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Sony Walkman NW-E107 1 GB

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    4 Reviews
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      04.08.2010 16:34
      Very helpful



      briliant for casual users, not good for ppl with stubby fingers!

      An mp3 player that's round...cool!


      I've finally decided to review one of those fantastic mp3 players. When I bought my first mp3 player I was amazed by the unique round shape and the memory capacity. Firstly we have the introduction, then the features, the pros and cons and then the "and finally". So I'll begin.
      The brand name Sony has been around since the 70's and the walkman name first appeared in the late 80's with the compact walkman cassette player. The Walkman range is one of the best brands around in my opinion because all Sony products have always been very reliable for me. I should have bought Sony products a long time ago. I was so used to buying those cheap makes thinking I was getting a bargain, then getting frustrated when the damn things broke down. I started to thing I was damned with bad luck forever. Then I came across this gorgeous little number, I knew sony was a reputable and reliable brand name so I brought it there and then. I think my luck is now starting to change...touch wood (touching my head).

      Sony has gone for a unique shaped player, at a good price. It may well take a long time before other companies come up with something better.


      The box contents are: 1 Sony Network Walkman 1GB MP3 Walkman, my one is dark pink but you can get about 6 different colours. 1 set of headphones, USB cable, SonicStage 3.0 Software and the instructions.
      Here are some the features that I find interesting: You can transfer up to 45 CD's onto the player, thanks to the ATRAC 3 compression feature (usually used on video tapes and PC's), that's a whole lot of CD's, double my collection in fact. I love the circular shape, that's one of the things that drew me to it in the shop. I love the huge memory, it has 1GB of memory. You might be thinking, I don't need that much memory, but I managed to use most of it because you can also store word, powerpoint, ATRAC, Jpeg pictures and Mpeg files, so you can almost store anything in the player. So it's great if you've got something on your computer that you want to show your friends or family, even your work collegues. It's also great in that aspect if you do a lot of projects and can't take your computer with you. I can just imagine me trying to lug my desktop onto the train to go and see my best friend. It's operated with one AAA battery and has a playback time of 70 hours, it's about the same as the rest of the mp3 players out there, but still a good feature. It has one a 1 line LCD display, there's nothing worse when you have a mountain of information that you don't need, so that's great too.

      The SonicStage software is really useful, you don't have to mess around having to set it up and transfer your music files onto the software as it does most of this for you. The player supports all the usual digital audio formats (ATRAC, MP3, WMA, WAV e.c.t). The player is also really light in weight, my old player used to pull a bit when I had it in my neck but this one doesn't. There are a lot of great features about this player which makes it a wonderful gadget to have, I'm so proud of it.

      ~The Pros and Cons~
      And here are the good, the bad and the ugly. They are numbered so it's easy to follow. I found that the other way that I wrote out the pro's and cons didn't quite make sense.

      The Pros

      1. It is really stylish and cute.

      2. It fits snugly your hand.

      3. The ability to organise music into files or play lists is really easy.

      4. The main buttons are really nice, they fit in well with the design and the volume controls is placed in just the right place for holding it in your hand.

      5. The huge 1GB memory can easily fit on upto 700 songs.

      6. The MP3 player comes with everything you need to transfer your music.

      7. The Sonicstage software automatically asks you if you want to transfer any files already on your computer to sonicstage.

      8. It transfers music quite fast onto your player.

      9. The 1 line LCD screen which lets you know what's playing, and no other unnessary information.

      10. WMA and ATRAC play at the same quality with only half of the amount of memory needed.

      11. It has a small hole so that the player can be attached onto a key ring or neck strap.

      12. The weight of the player (26 grams).

      The Cons

      1. The ear phones have a slight hum, so it's best to use other ear phones.

      2. The player doesn't cope very well with compilation albums that have more than one artist.

      3. Renaming anything other than the track name can be a nuisance.

      4. The buttons on the back can be a bit fiddly, but they're not the most important buttons.

      5. You have to convert all your mp3 files before you can upload them. This can take a very long time. Tip: have tea and biscuits while you're re-formatting all your songs, lol.

      ~And Finally~

      This mp3 player is a brilliant for the casual users out there, as the sonic stage software is easy to access, and transferring your songs is simple if you don't have to convert all your files first. I do like this mp3 player and I think I will have this one for a lot longer than my other one.
      All in all I'd say that the Sony Network Walkwan mp3 player is brilliant. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone who's thinking of buying a player that's lots of memory and is easy to use.

      I think I might go and change some of the songs on my player now that I'm finished. I'm also going to get a well deserved cup of tea. I hope you enjoyed reading my review. Thank you for taking the time.
      Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. And it's time for me to move on to keeping up with all you lovely lively people.

      This work can also be seen on ciao under the same name.


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        18.01.2006 23:29
        Very helpful



        Great sound and storage space at a reasonable price

        I am a great fan of sony portable music players. The first portable player i purchased was a standard sony walkman and have gone right through the sony cd player and minidisc eras. Each one has been reliable and a joy to use. They have a great shelf life, and I suspect this player will too. I did a great deal of research on numerous players before finally deciding to buy this product and for the money, i dont think there is much better. I debated getting the 1GB Ipod shuffle, however favouring sony already and this having an lcd display on which the shuffle lacks, it was an easy choice.

        After purchasing I could not be more pleased with the player, and i consider it a great investment as i have with all my other sony portable music players. I found the software to be fairly user friendly after reading the instructions and working with it for only a short time. It accomplishes everything it is intended to do. I compressed several CD's and transferred them directly into the player via the software. I also transferred numerous MP3's into the player. The player came with a coupon for five free downloads from the Sony Connect Music Store. I took advantage of the coupon, and downloaded the free songs. The music store can be accessed directly via the Internet or through the SonicStage software suite.

        The buttons are simple and excellent. There are too many players with tiny buttons that these big thumbs can't press easily while jogging; this player does it right.

        I have no complaints with the sound of the player. The sound is crystal clear, and tone preferences can be adjusted manually. I also found the player to have plenty of volume when used with the included headphones. It does have a fragile feel to it, so I recommmend purchasing the sleeve armband that is advertised as an accessory. There is no clip on the player, so the armband serves a dual purpose as a protective and carrying device that works well during during physical activity such as running and cycling.

        I feel another plus size to this mp3 player is that it uses replaceable AAA batteries. I hear too many stories of various mp3 players with fitted batteries losing alot of their battery life. With this it is easy just to stick another battery in and carry on listening! A single battery goes along way in this.

        Overall a great product by sony at a reasonable price!


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        02.12.2005 21:52


        • Reliability


        Good product, value for money

        It really looks good ....probably better than ipods.It has got Good battery life.It has got extremely good sound quality. Has got some good design like the faceplate controls. Though somewhat odd-looking at first, this design fits quite comfortably in the hand.
        Lack of tuner is small disappoint.The software is easy to understand but can be a bit annoying when trying to organise a playlist.You must use Sony's SonicStage software, which is included on a disc. Unfortunately, while drag-and-drop is possible for data files, you can't do this for music.
        Moral of the story is music fans who want more than ipods will be happy with this product.


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        14.07.2005 19:18



        All in all, highly recommended!

        This is a fantastic MP3 player, and probably the best looking!

        It looks great and seems to be well made, however the menu buttons on the back are a bit fiddly to use because they are quite small. This isn't much of a problem because you don't need to use them much, and at least you can't press them accidentally. The controls on the front are well designed for easily stepping through tracks and albums. This is a great design that allows the player to stay very small and light, but still easy to use. To switch between track and album navigation, you move a slider on the edge of the player. This is easy enough but may be a little awkward if you have large hands, or have less than nimble fingers. You can always leave it in "track" mode and step through track by track as the player is very quick at doing this.

        The software included is brilliant. It's very easy to manage your albums while the MP3 player is connected. You can group songs into albums, rename, re-order, remove songs. It even links to a special download site where you can buy music to load straight onto the player.

        The headphones are average, but you can always connect better ones- Best to try them out and see what you think first.

        It's easily worth the extra cost for the 1GB version. Twice as many songs as the one that's just slightly cheaper, and remember you can't add more memory later like you can with digital cameras!


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