One of the longest lasting electrical products I've owned

      My dad brought me the Sony Network Walkman NW-E103 in pink probably about 7 years ago as a christmas present. I have used it on and off since then and it still works perfectly and is in near perfect condition aside from a couple of scratches.

      It is only 56.2mm width, 56.2mm height and 19.2 depth and weighs just 26g which makes it perfect for being out and about.

      It came in a box with headphones, a manual, the SonicStage 3.0 software disk and a USB cable. Unfortunatly you cannot just plug this into a computer and use it for music as the software must be installed before it can be used, however, I remember setting the software up and transferring songs myself so it cannot have been difficult.

      It requires one AAA battery and it is very easy to put one in, there are no screws or akward clips although it is very sturdy as I cannot remember the back ever falling off. A full battery should last about 70 hours of continuous playback although this will obviously vary depending on the quality of battery you are using.

      This mp3 player can only be used for music as it only has a small screen big enough to fit the name of a song or an option, when changing settings you will need to scroll through them all as you can only see one at a time, the screen does have a backlight and you can change the colour of this and also the time it will stay on for.

      It has ATRAC3 and ATRAC3 plus playback, shuffle, repeat, Group function operation, digital sound preset and data compression. Also, using the computer software you can create playlists, and edit music information. It has a high speed data transfer and the sound quality is incredibly good however memory is small, only 0.25gb and no space for a memory card.

      It is unlikely you would want to use this for exercising or anything particularly strenuous as there is no clip or way of attatching it to yourself.

      The volume is excellent and can actually be turned up incredibly loudly without altering the sound quality.

      This mp3 player is no longer available to buy new anymore but they can be purchased from sites like ebay or amazon, the going price seems to be between £5-£20 which I think is perfect if you are looking for something small, easy to use and lasting or something maybe for a childs present.


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